Hamptons MouthPiece Readers…I would love all of my Hamptons friends to take a look at THNKR PRODIGY on YOUTUBE series and short movie about a look at a young Hamptons friend and cook, Greg Grossman’s starting at Ross School and working around the Hamptons, his first event at 12 at Vered Gallery!
7+-22-2012+chefs+garden+f+and+wine+shots+119-1Greg started his understanding of food, philanthropy and how the world fit together from the beginning of time at his incredible years as a student at ROSS SCHOOL, Instilled his love of always giving back and of supporting our local farms and vendors. In his 4th year at VeggieU Food & Wine in Ohio, a family farm who celebrated their 10th year of placing organic farming kits and educational packages (and worms and veggies) in over 3,000 public schools around the US Greg joins the 100’s of amazing chefs who give of themselves to help children learn about farming and eating healthy.
And he is also proud to be a part of Dr. Joanne Ruthsatz’ of OSU Prodigy Autism study, and Dr. James Watsonstralight+997-1 of Cold Spring Harbor Lab leading the DNA study. Greg cooked this summer in Southampton at private benefits for Joanne and the Southampton Arts Festival as Culinary director to raise money for this research and to bring classical masters to children and families in the Hamptons. With almost 1in 88 children born with an autism spectrum disorder, Dr. Ruthsatz is so close to finding an important key and Greg is thrilled to be part of her program. See 60 minutes math prodigy, Jake one of Joannes prodigies is autistic but graduation college at 14.
Having started his interest in the culinary arts at such a young age with a lot of his inspiration coming from being at Ross School where as you know he was so honored to be awarded the Martha Stewart Scholar Award at Club Starlight gala when he was just 13 appearing on Today Show, Neil Cavuto etc.
Then last year cooking the winning Kung Pao chicken when Times Square was turned into China Kitchen DSC_0320_2-1Stadium for 2 days when NTD TV hosted a benefit gala for the 10th anniversary of 9/11 for the NY Sergeants Benevolent Association and Citi Meals on Wheels. Again Greg’s interest and so many friends from many Asian countries has special significance as his 5 years of Mandarin Chinese at Ross School led him to his incredible interest in Thai, Malaysian and all forms of Chinese cookery. Many Hampton friends attended.
Greg has been doing so much lately and has just recently been filmed as part of the Google THNKR “Prodigy’ Series on You Tube as an extraordinary teen.
A short film about his love of food and doing a tasting for a restaurant with his consulting company. Though Greg is finishing HS at the Professional children’s School in NYC, specifically there to support students with careers, where he and the most incredibly talented students work their schooling around full time careers in the arts, sports, equestrians (like Reed Kessler who made it to the Olympics), known by all at the Hampton Classic , business owners, etc. They are able to pursue their careers while advisors support them and make sure they are getting their work done. Greg has been able to continue his work and his love of food and get a great HS education in NYC. We look forward to seeing young Greg at Hamptons fund-raising events this next summer!
Even living in NYC, Greg still finds himself back in the Hamptons. “It is the place I grew up and where I will always consider my home and I am so happy to be back helping support special charities and seeing my friends”
7+-22-2012+chefs+garden+f+and+wine+shots+111-1Greg currently works with Southampton Arts Festival and Dr. Ruthsatz prodigy/autism study all while going to school and running a business back in the Hamptons. Greg is an amazing young man, talented chef, very kind, approachable and a joy to his parents. I say to Greg, if you have time my family is more than happy to be some tasters for you, feel free to come and take over my kitchen ANY DAY….
Hamptons Mouthpiece readers…be on the look out for this up and coming Chef….This is the 1st of many more spotlight articles on people of interest in the Hamptons.

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Southampton, NY: A delightful Lunch at 75 Main..Greetings Hamptons Mouthpiece Readers...The first day of Fall is this weekend and I am so happy because it is absolutely my favorite season. I personally think that Fall has the BEST FASHIONS…the boots, the shoes, the jackets…I just bought a beautiful pair of boots that are not only fashionable but comfortable so I am a winner…This week I had the pleasure to dine at 75 Main Restaurant in Southampton, NY for lunch. My daughter Allura and I went there for lunch on Tuesday because she was out of school for the day. I have been to this restaurant many times but under different ownership and different chefs. I had heard many different reviews from friends and I thought it was time I reviewed for myself and who better to have tag along but my super food critic my 12 year FOODIE….It was a breezy, rainy day and so we decided to sit inside, we were seated in the front by the open windows so we could still experience sitting outside minus getting wet. The place has a nice open feel to it, with a semi-casual touch. You will find the Socialite, the Movie Star or a Family vacationing with their kids playing a card game as they wait for their meals to arrive. I decided that I wanted something light and refreshing for lunch and Allura went all in and ordered a meal fit for a king…Anyone that knows her…understands her healthy appetite, I just do not know where she stores this food.
I ordered the Lobster Salad that included endive, basil, tomato, avocado, lemon and olive oil and Allura ordered the Marinated Skirt Steak that included crispy onion strings, broccoli & Mashed Potatoes…. I really enjoyed my Lobster salad, the Lobster was so good, the endive had a nice bitter taste not overwhelming and a nice crispy crunch to it, the basil and lemon gave it a delightful refreshing taste. It was perfect for a nice summer lunch, a sense of feeling full and not stuffed. Allura really loved the mashed potatoes, they tasted homemade with just the right amount of butter and milk, the crispy onion strings were divine, the skirt steak was satisfying, amazing she could eat such a heavy meal for lunch and still be hungry a couple of hours later. The Broccoli was fresh but the fatal flaw for my daughter was that it was touching the potatoes and although she loves broccoli she would not eat it, presentation is huge especially for a visual child like mine.DSC00810

Of course dining with Allura we can NEVER leave a restaurant without having dessert, she of course is 12 and loves dessert, but who doesn’t! Our waiter recommended the Creme Brûlée and we went with his suggestion and I ordered a cappuccino. WOW….it was so delicious..crispy on the top and cold in the middle, melted in our mouths…We will be back for just that dessert.

The Cappuccino was delightful and possibly one of the best cappuccino’s I have tasted in the Hamptons.DSC00811

Overall we had a nice dining experience, the food was good and our service was very attentive. I am sure we will be back again.This restaurant serves, Breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner. They are moderately priced.

Address: 75 Main Street, Southampton, NY 11968
Phone: 631-283-7575

Business Hours:Restaurant: 7 days a week 8:00 am to midnight

Breakfast, brunch lunch: 11:00am to 4:30pm Monday to Friday, and 10:00am to 4:30pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

Dinner: 4:30pm till 10:30pm Sunday to Thursday, and 4:30pm till 11:00pm on Fridays and Saturdays.
Lounge: Friday and Saturday 10:30pm to 4:00am


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Sotto Sopra….A Pleasant Dining Experience…..Greeting Hamptons MouthPiece Readers… Hope all of you are doing well…This has been a very relaxing summer Living Life how I want to live it…not by how other people think you should…Live, Laugh and Love are 3 words that I live by.  I have worked for various Media organizations and recently I worked for an online publication that typically did Food Write-ups.. They would write glowing reviews for any restaurant regardless of how the food tasted because of the fear that if you wrote something negative that restaurant would not spend any advertising dollars with you.
I really do not care and I am not in the business of destroying anyone’s life dream but I also am not in the business of sugar coating the truth. I have taken the stand that I will only write about restaurants that I really liked. I let others bring the negative as I only will bring the positive. If I don’t like it then I won’t talk about it, I want you my readers to know that what I write is my absolutely and VERY honest opinion. You can feel confident that I am speaking from the heart, but realize that this is my opinion and you may think differently.
This week I had the pleasure of visiting a new restaurant in Amagansett called Sotto Sopra…an Italian Cuisine located on MainSotto Sopra Street that once housed Exile Restaurant. My friend Cindy and I dined there on Tuesday, August 14th for dinner. I liked that parking was accessible and that was a welcome. When you walk in the bar is at the front with the doors open, the tables to dine are further back, I liked that the bar is far enough away from the dining area but still close. I also liked that the place is not to spacious, rather intimate, but don’t expect to have a private conversation, tables are a little close to each other. Our hostess greeted us so warm and friendly it immediately made us feel comfortable. We were asked if we would prefer to sit inside of outside, we sat outside because the weather was so pleasant. The lights were slightly dimmed but not to dimmed where you could not see your food and more impressive were the lights on the table for those who really do like a well lit table to see the food.
The outside was like a secret little garden beautifully manicured and so casually fit for a dinner out with the family.  Our waiter was very knowledgeable and quite attentive, but not smothering and that was appreciated. We started with two of the house special appetizers…Sotto Sopra
I had the lump crab on Parmesan toast..drizzled with tarragon white wine butter sauce and Cindy had the chilled Melon soup….I loved the Lump Crab…it was so delectable, I can taste it in my mouth as I am writing at this moment. I personally did not care for the Melon soup but that is because I like hot soup and not chilled soup, but Cindy liked it.Sotto Sopra

For an entree I had the Swordfish and Cindy had the steak. I liked the swordfish it was pan-fried and flaky and very filling…I however LOVED the steak it was so succulent and juicy and I was so envious that Cindy ordered and I had not. I never order steak when I go out to eat because I rarely eat red meat, but I will definitely be back just to order the steak. The waiter came over to remove our finished dishes I think secretly Cindy wanted to clean her plate…OMG it was just that good. Rose Evangelista the owner stopped by to chat with us and tell us some preliminary plans for the Fall and winter season. She told us that the restaurant will be open year-round for dinner during the week and lunch on the weekends. Rose indicated that the restaurant would be hosting a weekly Mah-Jongg dinner. Apparently Mah-Jongg is a new trend played among women…The game is played with a set of 136 tiles based on Chinese characters and symbols, although some regional variations use a different number of tiles.Sotto Sopra

I look forward to seeing what new and exciting things Rose will bring to the restaurant after the summer. I trust that this will be one of the happening spots in the off season because Rose was so exuberant and her passion is so infectious. Sotto Sopra

We of course had to end the evening with dessert for the full dining experience. Our waiter memorized the dessert menu and I was completely sold on the 21 layer crepe cake which is an Italian dessert and Cindy had the chocolate ice cream with chucks of chocolate. I was so anxious to taste my dessert I drove in before I could take the picture. It was delicious and highly recommended.

Sotto SopraWe had a very nice evening, the food was delicious the service was wonderful and the atmosphere was comfortable. The price range is moderately expensive. I look forward to returning in the Fall, maybe on a Mah-jongg night. I have never played the game and I would like to experience this new trend.
As always, Hamptons Mouthpiece keeping you in the know!

smtot-bloodGreetings Hamptons Mouthpiece Readers….my goal is to keep you in the know with what’s happening in the Hamptons, new business in the Hamptons, and new products you can find in the Hamptons.  Today I introduce a product to you that you can find in the Hamptons..DIRTY BLONDE Sparkling Wine Cocktails..

When I first heard of the name I could not imagine how they would taste and I admit I was definitely skeptical and somewhat leery to take the plunge and taste. I finally had the opportunity to taste this delicious blended bubbly white wine with effervescent fruit infusions.  Both Kurt and I decided to have a mid-morning cocktail today and we were pleasantly surprised on how good they were. We tasted both the Raspberry Flirtini and the Blood Orange Mimosa…we both preferred the Blood Orange Mimosa, although the Raspberry was good if you like raspberry. These cocktails come in 3 flavors with the last flavor being Peach Passion Bellini. You can choose to drink it with a straw as pictured above, I however prefer my cocktail to be poured in a glass.

This drink is definitely going to be the featured drink at my next Girls Night Out…It’s fun, flirty and yummy. These clear, sleek bottles with simple screw caps are ideal to grab and go. This drink does contain 12% alcohol…so make sure you drink responsible. IMG_0782

You can find Dirty Blonde at any Target store and selected retailers throughout the Hamptons…I was able to find them at Race Lane Liquors..21 Race Lane  East Hampton, (631) 324-4595…..Perfect Hamptons summer Breeze!
As Always Hamptons Mouthpiece keeping you in the know!!!

Greetings, Hamptons Mouthpiece readers, Whether you’re driving to the Hamptons from Harlem or you live here full time you really must check out Georgica on Thursday nights for Lobster & Music featuring Paul Mahos & New Life Crisis or Mean Machine. This past Thursday my friends Laura, Minerva, HC and I had dinner there and I wanted to share my experience with you. Do you remember when it was Saracen and it was the place to be for an older demographic to go and party on a Saturday night? A couple of years ago it changed owners and the name was changed to Georgica Restaurant & Lounge.

 When the doors first opened 2 years ago the food was fabulous and the party scene was the place to be on a Saturday night…happy to say that has not changed, Saturday night in the summer is happening.  My friend Laura and I had dinner there and walked away saying the food was absolutely amazing and could not wait to return for another meal unfortunately last year was a bit disappointing the appetizers like the signature “rock shrimp” was delicious but everything else was not as appetizing as it was the year before. I am pleased to announce this year 2012….WOW…my friends and I  were super impressed with the food, it was delicious and we are already planning another girls night out there. Make sure you make reservations I predict this place will be jammed pack every night especially on Thursday nights….

We started our evening with the house Sangaria at the bar…UNBELIEVABLY DELICIOUS, I think it’s the plums and watermelon that make the difference…highly recommend….then we were seated for dinner and my first compliment goes out to our server…she was warm, friendly, attentive and not over-bearing. We started with appetizers, we ordered the signature dish “Rock Shrimp”, Scallops, Lobster Riscotto and Tuna Tartare….Everything was divine and I always gage how the rest of the meal is going to be based on the appetizers. They did not disappoint. Our 2nd course we decided to all order the Surf and Turf special for the evening….3 of us ordered just the SURF and Laura ordered the SURF & TURF….

The course  started with either a Loster bisque or the House Salad….I had the soup and I was so impressed, they brought out a bowl with the lobster and then proceeded to pour in the broth….WOW it was heavenly…The ladies had the House salad, it was very fresh and enjoyable….take a look. The lobster was succulent, mouthwatering  and steamed to perfection, the butter sauce was very light and pleasant, the French fries were AMAZING…skinny fries were well-seasoned with added Parmesan Cheese was the topping on the cake…..Laura said her steak was tender and savory.

We were all so full we could hardly move, but I did want to have the entire experience so I ordered the Blueberry Cheesecake for dessert and we all shared. It was detectable, it really did not taste like cheesecake. It was very light, included fresh blueberries and it literally melted in your mouth. I love cheesecake that is not heavy and does not leave a bitter taste in your mouth and this ranks on the top of my list for best desserts in the Hamptons…

The evening was complete because I was with 3 of my best friends and New life Crisis was the entertainment for the evening. I love this band they sing everything… Hamptons Mouthpiece readers I had a very enjoyable evening at Georgica and I highly recommend this place be on your list of places to eat this summer. I place them in the moderately expensive category but definitely worthy of the price…Hope to see you there one Thursday evening….I think I might be back celebrating my birthday there on July 26th….

As always Hamptons MouthPiece keeping you in the know!!! Take a listen to New Life Crisis…