October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Young women CAN and DO get breast cancer. It is estimated that more than 250,000 women diagnosed with breast cancer at age 40 or younger are living in the U.S. today. While breast cancer in young women accounts for a small percentage of all breast cancer cases, the impact of the disease is significant.

Studies show that Advance Breast Cancer is becoming more common in younger women…New research finds almost a tripling of advanced or metastatic breast cancer among women ages 25 to 39 between 1976 and 2009. -Women with no history of breast cancer will not get their 1st Mammogram until age 40…Should these young women be encouraged to get mammograms earlier than 40 even if there is no family history of breast cancer?

The results are potentially worrisome because young women’s tumors tend to be more aggressive than older women’s, and they’re much less likely to get routine screening for the disease. In the United States, the incidence of breast cancer with distant involvement at diagnosis increased in W25-39-year-old women 1976- 2009. No other age group or extent-of-disease subgroup of the same age range had a similar increase. For 25- to 39-year-olds, there was an increased incidence in distant disease among all races and ethnicities evaluated, especially non-Hispanic white and African American, and this occurred in both metropolitan and nonmetropolitan areas. The incidence of women with estrogen receptor-positive subtypes increased more than for women with estrogen receptor-negative subtypes.

Go Red for February..National Heart Awareness Month

February is National Heart Awareness month and the color is RED…What does that mean GO RED? Although Red is the color of Valentine’s Day it is the celebration on women who have battled Heart disease, it is the color for bringing awareness to Heart Disease the #1 Killer among Women in the Nation. It is a very important cause for me because my mother has heart disease and it was very scary and continue to be scary. Heart disease is the leading cause of death and a major cause of disability in the United States. Nearly 600,000 Americans die of heart disease annually. This represents almost 25% of all deaths in the United States. To raise awareness of this disease, February has been recognized as “American Heart Month” since 1963.

go redThe U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) strongly recommends cholesterol screening for men aged 35 and older. For people who have a family history of early heart disease the USPSTF recommends cholesterol screening beginning at age 20 for both women and men. Health care providers can help patients evaluate their family histories to determine a screening approach that is best for them.

  • Heart Disease is the #1 Killer for women in the Nation.
  • 42 million women in the US have Heart disease
  • #1 Killer among African-American women
  • #1 killer among all Americans both men & women
  • 1 in 26 women die from Breast Cancer
  • 1 in 3 will die from heart disease

My mother’s life was saved twice once in 2005 and again in 2013 because she recognized the signs and went to see her doctor…What are some of the signs to recognize:

  1. Extreme Fatigue
  2. Shortness of Breath
  3. Light-headed
  4. Nausea
  5. Intense heart palpitations

If you are administering these symptoms seeks medical attention, better to be safe than sorry…This my friends is not just a disease that hits older white men. It can attack anyone at anytime at any age. There are some preventative actions you can do as well:

  1. Loose Weight
  2. Develop a Healthy Plan
  3. Exercise
  4. Snack through-out the day with healthy snacks
  5. drink plenty of Water
  6. Decrease sugar and Salt intake (Star Jones recommends Stevia, a natural sugar substitute)
  7. organize a 30 minute walk a day…Make it fun walk with friends

Take Control of your life Hamptons MouthPiece Readers….YOU CAN DO IT! 

Go Red for February..National Heart Awareness Month..for more information visit American Heart Association, http://www.heart.org/HEARTORG/

Easy ways to help fight heart disease…join National Wear Red Day! It’s easy. On Friday, February 7th, wear red and collect $5 donations from your friends/colleagues! They get a red dress pin and you can all feel good about supporting the fight against heart disease & stroke! I can sign you up to be your organization’s coordinator. Just email my friend Jessica.DiMeo@heart.org.

795,000 Americans face stroke each year, and the number of Americans living with stroke is expected to grow to 3.4 million by 2030. Despite many medical advances, there is still so much work to be done. That’s why we need Congress to make stroke research funding a priority this year. Our lives truly depend on it. http://spr.ly/6180xIL4

American Heart Association Quick & Easy Cookbook, 2nd Edition: More Than 200 Healthy Recipes You Can Make in Minutes

Hamptons Wellness: Drink more water: it’s the best thing you can do for your health!

Do you want to have more energy, clearer skin and fewer colds? Drink more water! Our bodies are 60% water. We are losing fluids constantly through sweat and urine. We need to continuously replenish the lost fluids in order for our organs to be working properly. Are you always tired? Is it hard to focus? You might be dehydrated: our brain is mostly water!

Just from the top of my head, the benefits of drinking enough water are:

  • It increases energy and relieves fatigue
  • It helps you lose weight
  • It flushes out toxins and reduces the risk of kidney stones and urinary tract infections
  • It moisturizes your skin and improves your complexion

  • It boosts immune system, helps prevent headaches and leg cramps

  • It helps you perform better in sports, build more muscle and prevent injury

Enough? Because I could go on! But I think that I convinced you…Drink more water: it’s the best thing you can do for your health!

Now, how much water do you need to drink to be adequately hydrated? I am sure you heard about 8X8 rule – 8 8-ounce glasses per day. Lately, I have been seeing this rule: divide your weight in pounds by 2 and drink that many ounces. If you weigh 140 lb, you should drink 70 oz of water per day. If you hate keeping track of ounces, just drink water every hour on the hour. Program your phone if you have to!

If drinking plain water is hard for you – and it is for some people – try making flavored homemade “Vitamin Water”:

  • take a nice large glass jar, add some sliced fruit (lemon, lime, orange, strawberries, watermelon etc in any combination)
  • some herbs (I like mint and basil) and even vegetables (cucumber is delicious).
  • Fill it with water, let steep for an hour and enjoy!

It is gorgeous and delicious. Another trick is to drink it through a straw – it involves different muscles and water bypasses the tongue this way; some people find it easier.


Drinking water is the easiest, cheapest and surest way to dramatically improve your health. I’ll drink to that!

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February is not just for celebrating Valentine’s Day but also Heart Disease Awareness. Heart disease kills more women than all forms of cancer combined. Wear Red. Raise Your Voice. Go Red on National Wear Red Day®

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