Journey to Fitness week 3 Determination and Nutrition

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Journey to Fitness week 3 Determination
Week 3 of my Journey to Fitness included Nutrition….without focusing on what I am putting in my body I am wasting my time, and thus IET included this very important element to my fitness plan. I met with Molly Nolan 2 weeks ago and and asked me to do a food journal over the Memorial Day weekend, when we met last Thursday she pointed out that I was not drinking enough water, I needed to add in more vegetables and fruit to my daily diet. I did not even realize that I was not drinking enough water. Realizing that it takes baby steps to reaching the desired goal, Molly gave me small goals to achieve until we meet again. 4 8oz cups of water per day, 2 vegetables per day and include in fruit.
I never liked oatmeal, but I am learning to like it again. Making sure I eat breakfast everyday will be the challenge. I will be 49 this year and if I want to be healthy at age 60, 70,80 this journey is incredibly important.

Until next week…. Thanks for your support, this is very hard but I am very determined to make this life change.

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