Even Mr. Softy Needs a MouthPiece!..One of my fondest memories of my childhood was being so excited when I heard the sound of Mr. Softy the Ice Cream man coming down the block. It was ice cream time and in a child’s life, a moment of pure happiness. All the children would go running after the truck. Yesterday while I was at a meeting, one of my fellow board members who owns a Ice cream truck began to tell a story about a neighborhood that chased Mr. Softy out of the area. Hmmm! Were they overweight and was upset that Mr. Softy was about to force them off of their diet? Were they health conscience people or maybe lactose intolerant, what the heck!!!! Who chases Mr. Softy away? Maybe it was Mr. Softy’s look, was he not creamy enough looking with sprinkles on top. What child does not welcome the Ice Cream truck?  I said to him clearly you need someone “to do the talking for you” you need a “MouthPiece”.
This leads me to the topic: Even Mr. Softy needs a MouthPiece. I know the area that chased the Ice Cream Man out and unless these homeowners know you, they are seriously protective of their children and who could blame them. The ice cream man needs to find the MouthPiece in that neighborhood and speak to them to spread the word; I carry lo-cal ice cream, my truck has been awarded the Cleanest Ice Cream Truck Award and I am safe for your children. Everyone needs a Mouthpiece even the Mouthpiece needs someone to talk for him or her.
We elect a Board of Education to be the Mouthpiece for our children; the PTA is a mouthpiece for the parents. Businesses hire salespeople, Public relations, marketing people to be a Mouthpiece for their company. Many individuals are not equipped to speak on their own behalf and therefore they need people with the gift of gab to promote them to… “Do the talking for them”.
Even Mr. Softy needs a Mouthpiece
When I first came to the Hamptons, I would attend events where I was the only minority at the event, a newcomer and I could have stayed in my seat and waited for people to come talk to me, but I did not. I needed to make opportunities happen for myself so I needed to network the room. It does take a special personality, commitment, drive, tenacity and complete confidence to be able to walk up to a complete stranger and start a conversation. Not everyone feels comfortable doing this; this is why you NEED to have people on your team who can do this for you.
So back to the topic “Even Mr. Softy Needs a Mouthpiece” if he wants to do sales in that area which is potentially very lucrative for his business, than yes he needs a Mouthpiece to open the doors for him.
All my adult life I have always enjoyed networking, help bridge relationships with a simple introduction. As my dear friend calls it I am a relationship broker.  When you are in need of a MouthPiece you can call on me, and… I’ll Do The Talking For You.

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