Hamptons Teen: The 2016 Best Colleges rankings from NICHE
Don’t take this at face value. One would need to know exactly the criteria that was used to determine the results, and a college that is ranked very low, may actually EXCEL in the program you are looking for, while a higher ranked college may have a terrible business or exercise science reputation. If you are put off applying for a college because you don’t think you have a strong essay writing ability. You can always find a write my essay company to find some professionals to provide you with original content. Moving on, FIT is not ranked in the top 100, yet they are ranked #5 Globally for BEST Fashion Design Schools in the World. What I love about this list are the updated reviews from Students and Parents.

The 2016 Best Colleges ranking calculates millions of statistics and student reviews into one overall college ranking. This will be an invaluable tool for anyone hoping to go to college this fall. Reading about student loans at https://www.sofi.com/private-student-loans/ would also be very helpful. The top-ranked colleges are elite academic institutions that provide a good value, attract a diverse student body, and offer an exceptional college experience.
See more information on these schools rankings from Niche.com….
BEST COLLEGE RANKINGS 2016 to see the top 250 schools, click on school for more detailed information on the ranking.

2016 Rank College State
1 Stanford University CA
2 Massachusetts Institute of Technology MA
3 Yale University CT
4 Harvard University MA
5 Rice University TX
6 University of Pennsylvania PA
7 Duke University NC
8 Brown University RI
9 California Institute of Technology CA
10 University of Southern California CA
11 Princeton University NJ
12 Washington University in St. Louis MO
13 University of Notre Dame IN
14 Columbia University NY
15 Bowdoin College ME
16 University of Texas – Austin TX
17 Vanderbilt University TN
18 Georgetown University DC
19 Williams College MA
20 University of Chicago IL
21 University of Michigan – Ann Arbor MI
22 Dartmouth College NH
23 Cornell University NY
24 Carleton College MN
25 University of Virginia VA
26 University of California – Los Angeles CA
27 Washington & Lee University VA
28 University of California – Berkeley CA
29 Pomona College CA
30 Northwestern University IL
31 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill NC
32 Emory University GA
33 Colgate University NY
34 Amherst College MA
35 Georgia Institute of Technology GA
36 Carnegie Mellon University PA
37 University of Florida FL
38 University of Wisconsin WI
39 Johns Hopkins University MD
40 Texas A&M University TX
41 University of Georgia GA
42 Middlebury College VT
43 Haverford College PA
44 Tufts University MA
45 University of Richmond VA
46 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign IL
47 Bucknell University PA
48 Vassar College NY
49 Penn State PA
50 Wesleyan University CT
51 Virginia Tech VA
52 Hamilton College NY
53 University of Washington WA
54 Wake Forest University NC
55 University of California – Santa Barbara CA
56 Colby College ME
57 New York University NY
58 Lehigh University PA
59 Brigham Young University UT
60 Ohio State University OH
61 Grinnell College IA
62 University of Pittsburgh PA
63 College of William & Mary VA
64 University of Maryland – College Park MD
65 University of Miami FL
66 Michigan State University MI
67 Northeastern University MA
68 Franklin & Marshall College PA
69 Davidson College NC
70 Purdue University IN
71 Macalester College MN
72 University of Minnesota – Twin Cities MN
73 Santa Clara University CA
74 Union College – New York NY
75 Southern Methodist University TX
76 Florida State University FL
77 University of California – Davis CA
78 Boston College MA
79 College of the Holy Cross MA
80 University of Rochester NY
81 Swarthmore College PA
82 Clemson University SC
83 Bates College ME
84 Case Western Reserve University OH
85 Brandeis University MA
86 Whitman College WA
87 Claremont McKenna College CA
88 Boston University MA
89 Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology IN
90 Indiana University – Bloomington IN
91 Kenyon College OH
92 University of Alabama AL
93 Oklahoma State University OK
94 Tulane University LA
95 Whitworth University WA
96 Oberlin College OH
97 Lafayette College PA
98 Clark University MA
99 Iowa State University IA
100 Gettysburg College PA

Niche provides reviews and insight from everyday experts, they make choosing a neighborhood, college, or K-12 school a more transparent process. Founded in 2002 by Carnegie Mellon University students as CollegeProwler.com, they have grown into one of the largest content startups in the country. They focus on providing students, families, and professionals with best-in-class content and deep insight into big life decisions.


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