cuddyThe Hamptons BEST and Favorite Lobster Roll 2013...Greetings Hamptons Mouthpiece Readers 2 new restaurants have joined the ranks of offering Lobster Rolls and it is a dirty job but someone has to do it, I had to venture out to do a Lobster tasting for this update because they both bragged about being the BEST. I decided to visit these 2 restaurants both in Sag Harbor  “CUDDY” and “MADISON & MAIN” to taste their Lobster Rolls to determine if they would make the list…Did they stand up next to my other favorites that once again this year would be serving a Hamptons summer favorite. They did and each one was completely different than the other, my personal favorite was Cuddy because the Lobster was succulent and I loved the creativity of spices used, I also loved the fries, but my daughter loved Madison & Maine it was more traditional and she loved the big fries; it was very good and worthy of making my list but I was not a fan of the bread.
Lobster rolls are a favorite of mine but not everyone makes a good one. I am not a real fan of mayonnaise so I like a Lobster Roll with very little mayo…Everything must be just right, the lobster, the right amount of celery, the bread…In my quest to find the BEST, I had to go on a tasting journey…Since I was unable to visit every place tasting Lobster Rolls I reached out to my friends for their favorites…Out of the 10 I have personally tasted 8…All of these places were given amazing reviews on YELP, Google and my Foodie Friends. Sag Harbor is home to over 22 different places to eat, with nearly 5 places that you can get a Lobster roll, this year 4 have made the list.
  1. Lunch, Montauk
  2. The Lobster Roll, Amagansett
  3. The Cuddy, Sag Harbor* 
  4. The Corner Bar, Sag Harbor (special note: very little mayo)
  5. The Seafood Shop, Wainscott
  6. Canal Café, Hampton Bays
  7. John Scott’s Surf Shack, West Hampton Beach
  8. Bay Burger, Sag Harbor
  9. The Fish Farm, Amagansett, NY 
  10. Madison & Main, Sag Harbor * 
madisonandmainSpecial Note* New restaurants
I want to hear from you Hamptons MouthPiece Readers.….let me know what your taste buds say, who is the Hamptons Best.…..The one thing I know for sure is you will enjoy at least one of these places…Happy Lobster time this Summer.

New services in the Hamptons…Who needs to stand on long lines at the Grocery store this summer…Look who has entered the market for in-store pick-up and home delivery service  along with Fresh Direct and Peapod 

KING KULLEN: Now Available at the Bridgehampton Store…Experience the most convenient online grocery shopping on Long Island with King Kullen’s Shop OnLine service, with pickup and delivery available to Bridgehampton, East Hampton, North Haven, Sag Harbor, Sagaponack, Southampton, Wainscott and Watermill. Simply place your order online, and pick it up later at King Kullen supermarket in Bridgehampton.  You can also have your groceries delivered straight to your home, fresh from the Bridgehampton Location.

Order Pick-up Hours
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Thursday-Saturday 9a-10pm
orders must be places online a minimum of 4 hours before desired pick up time
Home Delivery Hours:
Sunday 10am-4pm
Monday- Friday 11a-7pm
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$5 processing fee for all orders, 
Additional Home Deliver Fee ($40 minimum order for delivery) 631-414-1260

(Sag Harbor,NY) Avoid the Wait..text your order…Greetings Hamptons Mouthpiece readers...if Bagel Buoy is a favorite of yours you will love this new service they are now providing. Bagel Buoy is stepping up and  utilizing technology to set them apart from competition here in the East End. Everyone has a cell phone so why not tap into text marketing. Instead of  waiting on a very long line on the weekends in the summer, you can now text your order. Very Cool….


As always Hamptons Mouthpiece keeps you in the know!


What is new in Sag Harbor 2013? Greetings Hamptons Mouthpiece readers…wow it is hard to believe that in 24 more days the start of the 2013 summer season will officially begin and the energy will become electrifying here in the Hamptons. Did you know that Sag Harbor village was home to over 20 places to eat? I do believe Sag Harbor has the most restaurants on Main Street than any other town in the Hamptons.

Sag Harbor lost two favorite restaurants at the end of 2012 PHAO and Paradise, but they gained 2 NEW Restaurants this year…Madison & Main and The Cuddy both are located on Main Street.

outside bldgMADISON & MAIN is owned by Chef Eric Miller and Michael Gluckman…Madison and Main Restaurant is located on Sag Harbor’s Main St, formerly the Paradise Cafe. Madison and Main’s co-owners, Michael Gluckman, notorious Hamptons restauranteur and Eric Miller of Food & Co. are a fantastic dynamic duo for this Hamptons hotspot. Classic American Style Cuisine Restaurant and Bar Service with on and off premise catering.  I love the look and vibe to this restaurant, the doors in the front open up and the bar scene reminds me of the Bobby Vans look in Bridgehampton.

On those warm summer nights, if you get there early you can sit outside and enjoy a cool summer breeze. The signature drink for the summer is the Watermelon Martini and I really loved the crab cakes, so delicious.

crab cake
Crab cakes @ Madison & Main

Lunch is served starting at 1130am Monday-Sunday, try the Shrimp BLT, it’s delicious. M-F  5-7pm is Happy Hour with $5 beer, wine, Watermelon Martini’s and appetizers. I really like the Watermelon Martini’s, a perfect choice for a warm summer evening.

lobster roll
Lobster roll @ Cuddy

THE CUDDY.…Formally known as PHAO…same executive staff Jeffrey Resnick, Tora & Jesse Matsuoka..I had an opportunity to sit and talk with Jesse the day before they opened in Early April to chat with him about why they decided to close Phao and re-open with an American Cuisine. I asked Jesse what will make Cuddy different than restaurants in Sag Harbor and  he indicated Quality*Value* and Consistency. Many restaurants in the Hamptons focus only on the summer season but Cuddy is interested in focusing on the year-round customer.

The restaurant will be open year-round serving a Rustic American cuisine. Phao was a product that people enjoyed but did not necessarily love it. The Cuddy has a Rustic American theme  which is home-cooked food you would not necessarily cook at home, not because you can’t but it might be to timing consuming to prepare.  Gil Chico is the executive Chef who is also the executive chef at Sen and has been with the company for 3 years. The Beverage Director is Derrick Neilsen who has been with the company for  5-6 years. I am excited that Cuddy will be bringing some exciting new food events to Sag Harbor, like wine pairing dinners.

Cuddy has indicated that they are handing over their entertainment hat to others in the area and are looking to only focus on the food, starting with dinner first then gradually introducing Lunch and during the summer season Breakfast. There will be late night Bar Scene…I have not eaten at The Cuddy yet but I am looking forward to having the burger and the Lobster Roll I hear they are amazing. Lets see if they will make my list for best burger and Lobster roll in the Hamptons this year.

These two restaurants have been very busy since they both opened with a full house each night, so make sure you make your reservations early. Madison & Main is bringing the fun back to Sag Harbor with they’re Happening Bar scene, so do not be surprised if it is hard to get a seat at the bar.

If you find you cannot get a seat for dinner at these two places, there are so many really good restaurants in town, Page, American Hotel, Muse, LT Burger, Dockside, The Beacon, Sen, The Corner Bar, B’ Smith’s, Il Capuccino, Tutto Il Giorno

Looking forward to seeing you in the Harbor this summer…There are some new store openings in town, so take a walk down Main Street and check them out. Black Swan Antiques has just opened a new location in Sag Harbor…

capriBLT Steak coming to the Capri in Southampton NY this summer...Greetings Hamptons Mouthpiece readers…Watch out palm Restaurant there’s going to be a new steakhouse coming to the Hamptons. Get ready you steak loving fans NYC posh and upscale steakhouse is coming to the Hamptons this summer at taking over Nobu’s space at the Capri in Southampton, NY. Yelp gives this restaurant 4 stars and over 300 reviewers love it, but be ready to dish out some serious cash for what some say is fantastic. I do not eat red meat, but I am looking forward to trying some other delicious items on the menu. BLT Steak

Rumors have been swirling about who would take over the former Nobu space in Southampton.  Jimmy Haber is in final negotiations with Steve Kamali to take over the space, which has indoor and outdoor seating, and transform it into a BLT Steak.

blt-steak-pic1The 110 seat restaurant will have poolside service and hopes to be serving by Memorial Day at The Capri Hotel on 281 County Road in Southampton.