4th Annual Katy’s Courage 5K 2014: Saturday, April 5th will be the 4th Annual Katy’s Courage 5K run in Sag Harbor,  Kathryn Collins Stewart a 12 year old who lost her battle to a rare form of liver cancer in December 2010, but not before she captured the hearts of so many in our community.
Katy’s Courage is a not-for-profit organization that is dedicated to education and support for families and children through scholarships, support for children’s bereavement counseling and pediatric cancer research.Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 9.45.57 AM

East Hampton track team

Last year during the 3rd Annual Katy’s Courage 5k run in Sag Harbor, the weather was slightly warmer than the year before, I have no idea what this temperamental weather is going to be this year. The event is 1 week earlier in April this year.  The crowd was energetic and motivated to take part in the run. Cheeks were rosy, gloves were on but the runners were ready. The East Hampton Spring Track Team were their to support the event, members of the team were among the first to finish the race, will they be able to do it again this year?

Once again, Sag Harbor was at it’s best as the support for a worthy cause was presented and represented by EVERYONE! Thanks Katy, for inspiring us to try to match your courage, grit and indomitable spirit in fulfilling your mission to help others. We love you Katy!

Join Katy’s Parents, brother, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, Sag Harbor Family and tons of friends for the 4th Annual 5k in Sag Harbor…you can run or walk, bring the kids, the dog, whatever suits your fancy…Hamptons MouthPiece will be out there and we hope to see you.katyrunwalk
  • Saturday, April 5th, 2014 @ 830am-1130am
  • Fourth annual Katy’s Courage 5K!
  • Officially register for the event here: [button color=”pink” link=”″ target=”_blank” font=”tahoma” align=”left”]CLICK HERE[/button]
  • When: Saturday, April 5th, 2014  Starts 8:30 a.m. sharp
  • Where: Sag Harbor, NY
  • Cost: Pre Reg: $25.00; $30.00 Day of Race
  • Check in: 7:00 – 8:15 am. Race starts promptly at 8:30
  • Course: Rather flat with a few small hills around Sag Harbor Village
  • Age Groups: 14 and under, 15-19, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70-79, 80-89
  • Awards: Top 3 males and 3 females overall and first three in each age group.
  •  If you are interested in sponsoring Katy’s Courage 5K of 2014  Please Click Here

Take a look at last year’s video…

Coming into Sag Harbor, go down Main Street almost to the end (the water), at the round-about, go around as if you were going to make a u-turn, but instead of a complete u-turn,  veer to the right – that’s Water Street.  Go past the Post Office, and just beyond the Beacon Restaurant on the right is an open area.  That’s where registration will take place.
Kathryn, who was known as “Katy” to family and friends, succumbed to hepatoblastoma with her family by her side. The lifelong Sag Harbor resident had battled the disease since 2009. All proceeds go directly to Katy’ s Courage Fund, set up by Katy’s Family. Katy’s Courage Fund, is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to education and support for families and children through scholarships, support for counseling, and pediatric cancer research.nhb_5262

For more information on Katy’s Courage and Katy Stewart’s journey, please visit Facebook page here (

Hamptons Wellness: Injury Prevention in Young Athletes..The core is the key

Young athletes are at great risk for injury. All parents, coaches and the young athletes themselves must become aware of these facts. Our children are very competitive. Some of them will become involved in team sports and excel. Kids that take part in one sport are more at risk for repetitive motion injuries as well as kids who engage in many sports who do not rest sufficiently between sporting events and training routines. Appropriate nutrition is a key to injury prevention too. Unfortunately, some will get injured early and never be able to participate in sports again. This is a missed opportunity that does not have to happen.

This discussion is not only about the best young athletes. The risk of injury is present in everyone who participates in sports no matter his or her age. However, it is important to recommend sports participation early in our lives because it sets us up to remain healthy throughout our lives. Improved cardiovascular and muscular-skeletal development and maintenance, leads to sustained cognitive function, as we get older. So participation in sports when we are young is a leading indicator of a healthy life.IET-indoor

This begs the question; how do we prevent injury? We are all familiar with the terms Rehab or rehabilitation. This is usually the course of action after an injury has occurred. I suggest that for our young athletes, we become familiar with PREHAB. Why not prepare the body for the rigors of exercise and sports by specifically targeting the training and exercise routines necessary to prevent injury?

Many of our young athletes train improperly. This is not an indictment of our team coaches or trainers but recognition of the limited time and resources they have to address the needs of all the athletes they have to manage, especially at the Middle and High School levels. It is well known in the area of sports medicine that the development of the core and core training, exercise and strengthening is very important to the prevention of injury in young athletes.

I have a daughter who is an athlete and has aspirations of becoming an elite athlete in track. She has been injured before with a strained Achilles tendon. This injury impaired her ability to run and she lost time on the field as a result. This year, we sought to help reduce her risk of injury by investigating where we could get her trained and strengthened and we discovered IET, Integrated Exercise Therapy in Bridgehampton. We learned that some of her field hockey teammates had been participating at this facility and were excelling in their sport and we figured, what the heck, lets give it a try.

When we got there, Andrew and Molly greeted us and then very quickly started an evaluation of Allura’s flexibility, strength and core weaknesses. The video that we are presenting shows one segment of that evaluation. We were amazed at how quickly IET identified risks for injury and developed a structured, progressive PREHAB routine for Allura to follow.

We can only suggest that any parent of a young athlete pay close attention to the risks of injury in their kids. It is amazing how frequently injury occurs with young athletes and the costs associated with health care and rehabilitation after the fact; not to mention problems that may arise as a result of growth plate abnormalities and subsequent life long impacts.IET_NHB_7592

Our kids are participating in organized sports teams; football, basketball, baseball, field hockey, track, soccer and volleyball as well as skateboarding. Injuries are going to happen. We have chosen to seek additional sports therapy outside of her normal work-out routine with her team to help Allura reduce her injury risks by improving her physical strength and flexibility. Whether you choose IET or another method for reducing the risk of injury in your young athlete, do not hesitate in getting started as soon as possible. Lost time in the athlete’s sporting life as a result of injury can be prevented. The Core is the Key!

For more on this topic:

photos and video by Kurt Leggard…

“Montauk, NY, Hamptons Happening”…Shark’s Eye, Montauk’s Revolutionary fishing Tournament. Montauk is known for its surfing, fishing and fishing tournaments. People from all over the world  vacation in Montauk just to fishing. On Saturday July 27th and Sunday, July 28th some of the foremost research scientists in the country will come to Montauk for “The Shark’s Eye, Montauk’s first Satellite tag and all-release fishing tournament hosted by Montauk Marine Basin”, this will be a two-day festival for sport, science, conservation and education. All sharks caught in this tournament will be released – circle hooks only. This amazing event is being led by “Montauk Marine Basin owner, Carl Darenberg.


This painting by renound artist April Gornic goes to the tournament winner.
July 26th-28th  Friday 3pm-6pm, Saturday 6am-5pm, Sunday 6am-5pm
Montauk Marine Basin
426 West Lake, Montauk, NY
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This event  will be joined by country music sensation Colton James, and folk music star Caroline Doctorow & MariGrace Dineen. They will be performing at the outdoor stage at Gosman’s famous seafood dock on Saturday night, July 27, from 5 to 9 p.m.  The outdoor concert is free. On both days, Brooks and Sean Paxton, A.K.A. “the Shark Brothers,” will provide exciting informational and educational forums under the tent at Montauk Marine Basin. Brooks and Sean directed the Guy Harvey Ultimate Shark Challenge in Florida, another shark conservation fishing tournament.  [button color=”blue” link=”” size=”medium” target=”_blank” font=”tahoma” align=”center”]Click here for Film &Music Festival tent activities[/button]

The public will hear a plea for shark preservation from Scott Curatolo Wagemann, a Cornell Cooperative Extension scientist and shark attack survivor! Booths under the tent will host the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation,  OCEARCH, and the Riverhead Foundation for Marine Research and Preservation. It’s all for the public to better understand the vital work that these organizations are doing to bring back the large sharks and other species that once flourished in our waters. Four sharks will receive satellite-tracking tags during the two-day all release tournament. Three anglers will name three sharks. The 6th Grade class at the Montauk school will name a fourth. The public will then be able to follow these fish online via OCEARCH Global Shark Tracker, the most-followed shark tracking site and app in the world — provided free of charge! Dave Bofill Marine and White Water Marine will provide chase boats with the scientists to tag the sharks. And Mustad — the best-selling hook on the planet — will provide circle hooks. The Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation is providing $10,000 in cash prizes and renowned artist April Gornik has donated an original work of art for the winner. In addition to the boat team competition, the public can be in the action as an official Tournament Observer.

Shark’s Eye Background

Today the great apex predators of the ocean face extinction, and so do the charter boat captains who catch them.That’s why Carl Darenberg, owner of Montauk Marine Basin, artist April Gornik, and the Concerned Citizens of Montauk, working with the Montauk Boatmen, Inc., the Montauk Chamber of Commerce, Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation, OCEARCH, the Shark Brothers, and Mote Marine Laboratory are proud to present Shark’s Eye.All sharks caught in this tournament are released and only circle hooks are used. Eligible mako, thresher and blue sharks are fitted with satellite tracking tags, which monitor their movements after release. The anglers who catch them get to name three tagged sharks, and a fourth is named by Montauk school children. The public is able to follow these fish online via the OCEARCH Global Shark Tracker.

In 1951 a young Frank Mundus settled in Montauk and got the idea to offer charter fishing for sharks. Nobody paid much attention to him. But by the time Mundus and team harpooned a 4500 pound great white, in 1964, anglers were paying serious attention, as well as a writer named Peter Benchley. The movie “Jaws” was released in 1975 and everybody wanted to come to Montauk to go Monster Fishing for sharks. Big money tournaments started to take hold.

Cut to the late 1990’s, when disturbing videos started to appear. Sharks were shown being finned alive by foreign commercial fishermen. They were being killed not by the thousands, but by the millions, to provide fins for shark fin soup for the growing Asian market. Shark populations started to decline, and by the mid 2000s were no longer sustainable.

To ensure a highly competitive, exciting and informative event for both anglers and the general public, in addition to satellite tagging of certain fish, a system of best practices and modern catch and release protocols have been engineered into this tournament format to maximize the post-release welfare and survivability of all sharks caught during this competition. These methods include the mandatory use of inline circle hooks to help prevent internal hooking, heavy tackle and line strengths to reduce a shark’s time on the line, and other specific handling procedures designed to ensure angler safety and healthy shark releases. Anglers and Observers will receive personal training on these methods, prior to competition.

All profits from the two-day event will go to the Montauk Boatmen (MBI), the Montauk school, the Montauk Chamber of Commerce and the Concerned Citizens of Montauk (CCOM).

Hamptons Recreation…Next week will be a heat wave in the East End…If you have the resources you can have a quick Perfect day in the Hamptons.….and spend no time in traffic. Take a day off. Did you know that you could get to the Hamptons in 35 minutes from NYC? You can if you take a seaplane..from NYC-The Hamptons 35 minutes…seaplane

Board Dove Charters and spend up to 4 hours on the waters, seats up to 8 people…..Pop open a bottle of wine and just relax and enjoy the day, you can have lunch ready for you from one of 15 different restaurants in Sag Harbor to bring aboard, this can be arranged when you book your perfect day with Grahm…Make sure you bring your bathing suits because it will be hot enough to go for a swim…Later take the seaplane back to the NYC….You have had a perfect day!!!! call Dove for more info: (631) 901-8928 600775_10151166688162013_30121115_n

Hamptons Recreation” Tips for Bike riding in summer heat

Summer heat can make bicycling uncomfortable and downright dangerous. Below are some suggestions for coping with summer weather. Most of this advice is fairly common-sense, but it never hurts to hear it again.

Plan. Plan trips well ahead of time, and give yourself enough time to ride and recover. Know how long you can comfortably stay outside and therefore how far you can safely ride (generally under an hour; ideally under 30 minutes). Select routes that allow you to keep moving with fewer or shorter stops. Try to locate and follow shaded routes, or routes traveling through cooler areas (i.e. flood-irrigated neighborhoods)Check for potential cooling points along your route.

Westhampton Liberty Riders
Westhampton Liberty Riders, photo credit Kurt Leggard

Acclimate. Start out riding slowly and avoid the hottest parts of the day (10 am to 4 pm). If you’re just getting started with commuting by bicycle, you might want to make the switch gradually instead of trying to dive in during the summer heat. Dress strategically: consider whether dry-wicking clothing and sunscreen work best for you, or if you’d prefer light, loose, long-sleeved cotton for sun coverage.

Hydrate. ”Eat before you’re hungry and drink before you’re thirsty”. Drink lots of water before, during, and after riding, beginning up to a day ahead of your ride. Always carry plenty of water and don’t be afraid to ask businesses to refill water bottles. If you wait until you’re thirsty, you are usually not drinking enough and it may already be too late to avoid heat exhaustion. A good indicator of good hydration is the need to urinate once an hour.

Avoid Heat Exhaustion. Learn to recognize your body’s signs of heat exhaustion, which are similar to signs of fever. Initial signs can be subtle, so know them and pay attention. At the first signs of heat exhaustion: back off. Relax your pace, and increase your fluid intake, especially if you have stopped feeling thirsty. If you do not recover within 10-20 minutes, immediately find air conditioning or shade, and be prepared to call 911. Heat stroke can occur quickly and it is potentially fatal, so don’t try to tough it out, even if you only need to travel a short remaining distance. Lastly, if you get a flat tire or have mechanical problems, be sure to seek out shade or a place indoors for repairs.

How to Not Get Hit By Cars: Diagrams of the most common accident scenarios and how to avoid them or reduce the impact of an unavoidable accident.

Cycling at Night: Guidelines for how to improve your visibility and safety at night.

amagansett beach bike