kitty2Greetings Hamptons Mouthpiece Readers…I have decided to start a column called Random Rants. It is about things that tick me off. If you would like to contribute to this column you are welcomed to do so.

My issue today is about BULLIES….I HATE BULLIES..I hate bullies in school, in the work place, driving, politics, anywhere..When I am encountered with a bully I will immediately take action against the bully and be prepared to fight the fight. This for me includes my family, a cause, a wrong doing a policy, but I am also aware that I cannot fight everything so I will need to choose my battles. I know a bully when I see a bully and I think most people do to as well. (see this article “Effort to fight Bullying”..written by Claire Walla

We owe it to our children to show them that they can confront life. There will be many test, what they call trials and tribulations. This is where we lead by example. If we show our children that we are afraid to confront the bullies either privately or publicly then our children will be afraid to, but we need to show them how to do it through non-violent means. To often through our inaction we give our children messages that they shouldn’t act. We have to show them that inaction in the face of bad behavior is a recipe for continued bad behavior. They have to STEP UP! Now we can choose to show them through our actions or our words, but we have to show them. Sometimes it is ok to avoid problems and that may be the better course, the better part of valor; but when cornered and you can neither go left or right or back, then they have to face their fears and go forward. You let the chips fall where they may. We have to teach our children to go forward, we have to teach our children to NEVER BE AFRAID. 


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