I LOVE SWEETS…..Hamptons Mouthpiece was out and about this weekend tasting desserts,  its a hard job but somebody has got to do it! I love dessert unfortunately they don’t really love me…but who cares, GYM here I come….The Hamptons are full of amazing restaurants and I wanted to share with you some of my top choice desserts…

Fried Oreo’s with Chocolate Dipping Sauce: LT Burger in Sag Harbor.  This dessert is unbelievable delicious. I really felt like I was in Heaven. Not knowing what to expect I was anxious and after taking that 1st bite I was in love.. they were hot and crispy fried. Wow, so goooooooood

Death by ChocolateB’Smith’s Restaurant, Sag Harbor, NY….This dessert is so good if you are a chocolate lover like I am…It is served cold and the chocolate just melts in your mouth. It is sprinkled with chocolate dipping sauce and fresh strawberries….This is a definite must have…B’Smiths is the perfect spot to hang out with friends on a warm summer night in Sag

Tempura Banana Split: Beachhouse Restaurant, East Hampton, NY….Wow, I have never had a banana split like this. It included Vanilla & Chocolate Gelato, Tempura Fried Banana, crunchy caramel & whipped cream. I really cannot believe how delicious the fried banana tempura was, It was very light and not overwhelming sweet, melted in your mouth…If you are visiting Beachhouse this summer for lunch or Dinner don’t skip the dessert especially this one.
Burbon Street Bread Pudding: B’Smith’s Restaurant, Sag Harbor…..This nice & light bread pudding is B’Smith’s signature dessert….I wasn’t sure what to expect since I really do not like bread pudding, but I loved this and the strawberries and Vanilla Bean Ice Cream was a nice touch to this scrumptious dessert.

Warm Almond Cake: Harbor Bistro, East Hampton….Just looking at this delicacy makes my mouth water…How beautiful is this….Well Friends as beautiful as it looks it taste even better. Bravo Harbor Bistro this dessert was amazing, thank you for allowing me to taste it. This Almond cake is accompanied by Strawberry-Rhubarb compote, Vanilla bean Ice Cream and toasted Almonds…. Simply delightful

Profiteroles Patea Choux Puffs with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, Harbor Bistro, East Hampton……..If a pictures was worth a million dollars….then this dessert would definitely be a winner…Look at the chocolate just oozing down this puff with sprinkled white sugar powder on top…..Harbor Bistro has done it again….not only are they crafted at making food look good it really does taste incredible….I really love this restaurant, if you choose to share dessert you will end up asking for another dish because it is just that delectable.

Not to be forgotten…..CUPCAKES...  .Cavaniola’s Sag Harbor, I am not really a cupcake fan but I recently had the pleasure of tasting these yummy cupcakes, they are hands down the best cupcakes I  have ever will not be disappointed. While you are there try the homemade potato chips, they are insane..


So there you have it I am a dessert addict….My top choice for cookies are Panera Bread, Tates and Author,  Lauren Chattman of Cookie Swap.

9052987-largeLauren creates magic with her desserts and has chosen to share some of her mouth watering recipes with us….You can purchase this book at Book Hampton in the Hamptons (East Hampton, and Southampton locations) or

Till next time friends…..enjoy these amazing treats……stay tuned for “Hamptons MouthPiece” next blog talking about what’s happening in the Art’s this week in the Hamptons…

Hamptons: New restaurants in the Hamptons this summer 2011

Zagat has posted the new restaurants in the Hamptons this summer..

Our Long Island 2011/12 Restaurants Survey just rolled out, pointing you toward all the culinary hot spots on the island. But let’s get a little more specific for a minute – everyone who has their Jitney tickets booked wants to know what’s up in the Hamptons. Here’s a rundown of eight just-open or soon-to-open new eateries – because even though you’re going to spend most of the weekend on the beach, you still gotta eat.

The Almond: After 10 years, this popular French bistro has moved to a new and cheerier space on the main street of Bridgehampton. The former space was essentially a dingy shack, so the move to the property that formerly housed One Ocean is definitely a step up. As for the shack? It’s being converted to a Mexican sports bar dubbed Agave. Save that one for when you need to medicate sunburn with shots of tequila (1 Ocean Rd.; 631-537-5665).

Beachhouse: Michael Gluckman, the same guy who owns the Boathouse in East Hampton, has converted Jean Luc Kleefield’s old Prime 103 space into a modern steakhouse that’s serving choice chops with a variety of sauces. You can also enjoy a selection of shellfish and lobsters from the local waters – why not do so alfresco-style on the restaurant’s wisteria-covered patio (103 Montauk Hwy; 631-604-5600)?

East Hamptons Grill: After 20 years in business, Jerry Della Femina has sold his upscale restaurant across from Nick & Toni’s to the Hillstone group, which operates restaurants around the country like Houston’s and Palm Beach Grill. The turnaround time here may be an issue – the old eatery just closed, and the new owners are trying to do a rapid transition for Memorial Day. Before you head over, call to confirm it’s open (99 N. Main St.; 631-329-6666).

Little Red: David Loewenberg and Kirk Basnight, owners of the popular Red Bar Brasserie, are set to open this more casual cafe in Southampton. This one is close to the movie theater, so you can make it a second stop if you happen to hit a rainy day on your vacay. The menu is low-key and varied – expect everything from burgers to steak. Look for an opening date in mid-June (79 Jobs Ln.; 631-283-3309).

Nobu at the Beach: Yep, that Nobu. The famed Japanese restaurant is expected to open a branch in the Capri Hotel on the West End of Southampton, in the same space that has been occupied by the Pink Elephant. Well-heeled diners will be able to enjoy the same upscale sushi that has impressed Manhattan diners for decades, but take note: this one might not be ready for Memorial Day. The deal hasn’t been signed yet, so hope for an opening sometime this summer (281 Country Rd. 39A).

Tutto Il Giorno: Maurizio Marfoglia’s popular celebrity hangout will open a second branch in Southampton. The sister restaurant will be more spacious than its Sag Harbor sibling and dish out a bigger Italian menu – nice, since the original eatery didn’t exactly have a ton of of elbow room. And talk about fashionable, Donna Karan’s daughter, Gabby, is still a partner (56 Nugent St.).

Southampton Social Club: This American restaurant is from Ian Duke, who you may remember from last year’s Madame Tong’s Redux, his attempt at an Asian restaurant in this space. This year’s reboot finds Matt Creason in the kitchen, straight from the York Grill on the UES. Opening Memorial Day weekend, the eatery is super close to the Southampton train station, so make a beeline here and stuff your face from a seafood tower as soon as you arrive (256 Elm St.; 631-287-1400).

Spring Close: Located in the space that housed The Laundry’s last incarnation (that restaurant was serving in one form or another for over 30 years), this East Hampton restaurant is run by local guy Colin Keilor. Look for American fare that can be enjoyed in a sprawling space, with a back patio for alfresco dining (341 Pantigo Rd.; 631-324-3444).

I am going to be checking out the Social Club in Southampton and Nobu at the newly Revised Capri….

Featured image photo courtesy NY Times..

Is the college process like planning a wedding? ABSOLUTELY! The groom is your student and the parents (more like the mom) is the Bride. For most weddings the bride typically takes one year to plan the perfect wedding, well it takes 1 year to plan the college process.
You are your child’s Mouthpiece when it comes to the college process and they need you, this is a family process and they cannot not do it  alone. I remember looking at the election day results and being worried about my daughter when I heard things from Rand Paul (r,KY) who would like to abolish the Department of Education so kids don’t have to learn about “two mommies”. This type of homophobia should not be tolerated and this speaks to his character.I am concerned with funding and will kids from middle class families have an opportunity to get an education without graduating with hefty debt. Will our kids be able to afford the American Dream? I was speaking with a friend this week and she indicated that she took out student loans and her child will do the same. The difference between that time and today are so many factors, the tuition was lower, the interest on the loan was lower, there were more jobs for college kids who graduated with a BA and cost of living was lower. Today our kids are faced with so many challenges and I am scared for them, 80% of college graduates last year moved back home because they did not have a job, cost of living was too expensive and many students have overwhelming debt. This debt will be with them for years, they are excited to start their life but reality has hit them and the realization of their debt has hit them like a stack of bricks. So what is the alternative? Well I am doing some things that are different with my daughter, I am not sure how successful we will be, but I feel confident that if my daughter listens to me she will not have a tremendous amount of debt and we will not need to alter our lifestyle alot to pay for college. The fact is no one cares where you received your BA, in our competitive country a Masters is imperative in many fields, so why go a school where the tuition is $50,000 per year if you do not have these funds to spend? That being said as a family you need to have a plan from the very beginning and communication is imperative to this process.
I have decided to share our experiences with you in different steps, too much information in 1 blog could be very overwhelming….

Step 1:

  1. Get a box for all of the college information your child will receive, you take control of that information.  If you just hand that information to your child they will open only some and the rest will never see the light of day.
  2. Go through the information together, implement a weekly Family meeting and last approximately 1 hour, any longer and it will become ineffective. During this family meeting, you should start to discuss your child’s interest, do they want to go to college, what are their interests, grades, etc….. I would suggest that you make an agenda and everyone understands what will be discussed. I will elaborate in Step 2:The Family meeting and how you can make this work for your student. Our Family meetings have proven to be very successful for my family with our daughter’s college process.
  3. Have your child use your email when filling out profiles. This will keep you in the loop and you can weed out the information. Your student will become very frustrated with the massive emails that they will receive and sooner or later will stop looking at those emails. If you the parent get the initial emails, you will be able to weed through these emails and forward the ones to your child that you know will be of interest to them. Please keep in mind that sometimes they do not know what they want, I researched the college and if they offered the program that my daughter was seeking I requested information from that institution. Once the information was sent to us we reviewed it together and often times visited that school to see if it was a good fit. Of the 9 schools that Danielle applied to, only 5 of the schools were her choice the other 4 were suggestions that I made.
  4. Develop a relationship with the guidance counselor, this is really something that is imperative, remember it is the guidance counselor that writes a letter of recommendation for your child, you want to make sure that this person knows your child.
  5. Start building your child’s resume, believe me if you do not start in 9th grade you will forget things and this will cause your child to miss out on potential scholarship funding.

Till next time, turn to Hamptons MouthPiece, we will do the talking for you….Please feel free to send me subject ideas for me to talk about.

au revoir!