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Hamptons Best Breakfast Picks..breakfast is not only the most important meal of the day, it is also my absolute favorite meal of the day. How many of you love a good Breakfast? How many of you could eat breakfast for every meal? When I cannot decide what to cook for dinner, my daughter turns to me and says let’s have breakfast food.

Are you so busy during the week rushing, that breakfast for you consists of  breakfast on the go…fruit, smoothie, bagel, boiled egg or cereal? Wouldn’t you love to sit down on the weekend and have a big breakfast? When I have time, I like to indulge my family with a super-duper old style “my tradition” breakfast on the weekends by making omelets, bacon, grits, home-fries, biscuits, waffles or pancakes topped with sauteed bananas in hot maple syrup …  I know I go completely over-board but so what. If you are only having this type of meal twice a month, what is the big deal? There are however those days when we like to go out to eat and I thought I would  share my favorite breakfast spots with you. There is nothing more exasperating than going out for breakfast and being disappointed, so here are some Hamptons favorites by both myself and my friends. Enjoy!

Hamptons Best Breakfast Picks

  1. Estia’s in Sag Harbor...1615 Bridgehampton Sag Harbor Turnpike, Sag Harbor, NY (631) 725-1045 estiaslittlekitchen.com
    Breakfast with a mexican touch..It a small place and the wait could be out the door on a Saturday Morning. Tip: try the Omelets* breakfast Burrito with the spicy mexican salsa and the short stack with fresh blueberries and bananas.. 
  2. Provisions in Sag Harbor..7 Main St, Sag Harbor, NY 11963
    (631) 725-3636 www.provisionsnaturalfoods…Tip:try the spinach omelette…really good..then make sure you come back there for lunch…
  3. Hampton Maid Hotel: Hampton Bays..259 East Montauk Hwy, Hampton Bays, NY 11946
    (631) 728-4166 hamptonmaid.com .…Tip: Try the Apple French toast
  4. Hampton Coffee Company869 Montauk Hwy, Water Mill, NY
    (631) 726-2633 hamptoncoffeecompany.com
  5. Pierre’s in Bridgehampton  2468 Main St, Bridgehampton, NY 11932 Try the French toast, it is delicious, melts in your mouth. They are more on the pricey side but if you are on a budget you might want to avoid ordering a Mimosa.  pierresbridgehampton.com
  6. John’s Pancake House, Montauk, 721 Montauk Hwy, Montauk, NY 11954 If pancakes is your breakfast favorite,  then you will enjoy John’s Pancake House in Montauk. 
  7. John Papas Cafe, East Hampton, 18 Park Pl, East Hampton, NY 11937  – I love John Papas Cafe in East Hampton, I usually like going there for both breakfast and brunch. I am always pleased with my meal. The service is fast and friendly. Try the Spinich Pie, it is delicious. johnpapascafe.com
  8. Fairway Restaurant, Sagaponak at the Poxabogue Golf Center – 3556 Montauk Hwy, Bridgehampton, NY 11932 – Breakfast served all day! That is a definate plus. www.fairwayrestaurant.co
  9. The Apron Cafe, Westhampton Beach, 355 Gabreski Airport, Westhampton Beach, NY 11978 – Located at the Gabreski Airport in Westhampton Beach, great reviews. theaproncafe.com
  10. Sip ‘N Soda, Southampton, 40 Hamptons Road, Southampton – A family friendly place to go with your kids, but bring cash, they do not accept credit cards. On a positive it is afforable. sipnsoda.com

Breakfast burritos, Hamptons breakfastBreakfast is very important for you  to perform at your best. It is not a good idea to skip breakfast in the interest of saving time, calories, or getting a few more minutes of sleep, remember that eating a wholesome, nutritious morning meal will probably save you time in the long run. Some people skip breakfast in an effort to lose weight. Skipping breakfast is strongly linked to the development of obesity.

I love Breakfast food and did you know that breakfast should be your heaviest meal of the day. The benefits of eating your biggest meal for breakfast may have less to do with your body and more to do with your mind. When you eat a larger breakfast, you may feel more satisfied and less deprived throughout the day. This satisfaction can help you to stick to your diet and make you less inclined to overeat in the evening. Drop me a line and let me know your favorite place in the Hamptons to have Breakfast.

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Hamptons Eats: Winston’s is spicing up Nichol’s space

Winston’s will be opening March 22nd in the space formally known as Nichol’s in East Hampton. Winton Lyons the new owner and executive chef, previously worked at Turtle Bay Crossing, The Meeting House and most recently known for his talented culinary skills at the East Hampton Grill. Winston left the East Hampton Grill in 2013 and has been preparing to open up his own restaurant. The Theme will be seafood/steak with a Caribbean touch. Although Winston is Jamaican you will not find Caribbean dishes dominating the menu, however Sunday evenings will be Caribbean dinner night. Winston tells me that people from all over come rave about his steak, I am looking forward to tasting it. I asked Winston what will make Winston’s unique and he said his primarily focus will be on service, standard and quality of the food,  some signature dishes like Fried Lobster and Roasted Garlic Crabmeat.

Winston’s will be open BreakfastLunchDinner….Happy Hour Thursday-Sunday 5-7pm, bar menu and 2 for 1 drinks. Theme nights: Wednesday- Red Stripe & wings…Sunday’s: Caribbean Dinner

Address: 100 Montauk Hwy, East Hampton, NY 11937

I will share my experience with all of you as soon as they opening.


Hamptons Eats: Wine and cheese: what milk is-­‐to cookies, with slightly more sophistication. Two glorious (food groups?) that when joined together create double the tasting pleasure. For those of you who are familiar with the many varieties of wines and cheeses, you may also be aware of the many possibilities for pairing them. For those in which wine and cheese are a foreign territory, a land in which you do not speak the language, there’s good news! You can learn. Here is a brief (and very general guide) for pairing wine and cheese that will leave you more knowledgeable and possibly with your mouth watering!
To understand a pairing is to recognize the flavors from the wine you are sipping, the cheese you are nibbling, and how it will taste when they collaborate. The goal is for each to complement the other. It is also, as many things are, about balance. Finding the right balance between the characteristics of what you seek to pair will ensure a satisfying flavor experience.

Let’s say you are celebrating a big accomplishment (go you!) You are sipping on some sparkling wine and are in need of a snack (all those bubbles!). Lucky for you the carbonation from those bubbles will cut through a thick and creamy cheese, making the two a perfect pair. I would suggest a triple cream Brie for between those sips of bubbly. The combination of the two is really something to celebrate!
White wines. There are so many options! Picture a relaxing afternoon at one of the vineyards on the North Fork. New world chardonnays, mostly made in the USA, (and those from our very own north fork vineyards), can evoke a buttery, oaky flavor as well as notes of tropical fruits. A chardonnay with these flavors invites a medium-­‐sharp cheddar to make a match. The softness of the wine compliments the sharpness of the
cheddar. Feeling like a kid again? Try it with a cheddar grilled cheese!
One could easily compare red wine to a lover. It can make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. So it’s a really good thing it couples so well with many delicious cheeses. It’s a dynamic duo and the 3 of you will be very happy together. Pinot Noir is arguably the most commonly drank red wine. It is a great starting red, for those whom are not typically red-­‐wine drinkers but are looking to branch out and expand their palates. Light, fresh, and fruity; pinot noir pairs nicely with a pungent, fierce, and flavorful goat cheese. A little bit goes a very long way when it comes to goat cheese thanks to its fantastic tang. When the pinot noir softens the pungency of the goat cheese, the flavors harmonize.
A successful pairing is the result of the wine and cheese complementing each other and creating an enjoyable tasting experience. By following the examples above, or just experimenting with your own palate (there really is no right or wrong!), get ready to get tasting! And if all else fails, you can never go wrong with cookies and milk.

Amagansett, NY 2013….Hamptons Eats…follow me on Facebook and Twitter

Greetings Hamptons Mouthpiece readers I had Another Great Meal in the Hamptons. Last week Dani and I visited Sotto Sopra on Main Street in Amagansett, NY. I visted the restaurant last year with my friend and we loved it, but this year my experience was so much better. When we walked in we were greeted by Rob Giglio who is the manager and he was so welcoming, it was not over the top, it was relaxed, engaging and warm. I have to say I had such a wonderful dining experience, and I can’t wait to return. The food was delicious and the service was great. Our waiter was knowledgeable of the menu items with a specialty in pairing wines to your meal.DSC_1685

Dani and I chose to sit outside because it was a beautiful summer evening and I just love the outdoor seating area, we started with the most  delectable Flat bread , we were immediately excited for the rest of the meal, we anticipated everything else being just as enjoyable.

flat Bread
flat Bread

Our waiter  suggested we start with Ribiola Crostini, with grilled figs, spiced walnut & orange vinaigrette & Prosciutto…this dish was delightful, and full of various taste that were palatable. The plate was colorful and pleasing to the eye. The flavors blended together and we just wanted more. A perfect choice from our awesome waiter.

Robiola Cristini
Robiola Cristini

In addition to the Robiola Cristinini appetizer we also had the Seafood Bouquet which included: Shrimp, Crabmeat & Lobster , this plate was served chilled and it was a perfect choice for a warm summer evening. It was light and delightful. DSC_1694

Rob, recommended  a delightful Chateau Montaud Rose from Provence, it was a perfect choice. This Rose exhibited fruity and floral notes, it had a freshness with good acidity and good structure in the mouth. Married nicely with our dining selections.

Chateau Montaud Rose
Chateau Montaud Rose

For our entrée, we went with two dishes. We had the Local Montauk Stripe Bass seared with local fresh baby potatoes & asparagus, drizzled with a sherry reduction & topped with a pineapple Mango salsa.  The blending of the entire taste palate hit our taste buds all at once. I usually do not like sweet with salty, but this was delectable. I will say that this is a meal that you really must have all elements in each bite to fully appreciate this dish. If you select to eat each item separately you will miss the overall experience of the blending flavors and how they compliment each other. *I would like to note that the portion on this plate looks small because Dani and I shared the dish.DSC_1698

I am ashamed to say that I was flying high from the previous dishes that I failed to write the exact name of the steak dish….Although I rarely eat red meat, I tasted this dish and this meat was perfectly cooked, well-seasoned, tender and the juices were heavenly. Dani could eat a cow so she was very happy. A definite thumbs up…DSC_1706

One would think after all that food we would need to be rolled to the car like Humpty Dumpty but how could we complete our dining experience without dessert. We were really full and could not finish the steak meal, so we asked for a doggy bag  so we could make room for the 21 Layer Crepe Cake with Seasonal Compote. Dani did eat this by herself, if you are lactose intolerant like I am you may want to go with another choice.DSC_1703

I was full and selected a lighter dessert, I went with a Sorbet served with Limoncello, wow, I poured the limoncello into the sorbet, REALLY NICE…DSC_1705

Overall, we had a wonderful dining experience at Sotto Sopra in Amagansett. The executive Chef Josh Savi showed his mastery to blend all the flavors together. If you decide to dine at Sotto Sopra mention Hamptons Mouthpiece sent you, and please share your experience with me. This was Another great meal in the Hamptons!DSC_1713DSC_1714 DSC_1712

This restaurant is located  
231 Main St, Amagansett, NY 11930
(631) 267-3695
Open Monday-Sunday 5-11pm
Price: moderate 
Chef: Josh Savi
General Manager: Rose Evangelista
Manager: Rob Giglio

UPDATE 2015: Nichols Restaurant is closed..Updates coming soon!

UPDATE 2014….3 Burger places have been removed from this list for several reasons: this list was originally published in 2012, Barristers my favorite Burger place in the Hamptons closed in 2013, Madison & Main (Sag Harbor) closed their doors 12/2013. I will be on the search for 3 more places in the Hamptons that make the BEST burgers….
Best Burgers in the Hamptons….Who doesn’t love a list…when you are searching for things on the Internet, you might type in search BEST THIS or BEST THAT…..So with that in mind this year every week I will be posting about the Best Restaurants, Best burgers, Best Lobster Rolls, Best Drinks, Best beaches, Best shopping, best movies…BEST, BEST, BEST in the Hamptons…

Top 10 Restaurants in the Hamptons who make the Best Burgers in the Hamptons..no particular order
  1. Southampton Publick House: Southampton
  2.  Rowdy Hall: East Hampton
  3. East Hampton Grill: East Hampton
  4. 1770 House: East Hampton
  5. Corner Bar: Sag Harbor
  6. Big Bity Burger: WestHampton Beach


My personal favorite was Barristers in Southampton…I loved the burgers here, and when you order make sure you get the sautéed onions and cheddar cheese….mmmmmmm DELICIOUS! Who will take their place as my all time favorite NUMBER#1 Burger Place in the Hamptons. 
As always, Hamptons Mouthpiece keeping you in the know with the Hamptons Best!!!