NYC Happenings: Paul’s on Time Square
Paul Nicaj and Dino Redzic know hospitality like the back of their hands and they proved just how well they know it at the grand opening party for their new restaurant “Paul’s on Time Square.” The two industry giants held a warm and welcoming event at the Hilton Garden on 42nd Street last Wednesday to celebrate their newest project, and the hotel’s featured restaurant, described as a destination for Italian fare with a global touch. FullSizeRender(2)

The party kicked off several stories up in a cozy lounge with a fireplace, tables for both communal and private seating, and an outdoor terrace. Champagne and wine was poured and complimented the extravagant spread of Italian meats and cheeses as well as an assortment of fruits and nuts.FullSizeRender(3)
The main dish was a whole baked branzino, delicately cut and served to guests whom were eager to try. The hor dourves passed included mini caprese skewers, bruschetta bites, crab cakes, and margharita pizza slices. All seemed to enjoy the food, the atmosphere, and the company.

Drawing a crowd next to the main bar was New York City’s first “SmartTender,” a revolutionary automated bartending system. Guests, myself included, were instructed on how to try the new bar toy. The touchscreen displays the list of spirit options. By touching the screen to choose, the patron then selects a mixer such as cranberry juice, pineapple juice, Coca-Cola, etc. Next, the SmartTender prompts the guest to choose an additive if preferred. Those listed were seltzer, orange bitters and lime juice, to name a few. The final step in the process is the option of adding an additional shot of alcohol and then it’s time to pour. The SmartTender registers the guests’ choices and pours a proportionally correct beverage into a glass positioned below the machine’s dispenser. Viola! A cocktail made to your liking in 30 seconds.FullSizeRender(4)

With my new “smart” made drink in hand, I made my way through the crowd and came upon Paul and Dino’s private table where they sat with, whom I presumed to be, close friends and family. I sat at a table close by and glanced in their direction noticing the plates of meatballs, shrimp cocktail, and other dishes that filled the table. Everything looked delicious and I could not refrain myself from commenting on the spread that lay out in front of them.

My remark did not go unheard and was responded to by Paul and Dino offering me to indulge in the food before them. “Please, please, eat,” I heard either Paul or Dino exclaim, pushing the plates towards me. And although I was not entirely sure which of these gentlemen made this hospitable notion towards me, I was too pleasantly surprised by the gesture to care. To the guests and myself, the event was for Paul and Dino- to celebrate the opening of “Paul’s” and their success in the industry. Yet to Paul and Dino, as it became very clear to me then, the night was for their guests and their customers, and at any time, even at their own celebration, they would make sure to show great hospitality.FullSizeRender

Photo credit: Laurain Aydinian

NYC Happenings Maserati 2015 unveiling

Cool cars. Very cool cars. And let’s not forget to mention the motorcycles and helicopter. These were the main attractions at the Maserati 2015 unveiling party; arguably a dream come true to those with an interest in fast engines and even those without one. The Luxury Review event, presented by RAND Luxury, was an exclusive press and media gathering that showcased the latest in luxury products. The unveiling was held at the Metropolitan Pavilion in Manhattan on October 2 and although it featured some of the hottest new vehicles to hit the market, this event made sure not to draw the line there. Helicopter
Upon arrival members were welcomed with a glass of champagne, just a taste of the luxuries that were in store for them. WineA small stage was assembled with a red carpet and a Maserati backdrop where attendees lined up for the option of having their picture taken by a professional photographer. The venue opened to a large hall lined with invited vendors whom offered information and conversation on their luxury items; those of which included cigars, whiskey, Rolex, and gemstone jewelry. A new age, and seemingly futuristic, helicopter was positioned in the middle of the room and posed as both a surprise and a great conversation starter. In addition, motorcycles; like pieces of art, decorated the venue with their exotic looking models.
Meat&CheeseBetween visits to the vendor stations, guests sampled from a meat and cheese spread provided by Rana, of Rana Pastificio Cucina in Chelsea, and sipped wine from Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars, which offered tastings of red and white. Rana additionally catered a pasta station and distributed samples of their tortellini with pancetta as well as rigatoni in lobster sauce. Across the room several bars were set to serve additional beverages including sangria, margaritas, and specialty cocktails by Double Cross Vodka.
As guests had their fill of food and drink, the time then came to unveil the luxury goods. An announcement was made directing guests to the covered Maserati in the center of the floor. The crowd gathered in anticipation with cameras ready. After some words on the vehicle and an introduction of the 2015 model, the covering was lifted and the Maserati revealed. The engine was revved and proved to be quite the crowd pleaser. There were photo opportunities and people approached the car, some even having the chance to open the doors and explore the interior. The unveilings occurred within 15-minute intervals of each other with a white Lamborghini up next. The same procession occurred with the remaining luxury vehicles scheduled to be on display. Lambo
With each unveiling the crowd’s energy revved like the engines of the glamorous cars they were there to admire. Overall the evening went off without a hitch and RAND Luxury genuinely showed their members they know how to ride in style.

All photos by Laurain Aydinian

When you visit New York City, you want to go somewhere that gives you the entire essence of the city. The bright lights, good people and a tasty drink here and there. You are looking for somewhere that says” Welcome to New York”. This place has been found.

photo credit Yelp.com
photo credit Yelp.com

Opened in 2012, the Haven Rooftop shows exactly what New York City is about. Filled with laughter and good times, the food is something to scream about. I had the joy of going and the experience was wonderful.

photo credit Haven rooftop NYC
photo credit Haven rooftop NYC

Starting with their signature Haven Mojito along with the smoking (literally) shrimp cocktail, I was pleased with the presentation and the taste. For the main course I enjoyed the Seafood linguine which included shrimp, muscles and scallops, the linguine is lightly tossed with a buttery sauce. This dish is to die for. 00-1

If you are looking for a fun spot to hang out with friends or a significant other, than this is the place to go!!

Rockefeller Center 2012Greetings Hamptons MouthPiece Readers….Earlier this week my lovely daughter and I drove into Manhattan, saw the tree at Rockefeller Center and had lunch at Bobby Van’s…we were anxious to visit because we enjoyed the food at the Bridgehampton location. The traffic was horrible going into the city but 3 hours later we arrived and parked on the East side and walked over to the West Side. We arrived around 130pm and the place was fully occupied with a lunch crowd. Everyone was smartly dressed in business attire and although every seat in the restaurant was occupied the acoustics in the restaurant were not so over-whelming. It felt private and you were able to hold a conversation within your party.
Dani LeggardWe checked our coats which was very nice to not be tied down to big bulky coats at the table, and we were seated immediately even though we were nearly an hour late from our reserved time. Our waiter Mike introduced himself and asked for our drink order, Dani settled for water and I ordered my usual Seltzer with a splash of cranberry and lime. Soon after bread was delivered, a nice variety, but I wish it was warm, however had it been I would have devoured it so maybe that was a blessing for my waist side.

Lump crab cake.Bobby VansWe placed our orders and I chose to start with an appetizer…I ordered the lump crab cake. It was delectable and melted in my mouth. It made me excited about the next dish. Dani decided not to have an appetizer since she was having a very heavy lunch she wanted to savor her taste buds for her meal.

It was time for our main dish, I chose to order the Lemon & Pepper Shrimp and Danielle ordered the Petite Lemon Pepper shrimpFilet Mignon, each dish came with a side order of hash browns. My dish was pleasantly delicious although the first bite was a bit over-whelming with the zest of the lemon but after that I really enjoyed the meal and cleared the plate.

Danielle loved her steak, it was juicy & succulent, melted in your mouth. The dipping sauce on the side was ridiculously amazing and the hash browns just completed the meal. The petite size was a perfect serving size for her.Petite Filet MignonWe both cleared our plates and decided to complete our dining experience we needed desert. Mike our waiter came over and we asked him for some recommendations we completely appreciated his honesty and his recommendations were right on target. Danielle ordered the Creme Brûlée and I ordered the Chocolate Truffle Cake with Homemade Whipped Creme e. OMG….DELICIOUS!!!!

Overall we had a pleasant dining experience. The place was lively, the service was wonderful, the food was amazing. I found the place to be a perfect choice for groups because they seem to specialize in group style portions; we saw many tables sharing a meal. Next time I am NYC I plan on visiting in the evening to check out the bar scene because I bet that is awesome. This is a restaurant to add to your list of NYC places to visit, especially if you are in the mood for steak.Creme Brûlée

Bobby Van’s Grill will be open for New Year’s Eve offering a premier of traditional American Grill fare, classics steakhouse favorites, fresh seafood and wood-fired pizza. Bobby Van’s is at 135 west 50th Street (bet: 6 &7th ave ) Price is expensive, but worth it. I said today I would rather spend $150 and enjoy my meal than $30 and walk away feel incomplete….
If you are in the Hamptons be sure to stop by their Hamptons place on Main Street in Bridgehampton, NY

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