Hamptons: Studio 89 celebrates 6 years

I was sitting in Golden Pear having a cup of coffee and Rich Decker walks in dressed in workout attire to have breakfast. I started talking to him and asked what was new at Studio 89, he told me that he was celebrating his 6th year anniversary in April. It seems like it was just yesterday that he opened Studio 89, I was happy to hear this. I have a friend who lost over 100 pounds with Rich and his team, and has kept it off for nearly 3 years. Studio 89 is not just about loosing weight but developing a way of life.

Studio 89 is a boutique Private fitness facility, it is not a gym, you will not find machine-based workouts- the emphasis at Studio 89 is that you are the Machine. The focus is on Core, Agility, Flexibility, Strength Suspension and Gravity Training to give you The Ultimate One-on-One Training Experience. Your workouts are personalized to match your goals, and those who have worked out with Rich love his approach to training.

By using suspension, gravity, resistance and strength training without machines, your body actually becomes the machine. Rich Decker says.. “With all of our training techniques your core is engaged for every movement while you target every muscle in your body. You’ll work more efficiently yielding better results, faster.”

April 2015 will be Studio 89, 6th year anniversary and to CELEBRATE they are offering unlimited classes for just a dollar a day $365/annually.

Classes include: JustAbs, TRX, Spin, Power Pump, Power Sculpt, Stretch Core, Gentle Yoga, Les Milles Body Pump, Body Combat and Body Flow.studio89-4387

The spin classes are not for the masses, it is just you and 15 other cyclist moving and jamming to some great music. No need to bring shoes, they provide shoes & weights. The instructor has an opportunity to give you personal attention. This is how many of their classes are, small groups and individual instruction. If you are really focusing on training then Studio 89 is for you.

Click here for schedule, times and instructors

Now through April 30th all registries will be ENTERED TO WIN 2 FREE TRAINING SESSIONS with Rich Decker!!!! ($300 value)564382_281740151909186_1748110198_n

They offer a wide variety of One on One training tools including BodyWedge21,(invented by Studio 89 founder Rich Decker) Bosu’s half ball, Weighted Med Balls, Swiss Balls, Slide Board, Jump Ropes, Exer Tubes, Stability Discs, Boxing, Free Weights, Octane Ellipticals, Cybex Treadmills, Cybex Recumbent Bike , TRX Suspension System, and The EFI Gravity System. Rich Decker says All our tools require your body to be The Machine and ensure that you stabilize every move with your core.”studio89-4514

Studio 89 is located @ Clay Pit Rd is off of Bridgehampton Turnpike
right at Estia’s Restaurant onto Clay Pit Rd.


Outdoor will open as soon as there is a break in the weather.


Hamptons Wellness:Fix the Foot and Fix the Rest of the Body
The IET team attended a course back in May that would expand our knowledge and ability to help our clients more then we would have imagined all through natural 3D movement techniques. That course was level 1 and 2 Anatomy in Motion (AiM). The 2 weekends each consisted of hands on training and knowledge that included a greater understating in human movement anatomically, 3D stretching, gait phasing and how to get the body to find its center with a return of full mobility. What your feet do or more specifically don’t do affects your movement all the way up to your head!

All 4 of us walked away after the first night blown away with amazement! Hands down this is one of the best courses I have taken and learned from. Gary Ward, the founder of AiM was an awesome instructor along with Chris Sritharan, David Mc Gettigan, Karen Lacey and Robert Kavanagh who were all are very knowledgeable and were there for us to learn but really grasp and understand the information presented.

I look at the body in a totally different way…starting with the foot! That’s right- look down and take a good look at your feet…think of all the work they do for you each and every day. Think of all the injuries you have ever had and how your body has been able to adjust to keep you out of pain…good chance it all leads back to your feet! And if they didn’t start the problem, they can fix the problem!IMG_5914-e1410215067764

Most of us are living with some kind of body ache or pain, of course all on different scales. Our bodies are natural compensators, so when we have an injury to the body it will naturally find a different route to still allow you to be functional and move…the body is amazing!!! BUT over time when your body keeps acting in a compensatory state real pain and injuries are going to occur. That’s where we start looking at the body and asking the question; “What is your body not able to do? Or why is it not moving properly?”

AiM taught us to look at the body as a whole but starting with the foot. If your foot is locked up and isn’t able to do what its suppose to, through all our gait phases, then the rest of our joints up the body aren’t going to be able to do what they are suppose to do…chain reaction…thus in turn a compensation pattern and over time pain.

We have been seeing instant results with our clients when using the AiM techniques. By giving support to the foot and showing the foot that it can do what its been avoiding (that could be supinating, pronating, inverting, everting, just to name a few examples) the brain will perceive it can do the movement its been shifting you away from. By using foam wedges and putting your foot into the position its avoiding, the brain perceives its touching the floor and doing what its been not able to do, while moving thru a 3D stretch… that way when you go and walk the brain has the perception that the foot can do what we just “showed it”.

AiM has been a great addition we have added to our toolbox here at IET. Its helping our clients get out of pain, move better and get stronger! Like I said, the past 3 months we have seen instant results with our clients, from the youngest 9yrs old to our oldest 84yrs old. The body can heal itself! Looking at it as a whole from the foot up to the head, we understand what it needs thus show it that it can do it!!!

Move Better ~ Feel Better ~ Perform Better

Hamptons Fitness…Get Fit with Zumba Hamptons, Lets Zumba with Oscar Gonzalez.

1486666_630706660298607_536062817_nWow, I have seen the videos, heard all the hoopla about ZUMBA but I have never taken a class. I had a feeling that I would like it, but for whatever reason I have never made the time to take a class. My friend Katherine asked me if I was up for traveling to WestHampton to take a Zumba Class with  Oscar Gonzalez of Zumba Hamptons and to be truthful if she had not picked me up I may have reverted to my incredibly lazy ways and stayed home. Katherine was not allowing me to back out this morning and she picked me up at 745am promptly. I was nervous because I have not worked out in weeks and laziness was taking over my body, I guess I just thought by some insane miracle the pounds would miraculously disappear. I actually convinced myself that I was loosing weight sitting on my couch, but then reality sunk in and I knew that there was no avoiding the truth, the pounds were presenting themselves and it wasn’t pretty, it was time to take the plunge and do something. We arrived at the class early, it was a 45 minute drive to Westhampton from Sag Harbor, no traffic, not bad.


We walked in to what I am told is a new place for Zumba Hamptons, a nice large space with full mirrors, ahhh no hiding from the truth. I was greeted by Oscar and Denise his manager. Oscar was dressed is some vibrant, energetic colors and I had a feeling that this class was going to be fun. FUN IT WAS…I was tired, my legs hurt and I truly thought I would pass out, but  the music was great and his energy was contagious. Oscar had me doing some moves that I did not think my body could do. I started to really get into the groove of the class 20 minutes in and mentally told myself you can do this. Feeling relaxed and comfortable moving my body, I felt sexy as I was shaking my booty, moving my hips and attempting to twerk…I have to say that did not look sexy….Katherine however is an expert at twerking

DSC_4698Overall, this is by far one of the BEST workouts I have participated in. It was engaging, even-though it was a hard class but it was easy to follow. Oscar  was in my face but not in an aggressive or intrusive way,  rather a fun and hilarious way. Once I relaxed and stopped over thinking the movements, I was able to enjoy myself and realized these were dance steps I knew. This was a total body workout and many of my muscles were focused on. I thought for sure my muscles would be sore, but they were not, I was very energetic after the class. Oscar offers Zumba Fitness Parties, so this might be something to do with my friends here in Sag Harbor…

I totally recommend Zumba with Oscar, it really is an experience. Attending every Saturday will be a challenge but possibly  2x a month is doable. Oscar also teaches the INSANITY CLASS, he invited me to stay for that class at 130pm, but I asked him if he was trying to kill me? Not there yet Oscar, let me do a couple more Zumba classes then I will be able to do that class, everything in moderation for me. Contact Oscar to reserve your space at one of his very popular classes…516-521-7256 or visit his Website…click here

Check out this video one of Oscar’s Zumba classes, amazing how someone has this much energy……He is even better in person.

Hamptons Wellness: Injury Prevention in Young Athletes..The core is the key

Young athletes are at great risk for injury. All parents, coaches and the young athletes themselves must become aware of these facts. Our children are very competitive. Some of them will become involved in team sports and excel. Kids that take part in one sport are more at risk for repetitive motion injuries as well as kids who engage in many sports who do not rest sufficiently between sporting events and training routines. Putting a proper routine of care into place, such as by having sports cryotherapy or other forms of physio, is vital. Appropriate nutrition is a key to injury prevention too. Unfortunately, some will get injured early and never be able to participate in sports again. This is a missed opportunity that does not have to happen.

However, it’s important to remain positive even if your child is injured in sports. An injury does not always mean they can’t return to what they love. Often, things like back injuries such as spondylolisthesis can be incredibly daunting and seemingly the possible end to participation in sports. This particular back injury is very common for the competitive kids out there who are putting maximum effort into their sports. Nevertheless, places like Medical City Kids Orthopedics are able to treat such injuries and hopefully, have them back doing the things they love in the minimum recovery time possible.

This discussion is not only about the best young athletes. The risk of injury is present in everyone who participates in sports no matter his or her age so having knowledge of a podiatrist kansas city, or somewhere more local to you, in the back of your mind can only reassure you that help is available should you ever need it. However, it is important to recommend sports participation early in our lives because it sets us up to remain healthy throughout our lives. Improved cardiovascular and muscular-skeletal development and maintenance, leads to sustained cognitive function, as we get older. So participation in sports when we are young is a leading indicator of a healthy life.IET-indoor

This begs the question; how do we prevent injury? We are all familiar with the terms Rehab or rehabilitation. This is usually the course of action after an injury has occurred. As such, many athletes tend to seek out a professional who specializes in the area of Sports Rehabilitation. Some of these therapists can be found at somewhere like Luna, and can be contacted when you want to get your recovery back on track. And when an injury is concerned, the timing of their rehabilitation has to be right. I suggest that for our young athletes, we become familiar with PREHAB. Why not prepare the body for the rigors of exercise and sports by specifically targeting the training and exercise routines necessary to prevent injury?

Many of our young athletes train improperly. This is not an indictment of our team coaches or trainers but recognition of the limited time and resources they have to address the needs of all the athletes they have to manage, especially at the Middle and High School levels. It is well known in the area of sports medicine that the development of the core and core training, exercise and strengthening is very important to the prevention of injury in young athletes.

I have a daughter who is an athlete and has aspirations of becoming an elite athlete in track. She has been injured before with a strained Achilles tendon. This injury impaired her ability to run and she lost time on the field as a result. This year, we sought to help reduce her risk of injury by investigating where we could get her trained and strengthened and we discovered IET, Integrated Exercise Therapy in Bridgehampton. We learned that some of her field hockey teammates had been participating at this facility and were excelling in their sport and we figured, what the heck, lets give it a try.

When we got there, Andrew and Molly greeted us and then very quickly started an evaluation of Allura’s flexibility, strength and core weaknesses. The video that we are presenting shows one segment of that evaluation. We were amazed at how quickly IET identified risks for injury and developed a structured, progressive PREHAB routine for Allura to follow.

We can only suggest that any parent of a young athlete pay close attention to the risks of injury in their kids. It is amazing how frequently injury occurs with young athletes and the costs associated with health care and rehabilitation after the fact; not to mention problems that may arise as a result of growth plate abnormalities and subsequent life long impacts.IET_NHB_7592

Our kids are participating in organized sports teams; football, basketball, baseball, field hockey, track, soccer and volleyball as well as skateboarding. Injuries are going to happen. We have chosen to seek additional sports therapy outside of her normal work-out routine with her team to help Allura reduce her injury risks by improving her physical strength and flexibility. Whether you choose IET or another method for reducing the risk of injury in your young athlete, do not hesitate in getting started as soon as possible. Lost time in the athlete’s sporting life as a result of injury can be prevented. The Core is the Key!

For more on this topic:

photos and video by Kurt Leggard…

DWTS Louis van Amstel brings LaBlast to the Hamptons…Are you a Dancing with Stars Fan? Do you wish you could dance like the pro’s or even be taught by one of these gifted dancers? Here is your chance….”Dancing with the Stars” acclaimed pro, Louis van Amstel, will be in Southampton to help raise funds and awareness for the newly formed Southampton Hamptons Dancers AARP Community Group. The 9 time Dance Champion will hold an exclusive VIP Meet & Greet with a mini Latin Dance Class at the centrally located Southampton Inn on Hill St. on Tuesday, November 12th from 6:30 pm to 8 pm. If you are unable to attend these classes but still want to get fit with dancing, you can alternatively check out DivaDance online to see how you can get your dancing going.Louis_LaBlast_Ad_2-2 copy
My friends I tried this Youtube workout and WOW does it get your heart beating fast, I was amazed how quickly I picked up the steps, I think Louis is a great teacher and I am looking forward to meeting him in person. I do think this is a workout that would work for me and I am anxious to take this class.

Wednesday, November 13th, the “Dancing with the Stars” delight will be introducing his new fitness Sensation “LaBlast”to the Twin Forks. This exciting new fitness program is based on the hottest Latin American & Ballroom Dance moves, but takes the concepts of Zumba to the next phase! The moves are quick & easy to learn and cam be adjusted by intensity to work for the new beginner or the voracious expert.. The new “LaBlast” as well as a Latin American Dance Class and several Private Lessons will be held at the Arthur Murray Dance Center at 425 County Rd. 39A in Southampton.

LaBlast is an exciting new dance fitness program created by World Dance Champion, coach, choreographer, Dancing with the Stars fan favorite and fitness expert, Louis van Amstel. LaBlast is a fun-filled, high energy dance fitness class that will both challenge and inspire people of all ages and fitness levels, while dancing to a wide variety of music. Types of dance include:

  • Cha Cha
  • Disco
  • Jive
  • Salsa
  • Lindy Hop
  • Merengue
  • Paso Doble
  • Quick Step
  • Samba
  • Hustle
  • Viennese Waltz
Finally, The Master instructor will be holding “LaBlast” Certification Class on Thursday, November 13th from 11am to 7 pm for the very first time on Long Island. Any Dance, Health and/or Education Professional in the Tristate area is invited to join the class to become a “LaBlast” trainer.
Information about the VIP Meet & Greet, LaBlast, Latin Class enrollment can be found at www.HamptonsAARP.otg
Any information about the Trainer Certification should connect with “laBlast” directly at