Getty Gas, The Price is Right!

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(Sag Harbor, NY) Getty Gas, The Price is Right!.….Greetings Hamptons Mouthpiece readers, there is new ownership at the Getty Station in Sag Harbor and finally competitive gas prices in Sag Harbor. Could my eyes be deceiving me! I could not believe the price of $3.89 at the GETTY Station in Sag Harbor when it appeared on my cell phone, I had to get into my car to drive there to confirm this price. Could it be that Sag Harbor was no longer going to be known as having the most expensive gas in the Hamptons!

I stopped to speak with the new management today and was told that they want to be part of the community and their rates will be competitive with the gas stations in Watermill and Bridgehampton not Harbor Heights on Rte 114. They are currently offering  low introductory prices to draw in the community, now that is smart.

What a welcomed relief to know that I can fill-up in Sag Harbor without having to drive all the way to Bridgehampton or Hess in Watermill going forward. We now need to get Harbor Heights on-board because their rates continue to be out of control and only if you are desperate do you stop there for gas.

Date: 5/16/13


GETTY: $3.899Hamptons Mouthpiece

Thank You Getty, we hope you continue on this path of offering the residents and visitors competitive gas prices in Sag Harbor, welcome to the community. Getty Gas, The Price is Right!

As always Hamptons Mouthpiece keeping you in the know!!!

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