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Holiday House Hamptons returns with their summer designer showhouse, featuring some of the industry’s top interior designers and their cutting-edge lifestyle concepts to raise critical funds for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF) and local Southampton Charity, The Ellen Hermanson Foundation.

The event, which will kick off with an opening night gala on July 8th and then run through August 27th, will be co-chaired by Queer Eye for the Straight Guy’s Thom Filicia, Champion Platt, and Andrea Stark. 

Over 15 leading designers including Katie Brandt Interiors, Amy Storm & Company, Ashley Stark Home, Barbara Ostrom Associates, Bjorn Bjornsson Interior Design, Blake and Emily Interiors, CLW Interiors, Collette Home, Elizabeth Dow Home, Elsa Soyars Interiors, Fish Row Designs, Gil Melott Studio, Kim Radovich Interiors, KRID Studio, Lola Tucker Interior Design, Melanie Roy Design, Mina Lisanin, New Age Interiors, Riki Wagh Design x Neil Kerman Artist, Siriano Interiors and Tamara Hubinsky Interiors will design their own space in a luxury East End estate. The event is presented by BJC Custom Home Builders.

Tickets for the opening night preview are priced at $300 and Young Designers Night (July, exact date TBD), Art Night (August 11th), Motivational Monday (July 24th), Vicente Wolf Book Signing (July 22nd) and General Admission are priced at $40. Tickets can be purchased here

AT&T Contributes $10,000 to the Bridgehampton Child Care & Recreational Center’s Teen and College Prep Programs 

Bridgehampton, New York –AT&T today announced a $10,000 contribution to the Bridgehampton Child Care & Recreational Center to support online and in-person programming for The Center’s D.R.E.A.M Team and college preparatory programs.  

The D.R.E.A.M. Team offers 8 -12th graders a space to build self-esteem, teaching leadership skills and social awareness. Free to teens, the program offers inspirational and educational seminars, chess clubs, cooking classes and field trips. Earlier this year, the program’s continued work with inspirational speakers helped to calm and encourage teens, during a time when many of their year-end plans had been cancelled. The Center’s college prep programs aim to help students make college decisions and prepare for college life. The programs include weekly SAT classes, college tours, networking, one on one college guidance for students and their families, and development programming.  

“This year, young people have faced uncertainty and challenges in their academic journeys as schools and enrichment programs have been modified or canceled,” said Amy Kramer, President, New York, AT&T. “AT&T is committed to ensuring that Long Island students can still learn, have fun and interact this fall, and is proud to support the Bridgehampton Child Care & Recreational Center so they can safely offer in-person and virtual programming to teens in the community.”     

“The Center is a unique place, the heart of our community for over 65 years. Our youth strive and thrive in our many programs. We are so honored to have the continued support of AT&T for our teen and college prep programs. You are helping improve the lives and futures for our teens. Thank you,” said Bonnie Michelle Cannon, Executive Director

Assemblyman Fred Thiele stated, “The Bridgehampton Child Care & Recreational Center has long been a beacon in our community, offering educational and enrichment programs to students and serving as a lifeline to working families on the East End. Their dedication throughout the COVID-19 pandemic has been unmatched as they have tirelessly supported students and families in navigating this new normal. The BHCCRC’s College Prep program in particular, has proved vital for many, helping countless students realize their potential and prepare to enter higher education. I can think of no organization more deserving of this generous donation. Thank you, AT&T for supporting the Bridgehampton Child Care & Recreational Center and the essential programs they offer.”   

“Thank you AT&T for supporting the Bridgehampton Child Care and Recreational Center’s college prep program. Getting a college education is more important than ever for opening up economic opportunities for our youth,” said Jay Schneiderman, Southampton Town Supervisor

AT&T’s support for the Center’s teen and college prep programs is part of the Company’s legacy of supporting educational programs in Long Island and throughout New York through AT&T Aspire, the Company’s signature $550 million philanthropic initiative that drives innovation in education by bringing diverse resources to bear on the issue, including funding, technology, employee volunteerism and mentoring. Aspire is one of the nation’s largest corporate commitments focused on school success and workforce readiness by creating new learning environments and education delivery systems to help students succeed and prepare them to take on 21st century careers. 

Nationally, AT&T has commited an additional $10 million this year to create economic opportunities and foster upward mobility for Black and underserved communities who face long-standing social inequities and higher unemployment, all of which are exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, the company has created the AT&T Distance Learning and Family Connections Fund, a $10 million COVID-19 relief program launched to give parents, caregivers and teachers tools they need to educate students remotely.  

About Philanthropy & Social Innovation at AT&T 

AT&T Inc. is committed to advancing education, strengthening communities and improving lives. We have a long history of investing in projects that create learning opportunities, promote academic and economic achievement, and address community needs. OurAT&T Aspire initiative uses innovation in education to drive student success in school and beyond. With a financial commitment of $550 million since 2008, AT&T is leveraging technology, relationships and social innovation to help all students make their biggest dreams a reality. 

About The Bridgehampton Child Care & Recreational Center  

The Bridgehampton Child Care & Recreational Center was born out of tragedy in 1949 after a fire in a migrant camp killed two children of seasonal workers. The summer colony rallied to create The Center, which has since served the East End community’s children with educational and enrichment programs for over 65 years.  For many working parents, The Center is a lifeline.  Their children flourish in our many programs and play safely on the six-acre farm and fields donated to establish The Center in the 1950s. 

Contact Info: 

AT&T: Marisa Rodriguez, [email protected]  Debra McEneaney [email protected]  917-741-6257| Marketing and Development, Bridgehampton Child Care & Recreational Center

The Bridgehampton Child Care & Recreational Center was born out of tragedy in 1949 after a fire in a migrant camp killed two children of seasonal workers. The summer colony rallied to create The Center, which has since served the East End community’s children with educational and enrichment programs for over 65 years.  For many working parents, The Center is a lifeline.  Their children flourish in our many programs and play safely on the six-acre farm and fields donated to establish The Center in the 1950s.

Content provided by The Bridgehampton and Childcare Recreational Center

Hamptons Mouthpiece; Spill the Tea – Allura Leggard speaks with New York State Senate candidate, Skyler Johnson to discuss the upcoming election.

Johnson ‘Spills the Tea’ on his plans for healthcare; the environment; education; Police Reform and that was only a fraction of the Bold Plans he has for the future.

Unlike many of the other candidates who have other full-time jobs, Johnson tells us that his full-time job is being a student, continuing to learn more about how he can bring about change and focus on the many issues that concern Americans in the 1st district.

19-year-old Johnson is this year’s youngest candidate running for State Senate.

Johnson expressed that his use of social media and his command for the facts is important to discuss issues that many people in Suffolk County are concerned about.

Johnson is one of five Democratic candidates running this year for Senator Kenneth LaValle’s NY State Senate seat in the First District in Suffolk County. Senator LaValle has held this position for 43 years and decided he will not be running for reelection this year.

Johnson says, one of his most important issues for his campaign is providing everyone in the state with free and quality healthcare. Johnson says this can be achieved by “rebuilding our healthcare system by passing the NYHA, New York Health Act-Including: free testing, treatment, and telemedicine for everyone.”

You can read more about Johnson’s Bold Plans for a Bright Future on his website.

Election day is June 23; (Voting polls).
After June 16th, voters may apply in person (over-the-counter) through June 22nd or by Early Voting from June 13-21. Primary Elections POLLS OPEN AT 6 AM – CLOSE AT 9 PM

Register to Vote or update your voter information online: Click here:

Hamptons Mouthpiece: Has the Awakening Begun? A peaceful protest in Bridgehampton, NY for racial equality.

On Tuesday, June 2nd organizers Lisa Votino, Lisa Calabrese and Willie Jenkins held a peaceful protest on Main street in Bridgehampton for Justice for George Floyd a black man who was allegedly murdered by Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin who kneeled on Mr. Floyd’s neck and ignored his cries for help “I can’t Breathe”.

Lisa Votino, Lisa Calabrese and Willie Jenkins

We stood in solidarity with our brothers and sisters all over the country who are demanding an end to racist policing.

We also remembered two other recent victims of deadly racism Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor and the sadly, all too long list of other victims.

Young protesters, Bridgehampton, NY

I was heartened to see so many young people who not only came to lend their support in this fight against racism towards Black and Brown people but they took the time to make posters.

There comes a time when silence is Betrayal

I am feeling hopeful that with this new army of Allies to the Black Lives Matter movement we can begin to open up the conversation and move forward toward real change in this country regarding systemic racism.

Protesters in Bridgehampton

For many that were protesting and marching, they saw the sheer brutality in the action perpetrated against George Floyd and they finally understood the significance behind Colin Kaepernick’s peaceful protest of taking a knee during the playing of the National Anthem. Many finally understood that the goal of the Black Lives Matter movement was never to say that only black lives matter or that black lives matter more than everyone else’s, the goal is to shine light on an issue in this country that you only get to experience if you are black. If you have taken the time to try to acknowledge your privilege and understand the black perspective, these injustices come quickly to light.

William Pickens III & John Pickens

In interviewing William Pickens III, a resident of Sag Harbor Hills Community (SANS) Mr. Pickens who ancestry is that of liberated slaves, who were among the first people to come to the New World. They sailed from England and arrived in Oyster Bay in 1670. We spoke with Mr. Pickens and asked him what was different about the murder of George Floyd and what made this protest different than other activities and other protest in the past? Mr. Pickens responded with the “sheer brutality that the officer snuffed out the life of George Floyd”; he went on to say that this protest in Bridgehampton was different because there were more white people than black people protesting, and “If white people don’t speak up nothing is going to change because they dominate the economy, politics and the history. If they are with us we’ve got a a shot and if they are not we don’t”

Young Protester, Bridgehampton, NY

I end with a quote from Willam Pickens III “Illuminate Love, Eliminate Hate”

Hamptons Mouthpiece: On The Other Side of Covid19

Can you see the future? It is daunting. I see a change in some privacy protections regarding Covid19 status. Pre or Post Covid19 infection certifications. A loss of some HIPAA protections in the guise of Public Health prerogatives. Let the lawsuits proceed! What will be the civil liberty concerns as this pandemic changes the social structures of our future. Before going into a restaurant will you have to show your Covid19 certification? When you enter a hospital or go to an Emergency Room, will your Covid19 status dictate which door you enter. As a Black man who understands the ramifications of bias, my experiences extend to the general public: will my Covid19 status determine my access to jobs, travel, opportunity. Will dating apps now reveal the Covid19 status of the prospective date?

I know this seems absurd on the face of it but you would be surprised what fear will do to a society (see the Red Scare period of our country’s history). If and when a vaccine is developed, will the anti-vaccine crowd be denied access to public schools upon refusing to use it. Will you be able to refuse the vaccine based on religious grounds? There are public health laws that allow the incarceration of individuals that pose a threat to the general public, will this happen here if an individual is presenting symptoms but refuses to self-isolate? Get used to proximity tracking of your travel in cities based on your Covid19 status. Our days of innocence are over. We will not be able to look down on the political decisions of the leadership of China in their authoritarian way of governance to control their populace. Can that happen here?  And be cautious America,  be on guard for the hardline, authoritarian political leaders who will want to control many aspects of your life based on your Covid19 status. Any excuse for power-grabbing is fair game in the post Covid-19 age.

Will Covid19ism become the new racism? Or will all this fade as we get accustomed to this new reality. Our norms will change, are changing already.

Handshakes are a thing of the past, doorknobs will disappear (who wants to touch those anymore?).  We will wash our hands more as a result which is a good thing and anyone entering our homes will be expected to wash their hands immediately (I suspect there will be a decrease in seasonal Influenza). We have to be alert to the possible erosions to our privacy and freedoms.  I am all for testing , but please maintain my privacy. I know that a balance will have to be found  to protect my individual privacy and the protection of the public and my neighbors.  I just want to give you some food for thought.

We continue to pray for your safe travels!

We can do this !!!