Journey to Fitness week 6 …Its All About the Core

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Journey to Fitness week 6 ..Its All About the Core
Week 6 of my 10 week Journey to Fitness Challenge. This was a challenging workout, pushing the sled was hard, beginning to get comfortable with the elliptical, currently doing 3 sets of 30secs hard push. Did about 1-2 mins of planks. Pushed 245 pounds…balance has improved because my core is getting stronger. I am drinking close to 65 oz. of water per day. I am not depriving myself but I am choosing to make smarter food choices. My recovery time is getting shorter and you will see my posture is improving. I am feeling better, moving better and performing better, what an amazing journey this has been. I am increasing my aerobic activities and M,W,F I will be introducing jogging to my workout and increasing my workout days to 5 days per week with Saturday and Sunday as my rest days.

Special thanks to the IET family, Andrew, Molly M, Molly N, Martin for everything. A special thanks to my very good friend Cindy Warne for her encouragement and help with video.

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