Happy Father’s Day to all of the Incredible Dads…

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Happy Father’s Day to all of the Incredible Dads…I would  first like to say Happy Father’s day to all the Dad’s who are AWESOME Dads…many many men are unaware how to be a dad and miss out on critical years in their children life. I was blessed  to have met my husband, he exemplifies what a dad is. He is kind, loving, a strong disciplinarian, funny, childish, and affectionate dad. He is the dad that I wanted growing up, he never judges and loves unconditional. He communicates with our girls and subsequently they are so open with him about everything and never uncomfortable approaching any topic with him. He challenges their minds and makes them work to their full potential, there is no slacking in our home. Our girls are who they are today because of both of us.

Fathers Day is so much more than buying a gift, however if you must then make it mean something, it should say I was thinking about you and thought that you would like and appreciate this small token of my love for you. A Father’s day gift does not need to be grand or expensive, parents don’t expect that or require it. The reason why men never have the same drama with other men like women have with other women is because they keep it simple and stupid….This is the same philosophy that should be used when buying that gift for your Dad, Brother, Friend or Husband….SIMPLE & STUPID….Do you notice that commercials for men are always simple, stupid and funny…..they like that, it appeals to them….
Here are a few idea’s if you are in the Hamptons this weekend:KHL_1632

  1. I love the Kite and Toy Store in Sag Harbor..Kites of the Harbor, they have some of the funniest and unique items that I am sure a dad would love….
  2. Some Dads love video games: try the Game Stop in Bridgehampton
  3. Dads love sports try Olympia Sports in Bridgehampton or Gubbins in East Hampton or Southampton
  4. How about getting dad something for his bike: Many bike shops in every town
  5. Kayat tour for you and Dad…call Amagansett Beach & Bike see if you could buy a gift certificate
  6. Dads love Pizza…How about a gift certificate to a local Pizza Shop
  7. TJMaxx in Bridgehampton always has really great gift ideas for Dads: trying sticking to simple, funny and stupid…I promise you it will be a hit with dad
  8. bag of oreo cookies and Milk

Some websites for other crazy ideas:

I personally think dads just want to be appreciated for the day, a card, breakfast and spending time with the one he loves..

I am sure many of the restaurants will be open to accommodate for Father’s Day….I think we might venture out to dinner to see a movie and eat out today, with dad paying of course…..

I wish you all a great Day!!!

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