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Live from Mercedes-Benz Fashion week Spring 2014...Greetings Hamptons Mouthpiece Readers I brought you  the Fall Fashion live from the Walkway at Mercedes-Benz Fashion week in February 2013, once again I am bringing you spring 2014 Fashions …streaming video live from Fashion Week this week in NYC. It is still summer by all accounts, and yet the Fashion industry has fast forwarded to Spring & Summer 2014.

Can’t travel into NYC to be part of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in NYC, no worries Hamptons Mouthpiece brings it to you live in the comfort of your home.  I am really looking forward to seeing what’s going to be trending next year. I just love Fashion…Don’t you?  Drop me a message on who’s your favorite designer  and which show did you really like.

Mouthpiece Style of the Day: Black Chic.. This is for the ladies like me who love black ! My friends tell me all the time that I look like I am going to a funeral. What they don’t understand is how black is not just a color, it is a STATEMENT! If you are attending an early dinner or a birthday celebration, duplicate this outfit.tumblr_mp7mofQbcS1qd0ss1o1_500

Try the French Braid. Celebrities are always wearing this hairstyles to the biggest award shows and premieres. Try this out and be one of them 🙂

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“Hamptons Style” Mouthpiece Style of the Day: How to Wear Prints…Prints can be very ,very scary. Things like too much or not enough can play a big part in what is being tried. No more fear Mouthpiecers, your fashion consultant is HERE. Prints can really help spice up an outfit. The key to matching is not to wear all the colors or the color you see the most. The key is grabbing that small color and bringing it out. Check out these outfits and try them out.

Remember, Prints are your friend. Be nice to them and they will be nice to you 🙂Prints are your friend1

 One print needed. The mistake that happens the most is using too much print. Either pants or top NOT both.Prints are your friend 3

Prints are your friend 2

Hamptons Style” Mouthpiece Style of the Day: How to Wear Stripes.. When it comes to stripes choosing what to pair it with can be hard. Stripes are very fashionable and also help with giving the person the right curves in the right places. The key to wearing stripes is to always keep in mind that “less is more”. If you are wearing stripes, wear only one item of stripes. It can either be a top, bottom, bag or shoes. Need some ideas? Check out these two outfits below.