Sag Harbor- Hamptons Art – Trinity – Christopher Engel Opening July 25th

“Trinity” – Recent Work Christopher Engel
Reception: Saturday, July 25, 5-6:30 PM
TRINITY runs from July 23 to August 13,2015

Christopher Engel’s newest work is inspired by a personal connection to the teachings and writings of CG Jung. At the age of fifteen, an apartment fire took away most of Engel’s possessions, forcing him to live in his parents New York City theater where he discovered the book “Man and His Symbols” by Jung. This experience set him on his path as an artist and as an art therapist.

courtesy Chistopher Engel
courtesy Chistopher Engel

Jung’s philosophy of the collective unconscious resonates throughout Engel’s work – a connection to the archetypal symbols of humanity, from our ancestors to our predecessors.

The title of his newest show at Romany Kramoris Gallery, comes from his painting “Trinity.” A memory of being in Washington Square Park as a child, observing three whimsical figures who seemed to have transcended time and were reminiscent of Medieval entertainers – jesters, magicians, musicians – is depicted in the foreground. The symbolism of the “trinity” has strong mystical and spiritual connotations in cultures throughout history and the world, including Buddhism, Hinduism, and Christian theology. These figures as well as those depicting other trios in Engel’s newest series – three kings, carnival performers, musicians – call to mind these cultural and spiritual icons.

Also included in this show is “City Shaman,” which calls to mind the Assyrian wall reliefs. We see the depiction of one figure embodying three beings, once again emphasizing the significance of the “trinity.”

Engel states, “My work attempts to capture images of the archetypal origins of myth and to draw the viewer into a connection and communication with ancient spirits, the metaphysical, the sacred, the holy, and the transcendent. These images portray the archetypal heroes and heroines that exist in the past, present and future all at the same moment. These images have appeared throughout history – in the first marks of our ancestors, on cave walls, on trees, in the sand – messages that though we are only passing through this life momentarily, we each are a part of something that never ends. I venture to record these images as a map for exploration – to show patterns, to chart the sub-conscious, to leave a record of this journey.”


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