Hamptons Middle School Kids making a difference…..Greetings Hamptons Mouthpiece Readers…I typically do not re-post Press Releases that  I receive, but this one has touched my heart and I felt the need to share it with all of you…We often hear so many negative things Middle School kids are doing, it is a welcome change to hear about the positive things Middle school kids are doing….I commend Jason Cofield one of the owners at Evolution Fitness in Southampton, NY for bringing these young girls idea to life and supporting them with their Dream…It is my hope that the community will come out to support them on Saturday, May 12th 12 noon- 3pm…The Zumba™-thon is open to the public and is $25 per adult and $10 per child.  Evolution Fitness is located at 33 Hill Street in the Village of Southampton
Press Release sent by Evolution Fitness….

Southampton Intermediate School Students Aim to Change the World, One Student at a Time, By Hosting a Zumba™-thon to Raise Funds for a Community Scholarship Program for Local Kids

Southampton, New York-May 07, 2012:  Southampton Intermediate School seventh graders Noelle Capone and Coco Ramgopal along with fifth-grader Asia Cofield are hosting a fundraising Zumba™-thon at Southampton’s Evolution Fitness on Saturday, May 12th from 12 noon until 3pm.Zumba thon
The proceeds from this inaugural event, created by Capone, Ramgopal and Cofield will help establish a scholarship fund for local children under the auspices of EvoFit Challenge (501c3 pending) run by Jason Cofield at Evolution Fitness.
“The girls came to me with an idea to help local kids fulfill their dreams,” said Mr. Cofield.  “I think what they are doing is incredible.”
Noelle Capone, the scholarship’s first recipient will use a portion of the funds raised to participate in the People to People Ambassador program as a delegate.  Capone will travel to Europe this summer with fellow Suffolk County Delegates.  “The People to People Program offers Noelle an extraordinary, life-changing educational opportunity.  By learning to bridge cultural and political borders through education and exchange , I am counting on her to use this experience to make the world a better place for future generations,” Mr. Cofield added.“But this event doesn’t just benefit Noelle,” 12 year old Coco Ramgopal said.  “It benefits all of us with dreams or those of us who might need a little extra help for an educational program or health challenge.” “We want to get the whole community involved in changing the world,” added fifth grader Asia Cofield.  “We know that we can do this by helping our peers fulfill their dreams.”
The Zumba™-thon is open to the public and is $25 per adult and $10 per child.  Evolution Fitness is located at 33 Hill Street in the Village of Southampton.  Please call Jason at 631-488-4252 for more information, to reserve your space or make a donation.
About Evolution Fitness: Evolution Fitness is the brainchild of two Southampton High School alumni, Jason Cofield of the Shinnecock Indian Nation and Scott Wilson of Southampton. The two made a pact in their senior year of 1986 to one day own a local business together. The original idea was to be Real Estate tycoons, but that changed to nightclub owners, then gym owners, which is where the dream, 25 years in the making, finally came to fruition.
“The goal of Evolution Fitness is self-conquest. The fitness industry is constantly evolving… what’s old is new and what’s new is Evolution,” says Evolution co-owner Jason Cofield. “We offer the best of the best in every facet of fitness to stay ahead of the fitness curve and become a premier agent in the fitness industry.” Jason has 20 years’ experience in the fitness industry as a personal trainer and gym manager at some of the largest fitness facilities in the world. Following service in the U.S. Air Force, where he began power-lifting, Jason attended Minot State University in North Dakota, as a corporate fitness major, with a minor in coaching.
About People To People:  Launched in 1956 by President Dwight D. Eisenhower. People to People Ambassador Programs has served as People to People International’s global educational travel provider, organizing and promoting opportunities for bridging cultural and political borders through direct interaction, unparalleled access, and unique experiences.
Today, People to People Ambassador Programs travels to every continent on the globe and offers programs for students, educators, and professionals, including: Student Ambassador Programs — International educational opportunities for students in grades 5-12 and Leadership Programs — Leadership development and college preparation opportunities for students in grades 5-12.
For more information please contact…Contact: Jason Cofield**
or call 631-488-4252
Passivity is an Rx for DISASTER!
Greetings Hamptons Mouthpiece Readers…Being Passive is a recipe for disaster when it comes to your heath…You are your own best advocate. Your doctor is your conduit for getting you the care that you need. They are not the B-all or the End-all of your medical care. They are many times only the start of your journey to wellness. Primary care physicians should be utilized as consultants providing you with sometimes only the preliminary information and recommendations that you need to become healthy. Although primary care physicians have many of the answers that you may be seeking to address health care issues you should always act as your own advocate and do your due diligence prior to any visit to see your physician.
I wanted to share my story with all of you regarding an illness that I have apparently had for the last 3 years. For the last 3 years I have been experiencing hair loss, heart palpitations, tired bulging eyes, blurriness, exhaustion, weight gain, inability to loose weight, hot flashes, cold flashes, anxiety and other symptoms that would come and go. For the last 3 years I have thought that I was loosing my mind because I would have many blood tests, stress test and each time everything would be normal, so I felt that my doctor thought I was a hypochondriac.
Last year my thyroid was checked and it was not exactly normal but my doctor was not alarmed and felt no need to pursue but he wanted to watch it, since my symptoms were so parallel to pre-menopause. There was a chance that I was experiencing pre-menopause, it made sense to me since many of my friends were going through this. It was suggested that I start some hormonal treatment, but I decided against it because the difference between my friends and I was that my periods were normal, like clock-work always on-time and always ended on-time. I wanted to investigate if this was something else. I started doing a process of elimination search with food and noticed that when I ate spicy food, drank wine in the evening I would experience hot flashes, so I was convinced that I was suffering pre-menopause because that is what the Internet was telling me. When I eliminated those items from my diet it was interesting that I did not experience the hot flashes, but I was still experiencing the other symptoms. In the meantime I was driving Kurt and my daughters crazy. In December 2011, I woke up in the morning with a huge lump on my jaw, I knew that it was not my tooth because I had no tooth pain and it was painful…I was really nervous and immediately scheduled an appointment to see the doctor for a physical examination. I had some blood work done and my thyroid test were the same as they were in 2011, 2010, 2009…concern..I was the same exact weight that I was in all 3 years, even though I changed my diet, eliminated alcohol and started exercising, and I was now experiencing cold flashes. My doctor finally suggested I see an endocrinologist to see if there was more to these symptoms. I immediately scheduled an appointment with a doctor that my friends in my social media network suggested. It was now 2 weeks later and I was finally going to see Dr. Feiner, I was anxious, but I was always anxious and hyper. Dr. Feiner came in and looked at my blood test he said you have “Graves Disease” but to be sure I want you to have an uptake test and more blood work. It would have been normal for me to be alarmed and scared but I was just the opposite, I was relieved…there was a name for what I was going through and not my imagination. At that moment I felt like a heavy burden had been lifted and I was confident that I was going to get better. I knew nothing about Graves Disease but I was told that it was not life threatening if treated with medication.
He went on the explain Grave Disease “is an autoimmune disease where the thyroid is overactive, producing an excessive amount of thyroid hormone. This is caused by thyroid autoantibodies  that activate the TSH-receptor, thereby stimulating thyroid hormone synthesis and secretion, and thyroid growth (causing a diffusely enlarged goiter). The resulting state of hyperthyroidism can cause a dramatic constellation of neuropsychological and physical signs and symptoms. see this link for more information”’_disease
After several tests and waiting 3 long years I finally have a diagnosis and I am currently being treated. For the first time in 3 years I feel amazing. I have so much energy, I am exercising, reading, dancing, sleeping through the night. I am overall a better person, and I feel like I have a new lease on life. Now to work off all these pounds that have been extremely hard to get rid of for the last 3 years. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), thyroid diseases have the second-highest prevalence among all endocrine disorders, right behind diabetes mellitus. Over 665 million people suffer from endemic goitre or other thyroid diseases worldwide; 1.5 billion people are at risk for developing an iodine-deficient condition. Statistical data show that the annual increment in the number of thyroid disease cases is 5 %.
MouthPiece Readers I sincerely hope this story reaches one of you, maybe If I read something like this 3 years ago I would not have suffered for so long…Remember only YOU know when you are not well, do not allow anyone to make you think everything is ok when you know it’s not…As always Hamptons MouthPiece…keeping you in the know..feel free to join my Facebook support group…Thyroid Support group

Lyme Disease..Are you a victim?….Greetings Hamptons MouthPiece readers….bringing you information you may not be aware of…Today’s topic is Lyme Disease…Many of friends have been victims of Lyme disease and 2 years ago I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease…I was very ill for many weeks and really thought that I was loosing my mind because my doctor did not know what was wrong with me. Thinking back it would have seemed that doing a lyme test would have been the most logical call to action, unfortunately doctors hands are tied and many insurance agencies dictate which test can be administered. Since I did not complain about being bitten by a tick the test was not an immediate decision by my physician. I am not an exception to the rule there are thousands of people who are bitten by a tick and unaware of it. I am well now but not 100% better, I still feel some residual effects from the Lyme but I am very happy that I was finally diagnosed. Know this you have to be your own advocate and if you are not feeling well then 90% of time something is wrong…BE PERSISTENT and demand a test if your mind is telling you that it may be Lyme..

I bring to your attention this Special Documentary Screening on September 16th 2011 at 7pm.“UNDER OUR SKIN” a shocking, real-life thriller that exposes the controversy surrounding LYME disease by: documentary filmaker Andy Abrahams Wilson…
LTV Studio 3 Cinema, 75 Industrial Rd..Wainscot, NY ($15 tickets at the door)
Panel talk follows film with Dr. Joseph Burrascano renowned Lyme Disease specialist and Stacey Sobel, of Turn the Corner Foundation for Lyme research & education.

For more information check out the website….The Hamptons Take 2 documentary Film Festival will be November 18-20 and submission are now open…