UPDATE 2015: Nichols Restaurant is closed..Updates coming soon!

UPDATE 2014….3 Burger places have been removed from this list for several reasons: this list was originally published in 2012, Barristers my favorite Burger place in the Hamptons closed in 2013, Madison & Main (Sag Harbor) closed their doors 12/2013. I will be on the search for 3 more places in the Hamptons that make the BEST burgers….
Best Burgers in the Hamptons….Who doesn’t love a list…when you are searching for things on the Internet, you might type in search BEST THIS or BEST THAT…..So with that in mind this year every week I will be posting about the Best Restaurants, Best burgers, Best Lobster Rolls, Best Drinks, Best beaches, Best shopping, best movies…BEST, BEST, BEST in the Hamptons…

Top 10 Restaurants in the Hamptons who make the Best Burgers in the Hamptons..no particular order
  1. Southampton Publick House: Southampton
  2.  Rowdy Hall: East Hampton
  3. East Hampton Grill: East Hampton
  4. 1770 House: East Hampton
  5. Corner Bar: Sag Harbor
  6. Big Bity Burger: WestHampton Beach


My personal favorite was Barristers in Southampton…I loved the burgers here, and when you order make sure you get the sautéed onions and cheddar cheese….mmmmmmm DELICIOUS! Who will take their place as my all time favorite NUMBER#1 Burger Place in the Hamptons. 
As always, Hamptons Mouthpiece keeping you in the know with the Hamptons Best!!!

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