Journey to Fitness week 4 Stepping it up

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Journey to Fitness week 4 Stepping it up

Week 4 of my 10 week Journey to Fitness Challenge. Finally finished editing week 4 Journey to Fitness….uploading now to Facebook, then to youtube and later will be posted on Hamptons MouthPiece.I had some setbacks last week with food choices, but I find that I am craving sweets, breads, pasta less and less. I still like these foods, but I find that I am choosing to make different choices because I am taking more notice of how I feel after I do eat food that I once loved but may not be healthier choices. Full disclosure: I had a kitkat candy bar this week, I had 1 donut and I had a 1/2 cup of ice cream, but why can’t you eat these things in moderation, why deprive yourself from sweets. I did however increase my water intake and I am more aware when I have not drank enough for the day. Water is essential to your well-being and a very important tool in my Journey to Fitness Challenge.
It is definitely getting harder, but I am capable of finishing everything that is thrown at me. Martin is stepping up my routine and I am doing more stuff in an hours time period. He had no mercy on me and Cindy was enjoying my pain. Next week I will show how I have improved on the elliptical machine and a conversation with Nutritionist Molly Nolan. Special thanks to the IET family, Andrew Reilly, Molly M, Molly N, Martin Gigner for everything. A special thanks to my very good friend Cindy Warne.

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