2014 Hamptons Designer Showhouse is still Open until Labor Day
There are 2 more weeks left to see the 2014 Hamptons Designer Showhouse…if you are looking for something to do in the Hamptons.
I had the pleasure to tour the 2014 Hamptons Designer Showhouse on the opening day, and I was very pleased. Every room was cohesive with a theme that seemed to be comfort, warm and inviting. I felt the warmth of each room I visited and most of the designers did an extremely wonderful job at making their rooms look like actual people would live in the house. I ran into the lovely and talented designer Libby Langdon, and we chatted about the house and whats new at Libby Langdon Interiors. Congratulations Libby on the Libby Langdon line be picked up by Walmart.

I loved majority of the rooms in this year’s Showhouse, but my favorites were The Great Room, designer: Patrik Lönn Design
The Living Room: Lillian August Furnishings + Design
Bedroom II: Phoebe Howard
Lower level Lounge: Loria Design Group

This is a must see if you live in the Hamptons or if you are visiting the Hamptons this month. The 2014 House was built by Paramount Custom Homes and the 2014 designers were:
Allison Hennessy Design
The Alpha Workshops
Anne Tarasoff Interiors
Bakes and Kropp
Caleb Anderson Design
Ciuffo Cabinetry
Delrose Design Group
Elsa R. Soyars Interiors
Eva Art & Design Inc.
Gil Walsh Interiors
Greg McKenzie Design
Henry & Co Design
India Hicks
Kate Singer Home
Katie Leede and Compan
Lillian August Furnishings + Design
Loria Design Group
Lucille Khornak Photography
Mabley Handler Interior Design
Mark Borghi Fine Art
Mark Humphrey Gallery
Mecox Design Services
Melanie Roy Design, LLC
Patrik Lönn Design
Phoebe Howard
The Rinfret Group
Tobi Fairley & Associates

The 2014 Hampton Designer Showhouse Presented by Traditional Home, Benefiting the Southampton Hospital: located at: 408 Pauls Lane, Bridgehampton, New York
Open Daily Monday-Sunday until September 1st 11am-5pm
Admission is $35 and includes a Journal.
Tickets may be purchased at the door or may be purchased in advance.
No admission 30 minutes before closing.
No strollers, infants, children under 6, or pets are admitted.
House built by Paramount Homes of the Hamptons, Inc.

Sag Harbor Community Rowing Open House and New Member Orientation/Registration on Saturday, June 14
Sag Harbor, NY- Sag Harbor Community Rowing announced today that they will be holding an Open House and New Member Orientation on Saturday June 14 from 9:30am to 11:30am their rowing facility at Cove Park in Sag Harbor. Cove Park is located off Redwoods Road next to Jerry’s Marina and across from WLNG Radio.
This event is free and open to all. There will be mini, “learn to row”  clinics and on water demonstrations. Registration forms for camp and seasonal membership will be accepted at this time.
Instructors will be on hand to answer questions and tour the facility.
For more information please go to , call 631-553-1112 or email
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About Sag Harbor Community Rowing

Our Goal is to make rowing accessible to all residents of Sag Harbor and the surrounding communities and promote the sport of rowing.  We will provide rowing opportunities for local schools and recreational programs, help them develop their own competitive rowing programs and offer seasonal programs for children and adults.

Sag Harbor Community Rowing is a not-for -profit organization 501C-3 and a member of the United States Rowing Association.

Sag Harbor Community Rowing was founded in 2008 by a group of rowing enthusiasts looking to expand their horizons and meet new people who shared a love for the sport.  Interest has been phenomenal and we hope to have many members joining us for training and clinics. The mission of Sag Harbor Community Rowing is to promote the safe practice of the sport, and we offer participants the opportunity to challenge themselves.  Everyone is welcome to join the adventure!
To learn more about Sag Harbor Community Rowing and this Open House please contact:
Lee Oldak, Director, Sag Harbor Community Rowing
PO Box 1769
Sag Harbor NY 11963
Phone 631-553-1112

Update 5/23/2014

Planning to head out to the Hamptons for the unofficial start of summer? Leave the car behind and let the Long Island Rail Road take you there. Popular Cannonball (East) express train from Penn Station to the Hamptons in 95 minutes. Last year it was 94 minutes…Spring/Summer season service begins Friday, May 23, departing Penn at 4:06 p.m. with its two-car Hamptons Reserve Service already sold out.

FARES: $33.00-$19.75….CLICK HERE for more information: LIRR FARE INFORMATION

*NOTE: You cannot pick-up the CannonBall from Jamaica Station, YOU CAN ONLY PICK-UP FROM PENN STATION…

LIRR New Non-Stop Service to the Hamptons in 95 minutes

Greetings Hamptons Mouthpiece Readers LIRR will Operate First Non-Stop Service from Manhattan to Hamptons. The famous ‘Cannonball’ Will Run Express from Penn Station to Westhampton in 94 Minutes starting May 24th, 2013.


Starting Memorial Day weekend May 24, 2013 and blast off again every week through the Labor Day weekend  the LIRR will add a new non-stop Cannonball train from Penn Station to West Hampton in 94 minutes and make stops in Southampton, Bridgehampton, East Hampton, and Montauk . New Yorkers looking for the fastest and most direct way to the Hamptons on summer Friday afternoons will find their dream ride leaving Penn Station aboard the Long Island Rail Road’s re-launched ‘Cannonball’ train, which will depart from Manhattan for the first time in LIRR history.

That’s a one-seat, $27 ride from Midtown to Montauk with the reserved seating available for an extra charge – a reserved seat and wait staff to pamper you – for an extra charge.

The Cannonball will depart every Friday from Penn Station at 4:07 PM as a peak train, arriving in Westhampton by 5:41 PM, covering 76 miles in just one hour and 34 minutes. Then on Sunday evenings, the LIRR also will introduce the Cannonball (West), bringing customers back from Montauk to Penn Station, including a nonstop run from Westhampton to Jamaica and then on to Penn.

The new service is set to launch on Friday, May 24th, so for those of you who have long asked for a one-seat ride from Penn Station to the Hamptons and they have listened.  This move eliminates the need to change trains with baggage at Jamaica.”

On Sundays, the LIRR will introduce return Cannonball (West) service, leaving Montauk at 6:37 PM, East Hampton at 7:01 PM, Bridgehampton at 7:10 PM, Southampton at 7:20 PM, Hampton Bays at 7:31 PM and Westhampton at 7:39 PM. The train will then run express to Jamaica, arriving at 9:09 PM and complete its journey at Penn Station, arriving at 9:31 PM. Customers also will be able to reserve seats for an extra fee on the westbound Cannonball via the Hamptons Reserve service.

Customers are urged to consider buying roundtrip reserved tickets to ensure a seat on this popular train. To help achieve an on-time departure, Cannonball customers also are urged to arrive early at Penn Station and give themselves extra time to board. The LIRR reserves the right to restrict the number of standees on the Cannonball trains in order to maintain safety standards. Luggage also must be placed properly under seats or on overhead racks to avoid blocking doors, aisles and exits.

Customers can find new Montauk timetables at terminals and at stations along the branch as well as the MTA website or by calling 511, the New York State Travel Information Line and saying “LIRR” If you are deaf or hard of hearing, use your preferred relay service provider on the free 711 relay to reach the LIRR at 511.

5 Very Easy Landscaping Tips For Homeowners…If you are a small or medium sized home owner when the time comes to sell your home one of the things that plays a big role in the price you get is a good looking curb. A good curb will in fact help to invite buyers that said landscaping efforts do not pay as much as interior upgrades. But because many home owners have already spent thousands of dollars on their interior already, they may want to aim to improve the exterior of their home and make it a lot more appealing, after all the first impression is always had from the outside by potential buyers. The good news is if you have already had some landscaping done by a really good professional a few months or a year back you don’t need to spend a whole lot. Below are a few very easy tips that any homeowner can follow through to ensure a great looking curb or yard.

Make it a point to remove debris daily

You never want your yard to look as if it takes a lot of work to maintain or clear up. So, one of the easiest things you can do to maintain the look and feel of your previous landscaping efforts is to rake the grass, clear all the pine needles and broken branches and leaves. When you have a yard which is full of leaves it just shows that the new owners will need to work a lot to clean it up and can for some be a huge deal breaker.

Everything should be trimmed to give the so called just planted look

All your bushes and trees should be trimmed neatly. This just has to be done once in two months but will help to give everything a fresh look or groomed appearance. Trim the shrubs and make sure to wash the branches and leaves of your trees if it hasn’t rained for a while to make everything look clean. Plus trimming branches and shrubs is important because it allows for much natural light to enter into the window which may be blocked by extended branches.

Add a bit of color each year

Most people overlook the effect that a bit of color can have on the surroundings of their home i.e. their landscape. Even though the landscapers may have planted a number of plants when you hired them a while back your landscape needs fresh colors every year, and this means adding a few new pots. Around 15 to 20 of these pots is all you will need and are fairly inexpensive, just buy any easy growing blooming plants. Just keep simple and steer clear from buying plants that look overly complicated to handle. Plants like pansies and impatiens is all you will need depending on what season you’re buying. The person at the nursery should be able to point out a few seasonal plants which are blooming. You can also try alternating colors. You can choose the long blooming types too so that your efforts will last the whole season.

Top off your flower beds

Part of your landscaping effort should be to refresh all of your flower beds with clean mulch and then re-edge them for a very clean look. This is the classic way to enhance the appeal of your curb not to mention the fact that it will make it difficult for weeds to grow. So, you don’t have to worry about weeds at the very least. If you are living in an area which is known to be invaded by termites then you will want to push the wood mulch away from your home. Some other choices of mulch include pine needles, bark, pea gravel and torn hardwood mulch.

Make your grass green

One of the things that will really boost your landscaping efforts is to have green grass according to Posh Services which is one of the leading landscaping experts in Australia. If your grass looks dull and dry or you see brown patches you need to act right away. The best and quickest fix is to use turf paint. The results are immediate and they last extremely long not to mention affordable. These are commonly used on golf courses in order to maintain a perfect green throughout the year. You can add luster and color without damaging your grass.

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Mark is one of the leading DIY gardening experts in Australia. A botanist by profession he found that landscaping was his calling. However, after mastering the art of landscaping and using his creative skills around the company he decided to also help regular home owners. He does this via a series of blog posts and books.

Hamptons Home & DesignFreshen up your Space with a burst of Energy

There’s no better time than spring to freshen up your space and give it a much needed burst of energy. Decor expert Trish Johnston shares some of this year’s top trends for spring with this cheerful living room vignette.

Freshen up your space with a burst of energy


Ombre Wall The fashion and beauty world have used Ombre for a while now it has worked its way into the world of decor. This ombre wall treatment gives the room a subtle hit of color and interest. Create your own Ombré Wall simply by doing it yourself. To see how to create your own Ombré Painting Technique..[button color=”yellow” link=”” target=”_blank” font=”tahoma” align=”right”]CLICK HERE[/button]

Estimated time: 1 day
Cost: under $100

Inky Blue

Inky blue seems to be trending as  the new black for spring. This is a great color because it works well to anchor a space and is easier to work with than black.

Inky Blue is the new black for Spring
Bold Colors

Another quick and affordable way to give your room a Spring look is to add some bold colors. Try mixing bold colors and vibrant hues it is a great way to add energy to a room. Have fun playing with colour. Mixing a variety of bold colors can give you a very bohemian look. Take a look at these new bold, vibrant pillows for the Spring. If you are on a budget Target and Pier 1 usually have an assortment of vibrant pillows.

Add Bold Colors gives Energy to a room
Consider dual purpose furniture for your space. Garden stools are a great example of seating that works well indoors and outdoors. Avoid matching sets; mixing textures adds interest and sophistication to a room.Indoor/Outdoor Furniture…
Quatrefoil Garden Stool Robins Egg Blue
Spartan Daybed Cushion
My friends all of these simple tips to Freshen up your Space with a burst of Energy can be done for under $100 if you are creative and you do it yourself. To get the Ombre affect, take a trip to the Home Depot, Lowes or your neighborhood paint store, pillows range in price depending on your budget. If you are on a budget for outdoor furniture, Target has a nice selection of furniture or you can try your luck at the many yard sales/estate sales that take place in the Hamptons starting in early May.