Nothing calms a baby like a Mother’s Loving Touch

For the past four years, Lauren Piccirillo has poured her heart and soul into a special project called Shop kids’ shorts, tees, swimwear, sneakers, sandals and sundresses at NORDSTROM. Plus, get free shipping on every order.“>Baby Soothe, Mother’s Touch™. Lauren has teased us about it on social media, but now the secret is finally out!! Lauren is very proud to unveil her first mom invented innovative Shop NORDSTROM for cute, cool kids’ summer essentials.“>baby product to the world — a revolutionary, patent-pending infant massaging device that mimics a mother’s gentle touch to naturally soothe crying babies. She says she know you will love it as much as she does!! Check it out: Baby rockers and bouncers have been used for years to soothe a crying or over-energetic baby, if you’re wanting to read a review of the 12 best baby bouncers available, you might want to have a look into best for mums.

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Mother’s Touch™


Baby Soothe, Mother’s Touch™ is a revolutionary patent-pending infant massaging device that easily calms a crying Shop NORDSTROM for cute, cool kids’ summer essentials.“>baby. Through innovative massaging “fingers” that simulate mother’s affectionate touch, babies instantly feel nurtured and comforted. This baby gadget facilitates a peaceful environment for both parent and child. Perfect for on-the-go, multi-tasking parents who need a little extra help, and an extra boost for things like sleep training with the Ferber method, or parents’ preferred method.


  • Mimics Mother’s Gentle Massaging Touch: The only device to simulate a Mother’s circular clockwise massaging motion, to naturally soothe a crying, fussy baby.
  • Safety First: The device has numerous safety features, including an Auto Shut-off feature if baby rolls on top of the device.
  • User-Friendly: Two clips are attached to the device that easily fasten to a baby’s onesie or blanket.
  • 100% Drug-Free: The device massages teething, colicky, or fussy babies due to separation anxiety or sleep issues. Use a drug-free solution to naturally ease baby’s discomfort.
  • Portable: Perfect for on-the-go parents. Drop the gadget in your pocket or bag, and you can soothe your baby anywhere!
  • No More Guilt: Parents can relax a little now knowing baby is calm and not crying.
  • Facilitates A Peaceful, Stress-Free Environment: Baby is calm and soothed; therefore, Mothers and Fathers are more relaxed as well.


  • Sleek, Aesthetically Beautiful Design: Function that is rivaled by a minimal form; beautiful because of its elegant simplicity.
  • You Will Want To Show Off Your Baby Soothe, Mother’s Touch: Parents everywhere will be asking about your new Baby Soothe, Mother’s Touch device, and where you got it!

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