Jeffrey Thayer

Browsing, NY: February is American Heart Month but more than love is in the air. This year be good to your heart on Valentine’s Day, and give it some much needed exercise. A healthy heart is one of the most profound benefits of exercise and volumes of research now show that even a mild amount of daily activity can reduce your risk of heart attack, stroke and many other diseases and conditions. As you and your valentine consider the years you’ll be spending together in loving bless, consider that heart disease is the number one killer of men AND WOMEN in the U.S. So before you indulge in that box of chocolates or decadent dinner with your sweetie, plan for what’s really important, a healthy heart and a healthy life together.





Contributor: Jeffrey Thayer – JT, is a certified personal trainer with ACSM and ACE as well as a TPI certified Golf Fitness Instructor. JT is also a tennis and sports conditioning specialist.