Hamptons Best: The 10 Best Bakeries in the Hamptons...Greetings Hamptons MouthPiece readers…I admit it…I have a sweet tooth…I love dessert, but unfortunately my hips are rebelling and that’s not good*However I do not always deprive myself, I just will indulge only once a week instead of everyday. I hate getting older, when I was younger I could eat a gallon of ice cream, donuts, cakes, cookies everyday and never gain a pound…The joy of getting older! There have been times when I am traveling and looking for a bakery and unable to find a good one, I thought I would make your search just a little easier. Typically when one is invited to someone’s home there are 3 things that a guest might bring *A Bottle of Wine **FlowersDessert

BEST Bakeries in the Hamptons 
Sag Harbor Baking Co. Sag Harbor, NY
Tate’s Bake Shop, Southampton, NY
Levian Bakery, Wainscott, NY
Blue Duck Bakery,  Southampton, NY 
Holey Moses Cheesecake, Westhampton Beach, NY 
Montauk Bake Shoppe, Montauk, NY  
Water Mill Cupcakes, Watermill, NY 
Beach Bakery Cafe, Westhampton Beach
Krieg’s Bakery, Hampton Bays, NY
Butta Cakes, Greenport, NY 

Hamptons Mouthpiece readers…go out and taste for yourself…let me know what you think, agree or disagree with my Hamptons Best picks…The 10 Best Bakeries in the Hamptons

When you visit New York City, you want to go somewhere that gives you the entire essence of the city. The bright lights, good people and a tasty drink here and there. You are looking for somewhere that says” Welcome to New York”. This place has been found.

photo credit
photo credit

Opened in 2012, the Haven Rooftop shows exactly what New York City is about. Filled with laughter and good times, the food is something to scream about. I had the joy of going and the experience was wonderful.

photo credit Haven rooftop NYC
photo credit Haven rooftop NYC

Starting with their signature Haven Mojito along with the smoking (literally) shrimp cocktail, I was pleased with the presentation and the taste. For the main course I enjoyed the Seafood linguine which included shrimp, muscles and scallops, the linguine is lightly tossed with a buttery sauce. This dish is to die for. 00-1

If you are looking for a fun spot to hang out with friends or a significant other, than this is the place to go!!

_DSC0002(Southampton, NY) Café Oso has a new Pastry chef.….Greetings Hamptons Mouthpiece readersCafé Oso@ the Southampton Inn has just reopened for the season and breakfast has been added. I visited on Saturday, June 1st and decided to go healthy so I ordered the Egg white omelet with spinach, mushroom and goat cheese. I was not sure about the goat cheese in the omelet, but boy am I happy I did not substitute for another cheese, it was the best choice. My palate was going crazy on each bite because the goat cheese added the right amount of salt to the omelet which gave it a special taste. It was a wonderful breakfast and definitely worthy of making the effort to drive there to eat. It was reasonably priced at $14.00 and it comes with toast & home fries.

Café Oso  has a new pastry chef who is _DSC0003famous for the grand Viennese dessert buffet and who will prepare delicious desserts as well as tea sandwiches, petit quiches and Parisian pastries. Pastry Chef Morgan Larsson @ Café OSO has the magic touch and I had the pleasure to be able to taste his delectable pastries yesterday at the Inn. YUMMY is all I can say. My personal favorite were the muffins and the Chocolate croissants…See for yourself, because a picture is worth a thousand words… _DSC0005

It’s a hard job but somebody had to taste these desserts and I took one for the team and volunteered myself. My mind was in Heaven but the rest of my body was screaming nooooooooooooo DON’T DO IT TO US…but how could I say no to the chef who had just displayed perfection. My friends these  were WICKED good. I am so happy that I do not live by the Inn. WOW is all I can say, Café Oso has a new Pastry chef..come see for yourself._DSC0009chocolaté croissants _DSC0011




 cuddyThe Hamptons BEST and Favorite Lobster Roll 2013...Greetings Hamptons Mouthpiece Readers 2 new restaurants have joined the ranks of offering Lobster Rolls and it is a dirty job but someone has to do it, I had to venture out to do a Lobster tasting for this update because they both bragged about being the BEST. I decided to visit these 2 restaurants both in Sag Harbor  “CUDDY” and “MADISON & MAIN” to taste their Lobster Rolls to determine if they would make the list…Did they stand up next to my other favorites that once again this year would be serving a Hamptons summer favorite. They did and each one was completely different than the other, my personal favorite was Cuddy because the Lobster was succulent and I loved the creativity of spices used, I also loved the fries, but my daughter loved Madison & Maine it was more traditional and she loved the big fries; it was very good and worthy of making my list but I was not a fan of the bread.
Lobster rolls are a favorite of mine but not everyone makes a good one. I am not a real fan of mayonnaise so I like a Lobster Roll with very little mayo…Everything must be just right, the lobster, the right amount of celery, the bread…In my quest to find the BEST, I had to go on a tasting journey…Since I was unable to visit every place tasting Lobster Rolls I reached out to my friends for their favorites…Out of the 10 I have personally tasted 8…All of these places were given amazing reviews on YELP, Google and my Foodie Friends. Sag Harbor is home to over 22 different places to eat, with nearly 5 places that you can get a Lobster roll, this year 4 have made the list.
  1. Lunch, Montauk
  2. The Lobster Roll, Amagansett
  3. The Cuddy, Sag Harbor* 
  4. The Corner Bar, Sag Harbor (special note: very little mayo)
  5. The Seafood Shop, Wainscott
  6. Canal Café, Hampton Bays
  7. John Scott’s Surf Shack, West Hampton Beach
  8. Bay Burger, Sag Harbor
  9. The Fish Farm, Amagansett, NY 
  10. Madison & Main, Sag Harbor * 
madisonandmainSpecial Note* New restaurants
I want to hear from you Hamptons MouthPiece Readers.….let me know what your taste buds say, who is the Hamptons Best.…..The one thing I know for sure is you will enjoy at least one of these places…Happy Lobster time this Summer.

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