Is the Passion gone?

Is the Passion gone? Greetings, today I went back to work after being off for 1 week and it did take some time getting back into the swing of things. It is interesting I have been in sales for over 20 years and every time I have taken a vacation I still seem to be in work mode while on vacation. I believe it is because when you are in sales you live and breathe it and it is very hard to turn it off, you are completely passionate about what you do and motivated to make money. This time I was completely removed from my job and I realized that my passion for my job might be dying and changes may need to be made on my end; or my company will need to make some changes to restore my passion. Can be done, maybe, it is up to them.

Topic  today: Is the Passion gone?
How important is having passion vital to your success? Whether it be your personal life or your business life Passion is absolutely vital to your success. In a situation seeing your passion disappear a little everyday may cost a company thousands of dollars in revenue, if the passion has disappeared from your relationship this may cost your marriage and ultimately cost you thousands of dollars in divorce. Being a salesperson and having passion for the product or service that you are selling is very important because your buyers feed off of your excitement and your passion for what you are trying to sell them. Today I was talking to a friend who is a Real Estate Broker and we discussed how a broker was granted an exclusive on a home that he secretly does not like; now all of the other brokers in the company love this home but the homeowners have decided to give him the exclusive listing. The homeowners are not aware that this broker does not like their home, how long do you think this house will be on the market? The broker is not passionate about this home and therefore he may not present it as passionately as say another broker who loves the home. There again is that word Passion….If you have a sales person who is very passionate about the products and services they are selling, this will not even seem like a job to them; they will live and breathe for this job and ultimately be extremely successful which will result in an increase in revenue for the business. So how does a company keep their salespeople passionate? Very simple they provide the necessary tools they need to do the job completely, they provide a good product or service and stand by their word, they offer incentives to their staff, they treat their sales team with respect and integrity and most importantly they pay their sales team what they are valued. If you have a good salesperson you hold on to them and try not to let them go. A good Salesperson is like an old bottle of wine it needs to be handled delicately.

What about the passion in your relationship, the same rules apply, well minus paying them money. Well I could be persuaded to show more passion if money was involved…..hmmmmmmmmmmmm

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