It is Back…The 11th Annual Hamptons Restaurant week 2013…Greetings Hamptons Mouthpiece readers are you a FOODIE? If you are you must visit the Hamptons for the 11th Annual Restaurant Week… There are some really good restaurants participating this year, and some that I am anxious to try like Bell & Anchor in Sag Harbor. If you are visiting the Hamptons why not stay the weekend and take a wine tour in the Northfork or Southfork.. shop Main Street at some of the beautiful stores in each town or visit the outlets at Tanger in Riverhead. You can visit the new Parrish Museum in WaterMill, Guild Hall in East Hampton, Baystreet Theatre in Sag Harbor, new Bowling Alley in Riverhead and lots more to do, check out the calendar of events to plan your weekend.

hamptons rest weekThis year Hamptons Restaurant Week is April 7th-April 14, 2013

From Sunday to Sunday,
all participating restaurants offer a three course prix fixe for $19.95 and/or $27.95 all night
(except Saturday when it will only be offered until 7 PM

2012 Participating Restaurants this year include


Cooperage Inn
(631) 727-8994 $27.95


(631) 537-5665  $27.95

Bobby Van’s
(631) 537-0590

Mercado Mexican Grill & Tequila Bar
(631) 237-1334


(631) 324-8700

Living Room, The @ c/o The Maidstone

(631) 324-5006


Dockers Waterside Restaurant & Marina
(631) 653-0653

Stone Creek Inn
(631) 653-6770


Trumpets on the Bay
(631) 325-2900


Blue Canoe Oyster Bar & Grill
(631) 477-6888


1 North Steakhouse
(631) 594-3419

(631) 594-3868

Edgewater Restaurant
(631) 723-2323

Oakland’s Restaurant
(631) 728-6900

Rumba Inspired Island Cuisine and Rum Bar (631) 594-3544


Jamesport Manor Inn
(631) 722-0500

Jedediah Hawkins
(631) 722-2900


East by Northeast
(631) 668-2872

Harvest on Fort Pond
(631) 668-5574


Legends Restaurant
(631) 734-5123


All Star, The
(631) 998-356

Bistro 72 at Hotel Indigo
(631) 369-3325

Tweeds Restaurant and Buffalo Bar
(631) 727-6644


Bell & Anchor, The
(631) 725-3400

Muse in the Harbor
(631) 899-4810


La Maison Blanche
(631) 749-1633


Coast Grill, The
(631) 283-2777

red|bar brasserie
(631) 283-0704

Shippy’s Pumpernickles Restaurant East
(631) 283-0007

Southampton Social Club
(631) 287-1400


North Fork Table & Inn, The
(631) 765-0177


Casa Basso
(631) 288-1841


The Patio @ 54 Main
(631) 288-0100

There are also some specials for Lodging as well during this week…for more information on Participating restaurants and lodging visit

Other events during that week:

Casino Night @ Baystreet Theatre: April 13th 7-11pm $50

casino night

Check out my calendar for events in the Hamptons 

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A Great Evening at Sen NYC with Warm Apple Sake…Greetings Hamptons Mouthpiece readers…I love good food, it makes me so happy. I love when I go out to eat and everything is right, the ambiance, the service, the drinks, the appetizers, the main course and finally… the dessert. I leave there wanting more, dreaming of my next visit as I am walking out of the door, not focusing on the cost only wanting the experience again. Do you know what I am talking about?
Friday I had the extreme pleasure of dining at Sen in NYC and it left me DSC00932wanting more. Jeffrey Resnick, Toranosuke Matsuoka & Jesse Matsuoka have brought their very popular restaurant in Sag Harbor to Manhattan, with Chef Bryan S. Emperor behind the stove and Head Sushi chef Hiro Sawatari. This location opened in Mid September and is centrally located in Chelsea & Flat Iron district but also easily assessable to both uptown and downtown residents.

I arrived around 6pm and was pleasantly pleased with the ambiance of the place, the colors are warm and intimate.  Jesse greeted me and gave me a tour of the place as I waited for my cousin Deidre to join me. Located in the front is a lounge area that is very spacious and definitely inviting for an after work crowd who would like to just have drinks and socialize. If the bar scene is your thing than you would love this is the dominant focal point of the restaurant. It is a beautiful wrap around with real oak on the bottom that are also equipped with hooks for women to hang their bags. The back of the bar is a sushi bar, much larger than the Sag Harbor location, it reminded me of the Benihana’s restaurant. The bartenders are very good looking and for that reason alone is why I will be back. I loved the attention to detail in the design of the place, like the warm colors, the oak wood on the bar and the bark on the walls in the back of the restaurant. I personally found it extremely alluring.

As I continued my wait for my cousin to arrive, Jesse suggested that I try the Warm Warm Apple SakeApple Cider sake, I did and it was delicious. I was happy to hear that they were using products from Long Island, like the the Apple Cider, it also included cinnamon cloves, lemon & orange peel but the kicker was the spiked Brazilian rum…..YUMMMMMMMY…this totally warmed me up.

Dee finally arrived and we were seated at our table…our evening was going to consist of a variety of sampler dishes from the menu. There were items that I liked more than others and some that I personally did not care for, not that these dishes were not delicious my pallets just did not care for them.
Tuna Tar Tar We started our 1st course  with Edamame & Tuna Tar Tar…I really liked the takuan pickle shallot & the spicy yuzu dressing in the Tar Tar.
Jesse decided to bring us a sampler of 3 different Sake drinks….The 1st one was a traditional Sake..2nd one was a sweeter Plum Sake and the 3rd one was a more mature Sake with a definite hit….I went with the 2nd choice a more sweeter Sake….Dee went with the more traditional Sake.
Our 2nd course was a Salad with Daikon Sprout, Spanish onion & Sour plum sauce…I alad with Daikon Sprout, have to admit it was my least favorite because it contained a bitter taste but it was very tasty and one that many might like.

3rd Course: We were brought a sampler tray of various items from the starter menu….Tatsuta, marinated chicken wings, Wagyu Croquette, “Japanese Meat Balls” with Katsu sauce, & Kinchaku “Miso marinated cheese with sweet red crab.  It was delicious, I thoroughly enjoyed everything, it satisfied everyone of my taste buds. Unfortunately for you my readers this sampler dish is not on the menu, you would need to order every item individually. I recommend ordering all 3.

Tatsuta, marinated chicken wings, Wagyu Croquette, "Japanese Meat Balls" with Katsu sauce, & Kinchaku "Miso marinated cheese with sweet red crab


Our 4th course was a surprise array of sushi by the piece. I warned Jesse that I did not like raw food and I have to admit I was so scared of what would be brought out for us to sample, but to my delight it was rather good. Being the adventurous person that I am I tried everything. It included raw fluke, raw King salmon, BBQ Eel, cooked shrimp & Japanese egg…I did not care for the egg but that is because I really do not like eggs anymore, I was not in love with the Fluke either but Dee loved the fluke. I was surprised that I loved the salmon, it had a buttery taste and it just melted in my mouth, who knew this would be the night that I embraced sushi…I also liked the shrimp and the BBQ Eel, it was an interesting taste and one that I would experience again.
fluke, King salmon, BBQ Eel,  shrimp & Japanese egg
Hawaiian Blue PrawnsOur 5th Sampler was the Hawaiian Blue Prawns…these prawns are shipped overnight from Hawaii and I will say I loved it. The heads were included in this selection and this was my first time having the courage to taste one. It always felt creepy eating anything where the eyes were staring back at you. It was delightful and I think I enjoyed the head of the shrimp more so than the shrimp itself because it was full of amazing juices that captivated my taste buds. Dee was being a coward and refused to taste, but lucky for me I ate hers…yum yum
Our 6th course was from Chef Emperor’s Specialty selection…Gyu Negima “Stone-fired Gyu Negima "Stone-fired dry-aged Prime Fillet Mignon dry-aged Prime Fillet Mignon cooked in Kani Miso Butter and mitsuba cress. I am not a red meat fan, but this presentation was so amazing and it smelled so wonderful. The flame was still burning under the pot as it was brought to the table, and you were in control of how you preferred your steak to be cooked.  Our mouths were watering with anticipation of our first bite, and to our delight it did not disappoint. It felt like we were taking a bite of heaven, it was so succulent, juicy, seasoned to perfection, tender and I know I am saying it again but it really did melt in my mouth. I could taste the miso butter in every bite and I was in my fantasy world of food.
Wow we were in overload and everyone of our taste buds were definitely being fulfilled. I thought our meal was coming to an end but Jesse came over and spoke to us about the tradition of a Japanese Restaurant and how the rice and soup are typically served at the end of a meal. I guess the best are saved for last and maybe this metaphor might make sense, at the beginning of an exercise regime you start with the warm-up, then you transition into a more aerobic high impact exercise and at the end you finish with a warm-down. Such is the case with my meal…we started with appetizers*salad*sushi*main course*rice*soup…..
 Shoyu Truffle Butter rice with mixed mushroom

It was suggested that we try the Shoyu Truffle Butter rice with mixed mushroom, soy sauce & truffle butter. The rice is cooked per order in a cedar box and I was anxious to taste it. This was different for me, I was not use to eating the rice at the end of a meal. Rice by itself is very filling and to wait until the end to have the rice is a new and interesting concept for most Americans. I have to tell you my friends, I loved it.

Red miso soup with mushroom aWe ended our meal slightly nontraditional for me, instead of dessert and coffee we had a red miso soup with mushroom and tofu topped with a umami foam. I have to admit the presentation looked like a cup of cappuccino so it was a little weird. If you are a creature of visual presentation and prefer your soup in a bowl then you might be somewhat turned off. As for me I base my decisions on taste, and that is what this entire evening was for me, taking risks and trying new things. I loved it, the tofu was delicious and being in a cup was not a deterrence for me.
In Japanese tradition the evening ended as it began with Sake…but not just any Sake DSC00958the “creme de sole”…The Japanese rendition of an after dinner cognac…it warmed my body as the warm sake at the beginning had warmed me.
Hamptons MouthPiece readers, as you can see I enjoyed my Sen NYC dining experience and I recommend this place the next time you visit the city or if you live there. They will be looking to add some entertainment to the place, I personally think that would be a really nice touch. The restaurant is moderately priced, they are located at 12 west 21st Street, between 5 & 6th avenues. I would suggest calling for reservations.
Don’t forget to visit their Sag Harbor location next time you are in Hamptons..As always Hamptons MouthPiece keeping you in the know!!!!!

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Rockefeller Center 2012Greetings Hamptons MouthPiece Readers….Earlier this week my lovely daughter and I drove into Manhattan, saw the tree at Rockefeller Center and had lunch at Bobby Van’s…we were anxious to visit because we enjoyed the food at the Bridgehampton location. The traffic was horrible going into the city but 3 hours later we arrived and parked on the East side and walked over to the West Side. We arrived around 130pm and the place was fully occupied with a lunch crowd. Everyone was smartly dressed in business attire and although every seat in the restaurant was occupied the acoustics in the restaurant were not so over-whelming. It felt private and you were able to hold a conversation within your party.
Dani LeggardWe checked our coats which was very nice to not be tied down to big bulky coats at the table, and we were seated immediately even though we were nearly an hour late from our reserved time. Our waiter Mike introduced himself and asked for our drink order, Dani settled for water and I ordered my usual Seltzer with a splash of cranberry and lime. Soon after bread was delivered, a nice variety, but I wish it was warm, however had it been I would have devoured it so maybe that was a blessing for my waist side.

Lump crab cake.Bobby VansWe placed our orders and I chose to start with an appetizer…I ordered the lump crab cake. It was delectable and melted in my mouth. It made me excited about the next dish. Dani decided not to have an appetizer since she was having a very heavy lunch she wanted to savor her taste buds for her meal.

It was time for our main dish, I chose to order the Lemon & Pepper Shrimp and Danielle ordered the Petite Lemon Pepper shrimpFilet Mignon, each dish came with a side order of hash browns. My dish was pleasantly delicious although the first bite was a bit over-whelming with the zest of the lemon but after that I really enjoyed the meal and cleared the plate.

Danielle loved her steak, it was juicy & succulent, melted in your mouth. The dipping sauce on the side was ridiculously amazing and the hash browns just completed the meal. The petite size was a perfect serving size for her.Petite Filet MignonWe both cleared our plates and decided to complete our dining experience we needed desert. Mike our waiter came over and we asked him for some recommendations we completely appreciated his honesty and his recommendations were right on target. Danielle ordered the Creme Brûlée and I ordered the Chocolate Truffle Cake with Homemade Whipped Creme e. OMG….DELICIOUS!!!!

Overall we had a pleasant dining experience. The place was lively, the service was wonderful, the food was amazing. I found the place to be a perfect choice for groups because they seem to specialize in group style portions; we saw many tables sharing a meal. Next time I am NYC I plan on visiting in the evening to check out the bar scene because I bet that is awesome. This is a restaurant to add to your list of NYC places to visit, especially if you are in the mood for steak.Creme Brûlée

Bobby Van’s Grill will be open for New Year’s Eve offering a premier of traditional American Grill fare, classics steakhouse favorites, fresh seafood and wood-fired pizza. Bobby Van’s is at 135 west 50th Street (bet: 6 &7th ave ) Price is expensive, but worth it. I said today I would rather spend $150 and enjoy my meal than $30 and walk away feel incomplete….
If you are in the Hamptons be sure to stop by their Hamptons place on Main Street in Bridgehampton, NY

As Always Hamptons MouthPiece keeping you in the know!!!!

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Hamptons MouthPiece Readers…I would love all of my Hamptons friends to take a look at THNKR PRODIGY on YOUTUBE series and short movie about a look at a young Hamptons friend and cook, Greg Grossman’s starting at Ross School and working around the Hamptons, his first event at 12 at Vered Gallery!
7+-22-2012+chefs+garden+f+and+wine+shots+119-1Greg started his understanding of food, philanthropy and how the world fit together from the beginning of time at his incredible years as a student at ROSS SCHOOL, Instilled his love of always giving back and of supporting our local farms and vendors. In his 4th year at VeggieU Food & Wine in Ohio, a family farm who celebrated their 10th year of placing organic farming kits and educational packages (and worms and veggies) in over 3,000 public schools around the US Greg joins the 100’s of amazing chefs who give of themselves to help children learn about farming and eating healthy.
And he is also proud to be a part of Dr. Joanne Ruthsatz’ of OSU Prodigy Autism study, and Dr. James Watsonstralight+997-1 of Cold Spring Harbor Lab leading the DNA study. Greg cooked this summer in Southampton at private benefits for Joanne and the Southampton Arts Festival as Culinary director to raise money for this research and to bring classical masters to children and families in the Hamptons. With almost 1in 88 children born with an autism spectrum disorder, Dr. Ruthsatz is so close to finding an important key and Greg is thrilled to be part of her program. See 60 minutes math prodigy, Jake one of Joannes prodigies is autistic but graduation college at 14.
Having started his interest in the culinary arts at such a young age with a lot of his inspiration coming from being at Ross School where as you know he was so honored to be awarded the Martha Stewart Scholar Award at Club Starlight gala when he was just 13 appearing on Today Show, Neil Cavuto etc.
Then last year cooking the winning Kung Pao chicken when Times Square was turned into China Kitchen DSC_0320_2-1Stadium for 2 days when NTD TV hosted a benefit gala for the 10th anniversary of 9/11 for the NY Sergeants Benevolent Association and Citi Meals on Wheels. Again Greg’s interest and so many friends from many Asian countries has special significance as his 5 years of Mandarin Chinese at Ross School led him to his incredible interest in Thai, Malaysian and all forms of Chinese cookery. Many Hampton friends attended.
Greg has been doing so much lately and has just recently been filmed as part of the Google THNKR “Prodigy’ Series on You Tube as an extraordinary teen.
A short film about his love of food and doing a tasting for a restaurant with his consulting company. Though Greg is finishing HS at the Professional children’s School in NYC, specifically there to support students with careers, where he and the most incredibly talented students work their schooling around full time careers in the arts, sports, equestrians (like Reed Kessler who made it to the Olympics), known by all at the Hampton Classic , business owners, etc. They are able to pursue their careers while advisors support them and make sure they are getting their work done. Greg has been able to continue his work and his love of food and get a great HS education in NYC. We look forward to seeing young Greg at Hamptons fund-raising events this next summer!
Even living in NYC, Greg still finds himself back in the Hamptons. “It is the place I grew up and where I will always consider my home and I am so happy to be back helping support special charities and seeing my friends”
7+-22-2012+chefs+garden+f+and+wine+shots+111-1Greg currently works with Southampton Arts Festival and Dr. Ruthsatz prodigy/autism study all while going to school and running a business back in the Hamptons. Greg is an amazing young man, talented chef, very kind, approachable and a joy to his parents. I say to Greg, if you have time my family is more than happy to be some tasters for you, feel free to come and take over my kitchen ANY DAY….
Hamptons Mouthpiece readers…be on the look out for this up and coming Chef….This is the 1st of many more spotlight articles on people of interest in the Hamptons.

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Southampton, NY: A delightful Lunch at 75 Main..Greetings Hamptons Mouthpiece Readers...The first day of Fall is this weekend and I am so happy because it is absolutely my favorite season. I personally think that Fall has the BEST FASHIONS…the boots, the shoes, the jackets…I just bought a beautiful pair of boots that are not only fashionable but comfortable so I am a winner…This week I had the pleasure to dine at 75 Main Restaurant in Southampton, NY for lunch. My daughter Allura and I went there for lunch on Tuesday because she was out of school for the day. I have been to this restaurant many times but under different ownership and different chefs. I had heard many different reviews from friends and I thought it was time I reviewed for myself and who better to have tag along but my super food critic my 12 year FOODIE….It was a breezy, rainy day and so we decided to sit inside, we were seated in the front by the open windows so we could still experience sitting outside minus getting wet. The place has a nice open feel to it, with a semi-casual touch. You will find the Socialite, the Movie Star or a Family vacationing with their kids playing a card game as they wait for their meals to arrive. I decided that I wanted something light and refreshing for lunch and Allura went all in and ordered a meal fit for a king…Anyone that knows her…understands her healthy appetite, I just do not know where she stores this food.
I ordered the Lobster Salad that included endive, basil, tomato, avocado, lemon and olive oil and Allura ordered the Marinated Skirt Steak that included crispy onion strings, broccoli & Mashed Potatoes…. I really enjoyed my Lobster salad, the Lobster was so good, the endive had a nice bitter taste not overwhelming and a nice crispy crunch to it, the basil and lemon gave it a delightful refreshing taste. It was perfect for a nice summer lunch, a sense of feeling full and not stuffed. Allura really loved the mashed potatoes, they tasted homemade with just the right amount of butter and milk, the crispy onion strings were divine, the skirt steak was satisfying, amazing she could eat such a heavy meal for lunch and still be hungry a couple of hours later. The Broccoli was fresh but the fatal flaw for my daughter was that it was touching the potatoes and although she loves broccoli she would not eat it, presentation is huge especially for a visual child like mine.DSC00810

Of course dining with Allura we can NEVER leave a restaurant without having dessert, she of course is 12 and loves dessert, but who doesn’t! Our waiter recommended the Creme Brûlée and we went with his suggestion and I ordered a cappuccino. WOW….it was so delicious..crispy on the top and cold in the middle, melted in our mouths…We will be back for just that dessert.

The Cappuccino was delightful and possibly one of the best cappuccino’s I have tasted in the Hamptons.DSC00811

Overall we had a nice dining experience, the food was good and our service was very attentive. I am sure we will be back again.This restaurant serves, Breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner. They are moderately priced.

Address: 75 Main Street, Southampton, NY 11968
Phone: 631-283-7575

Business Hours:Restaurant: 7 days a week 8:00 am to midnight

Breakfast, brunch lunch: 11:00am to 4:30pm Monday to Friday, and 10:00am to 4:30pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

Dinner: 4:30pm till 10:30pm Sunday to Thursday, and 4:30pm till 11:00pm on Fridays and Saturdays.
Lounge: Friday and Saturday 10:30pm to 4:00am


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