Greetings Hamptons MouthPiece readers….there are many people in the Hamptons who have no health insurance or have really high deductibles and thus tend to not go to the doctor unless it is an absolute emergency. If you are waiting until it is an emergency then it might be a problem.
Friday, January 4th 2013 @ Most Trinity Church, Montauk
Time: 11am-2pm
Address: Most Holy Trinity church- school bldg**44 Meadow way, Montauk

Services being offered on this day:
* Free Glucose and Cholesterol Screening
* visual oral (dental) exams and dental hygiene instruction
* Blood Pressure checks
* Mammography and PAP smear appointments
* Colon-Rectal screening and application
* Health Insurance representatives/information
* Nutrition Educator
* Food Stamp applications/ information
* HEAP and Project Warmth information
* Stress relief circle
* Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) testing
* RETREAT services information
These services are offered by:
  • South Fork Health Initiative
  • East Hampton Healthcare Foundation
  • Southampton Hospital
For more information contact: * 631-329-2425

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