Journey to Fitness week 5 Increasing the Pace

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Journey to Fitness week 5 Increasing the Pace
Week 5 of my 10 week Journey to Fitness Challenge. It is definitely getting harder, but I am getting strong and movements that were difficult for me to do in weeks 1-3 are no longer difficult. I was able to push 240 pounds across the room and back, my recovery time is getting shorter and as you will see my posture is improving. I still need to work on balance, almost mastering the ropes. This week Cindy laughed just a little less. I have increased my water intake to 62oz per day ….WOOHOO.. THAT WAS NOT EASY! I am continuing to make better choices with food, but I do not go crazy! I wore a maxi dress this week that I have not worn in 2 years, felt good to be able to see progress happening! My conversation with Nutritionist Molly Nolan will be posted later this week . Special thanks to the IET family, Andrew, Molly M, Molly N, Martin for everything. A special thanks to my very good friend Cindy Warne for her encouragement and help with video.

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