JOURNEY TO FITNESS …10 week Challenge

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JOURNEY TO FITNESS …10 week Challenge, Day 1… I Vanessa Leggard, Publisher of Hamptons Mouthpiece have been challenged by Integrated Exercise Therapy (IET) to take a 10 week Journey to Fitness. I have to tell you I was reluctant because I really do not like to exercise, I start then I stop. I get bored doing the same thing all the time. I was delusional in thinking that I could motivate myself to Moving Better, Feeling Better and Performing Better. The truth is I was disgusted with my weight gain and chose to just ignore it. I know this journey will be very challenging for me, but I am focused and determined to conquer this challenge. I have clicked in, and ready to seriously commit. I have selected to take the challenge with IET because I have seen how Andrew and his team have worked with my daughter for the nearly 2 years and she has become an amazing athlete.
I could have edited out the parts that I would like to pretend do not exist on my body, like that dreadful mid-section. That section is the devil, as women get older that is the section that seems to store everything you eat. It is not easy showing your flaws to the world, that is why women wear spanks, but I really want to share this journey with all of you and it is my hope that you will support and not critique. Please keep watching as I share my journey with you. I will be posting 2 videos per week on Hamptons Mouthpiece, but daily 15 second video’s on my Instagram @hamptonsmpiece

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