Best Breakfast in the Hamptons

bigstock-hearty-breakfast-18482588Hamptons Best…Best Breakfast in the Hamptons…Greetings Hamptons MouthPiece Readers, breakfast is not only the most important meal of the day, it is also my absolute favorite meal of the day. How many of you love a good Breakfast? How many of you could eat breakfast for every meal? When I cannot decide what to cook for dinner, my daughter turns to me and says let’s have breakfast food.

Are you so busy during the week rushing, that breakfast for you consists of  breakfast on the go…fruit, smoothie, bagel, boiled egg or cereal? Wouldn’t you love to sit down on the weekend and have a big breakfast? When I have time, I like to indulge my family with a super-duper old style “my tradition” breakfast on the weekends by making omelets, bacon, grits, home-fries, waffles or pancakes…  I know I go completely over-board but so what. If you are only having this type of meal twice a month, what is the big deal? There are however those days when we like to go out to eat and I thought I would  share my favorite breakfast spots with you. There is nothing more exasperating than going out for breakfast and being disappointed, so here are some Hamptons favorites by both myself and my friends. Enjoy!

  1. Estia’s in Sag Harbor...1615 Bridgehampton Sag Harbor Turnpike, Sag Harbor, NY (631) 725-1045
    Breakfast with a mexican touch..It a small place and the wait could be out the door on a Saturday Morning. Tip: try the Omelets* breakfast Burrito with the spicy mexican salsa and the short stack with fresh blueberries and bananas.. 
  2. The Sea Grille At Gurney’s Inn290 Old Montauk Hwy, Montauk, NY 11954
    (631) 668-2345..Very enjoyable if you are in Montauk, probably one of the best places in Montauk to have breakfast…they use to do a very nice buffet…
  3. Provisions in Sag Harbor..7 Main St, Sag Harbor, NY 11963
    (631) 725-3636 …Tip:try the spinach omelette…really good..then make sure you come back there for lunch…
  4. Mary’s Marvelous…207 Main St, Amagansett, NY 11930 & East Hampton (Newtown Lane)
    (631) 267-8796……no seating in EastHampton but Amagansett has seating
  5. Hampton Maid Hotel: Hampton Bays..259 East Montauk Hwy, Hampton Bays, NY 11946
    (631) 728-4166 ….Tip: Try the Apple French toast
  6. Candy Kitchen: Bridgehampton..Montauk Hwy, Bridgehampton, NY 11932 (631) 537-9885
  7. Hampton Coffee Company: 869 Montauk Hwy, Water Mill, NY and 194 Mill Rd, Westhampton Beach, NY
    (631) 726-2633
  8. The Princess Diner...32 Montauk Hwy, Southampton, NY 11968 (631) 283-4255
  9. Golden Pear:  Sag  Harbor, Bridgehampton, East Hampton, Southampton…tip: not in the mood for anything to heavy try the mini egg sandwich with the organic cheese on a whole grain mini. If you are like me and like your eggs well done, my personal favorite is the Sag Harbor location, they prepare the eggs exactly the way I like them.
  10. Tied at #10 are some places that are local favoritesOrlando’s in Hampton Bays, Pierre’s in Bridgehampton *Babette’s in East Hampton*Nichols in Wainscott*Sip & Soda in Southampton, Oso Restaurant @ the Southampton Inn  and Espresso in Sag HarborNote* Espresso’s in Sag Harbor makes great Panini breakfast sandwiches and the omelets are delicious.

Breakfast burritosBreakfast is very important for you  to perform at your best. It is not a good idea to skip breakfast in the interest of saving time, calories, or getting a few more minutes of sleep, remember that eating a wholesome, nutritious morning meal will probably save you time in the long run. Some people skip breakfast in an effort to lose weight. Skipping breakfast is strongly linked to the development of obesity.

I love Breakfast food and did you know that breakfast should be your heaviest meal of the day. The benefits of eating your biggest meal for breakfast may have less to do with your body and more to do with your mind. When you eat a larger breakfast, you may feel more satisfied and less deprived throughout the day. This satisfaction can help you to stick to your diet and make you less inclined to overeat in the evening. Drop me a line and let me know your favorite place in the Hamptons to have Breakfast.