Hamptons Home: Choosing the perfect fire feature for your backyard

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Hamptons Home: Choosing the perfect fire feature for your backyard. The alluring fire pit is desired by just about everyone. A perfect addition to

The allure of fire from either a fireplace or fire pit can consume any outdoor enthusiast endlessly for hours. The warmth, light and sound of snap crackle amongst dancing flames can set a romantic mood soothing for conversation via an outdoor fireplace or gang busters amongst party goers surrounding a fire pit. Both fireplaces and fire pits give off beneficial differences. Choosing the right fire feature for your own use in your own backyard may be an arm wrestle between the male n teenage image of a bonfire versus bonding through the night in front a fireplace with your loved one. 20140614-060203-21723833

Understanding these differences will help develop the theme, location and commitment to building just the right outdoor living space. Choosing a designer who can build anything you desire is a blessing to the all inclusive thought process. Besides money invested, it’s how your time spent outdoors will be invested. In our last handful of grande outdoor kitchen and outdoor living designs, we built both fireplaces and fire pits in different locales on the property for completely different reasons pertaining to the likes, desires and must haves of all the participating family members. Later we will cover fireplaces but today the fire feature chosen to anchor this luxury marble patio setting complete with outdoor kitchen island was a
remote gas fired fire pit. This stone and marble topped fire pit is the hit of the party. Clean and instant fire mesmerizes the crowd during all seasons all evening long.20140303-214226

Now you’ve chosen the type of fire feature you look forward to. You need to understand the spacial requirements for safety, aesthetics and comfort.
Fire pits surrounding by sitting walls create extra sitting space as well as a wind break defending the fire.Here we show the building of this tremendous stone and marble gas fire pit adorned to match the rest of
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