Hamptons Designer Showhouse 2012, Design ideas for your Home…
0Hamptons Mouthpiece readers..Are you looking for design ideas for your home, look no further, you need to visit The Hamptons Designers Showhouse 2012 located in Watermill, NY. There were fabulous colors and textures, it was fantastic, you will get some ideas on how to design small to big spaces. I loved that many of the designers utilized local businesses here in the Hamptons.
There were 14 designers and each was assigned a room to design, some of those talented designers were Lillian August who designed the Great Room, The Lee W. Robinson Company who designed the Foyer, Mabley Handler Interior Design (Dining room), Old Town Crossing (Conservatory), Jennifer McConnell of Pearson Furniture (Great Suite), Robert Passal Interior & Architecture Design (Master BR), Tammy Connor Interior Design (BR 1), Katie Leede and Company (BR 2), Libby Interiors, Inc (Fun room), Audio command Systems Inc (Media room), Dyfari Interiors (Playroom), Lucille Khornak Photography (Lower level Hall), Jeff Lincoln Interiors, Inc (Rear deck) and Tara Seawright, Inc. Interior Design (Pool area).
The Hamptons Designer showhouse Foundation is in it’s twelfth year…they are operated by a unique and talented group of marketing, public relations, fundraising and special events experts. It is recognized as one of the country’s most successful showhouses. The event was presented by Traditional Home and for the last ten years the Showhouse has benefited the Southampton Hospital.
I absolutely loved this Modern Master Bath designed by Robert Passal Interior & Archetectural Design…I could definitely live in this room. I loved the shock of pink…the drapery and wall covering was so serene and soothing, the flooring by Stanton Carpet just completed the room.  Staton also supplied the flooring in the Nusery, Back Porch, Lounge on the Lower Level. You can find Stanton flooring at The Carpetman in Southampton
www.photographybykurt.netI ran into a woman that I really admire and I love her work, she is ridiculously talented and she was given the lower level “Fun Room”…The way she transformed this room was pure craft and creative. I loved how she used several pieces from English Country Antiques located in Southampton and Bridgehampton, NY. I am talking of no other than Libby Langdon... Check out this room on the lower level….many of the home furnishings were from Libby Interiors, Inc and the upholstery from Libby Langdon Upholstery for Braxton Culler.
www.photographybykurt.netI liked the Master Bedroom designed by Robert Passal Interior & Architectural Design, I guess because it’s modern and I really loved the vibrancy and exuberant  bright bold beautiful colors it made the room come alive. I am certainly no expert on design but I do know what I like and this is the kind of furniture that I would like in my bedroom. I like the bed not being pushed against a wall, gives the room character, and the green just pops and brings the room out. However those are my thoughts and my personal taste.
This was another one of my personal favorites…The Dining Room. I just love these colors..maybe it’s because they are the Tiffany colors…but nevertheless I think this room is just so charming and so warm. I could feel the passion that Mabley Handler put into this room. Yes this would be on the top of my list of rooms I must have…
The Hamptons Showhouse will be open Daily M-Sunday 7/22-9/3 11am-5pmshowhouse
This year’s Showhouse is located at:  80 Flying Point Road, Water Mill, NY [map]
Admission is $30 and includes a Journal.
Tickets may be purchased at the door or may be purchased in advance.
No admission 30 minutes before closing.
No strollers, infants, children under 6, or pets are admitted.
House built by Grande Design Residential Inc.
This house is on the market for sale at a whopping $5.395M* Emily J. Demone @ CorcoranYou can see more of the photos of this House at or click here for a direct link…  As always Hamptons Mouthpiece keeping you in the know!! Happy designing…Click Libby’s book for more design ideas for small spaces purchase on
Dacor Range

click this picture to purchase this range on


Greetings Hamptons MouthPiece Readers Home Invasions are on the Rise. Law enforcement has seen an increase in home invasions since 1995. According to F.B.I. reports every 12 seconds a home is invaded. More often than not the perpetrator enters by going right through the front or back door.

A home invasion is unlike a burglary. Burglaries usually take place during the day when no one is at home. The opposite is true for home invaders who typically strike at night or at a time when residents are home.
home-invasionThe following are a few tips that may help you prevent a home invasion.
  • Install a solid core door, strong heavy duty locks, and window security devices.
  • Keep all doors, windows, and garage doors locked.
  • Install a peephole and use it before opening the door. Make sure a porch light is to help you see clearly.
  • Never open the door to strangers or solicitors; never rely on a chain latch on your door.
  • Keep lights on when your home, never make it obvious that you’re home alone.
  • Install motion detection lights around the outside of your home.
  • Keep bushes trimmed around your home.
  • Discuss home security procedures with your family. Hold a family meeting.
  • Always call police if you suspect or feel uneasy with a stranger at your door or in the neighborhood.
Contributor: Robert Profert
R.P. Protection & Investigation is a full service private investigation / security co. 

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Looks like the East Hampton Studios in the Hamptons is going to be exciting on July 21st.  As always Hamptons Mouthpiece keeping you in the know and your resource guide to the Hamptons.
Greetings Hamptons MouthPiece readers…WHO PLAYS SOCCER? If your child is between ages 8-12 and likes Soccer…check this out…
JoinBrook and Sean Hartnett this summer at the Children’s Soccer Academy sponsored by Hamptons Youth Sports which will be soccer clinics in Sag Harbor.
Location: Sag Harbor Elementary Field
Date: July 7th – August 5th, (Sat & Sun)
Time: 8:45-10AM
All kids ages 8-12 are welcome. For more information and registration contact Daniel Brook Hartnett  @ 631-965-9073 or Alison Scanlon at  631-834-2215. Cost $100 for the 10 sessions or $10 for a drop in
reserve a spot by emailing
Some background information about these brothers; 

Brook Hartnett has played soccer since he was 6 years old. He played throughout high school as a starting wing midfielder and was the captain of his senior varsity team at Pierson High School in 2010. That team went to the Suffolk County championship play-offs . He was recruited for college soccer and chose to play for Drew University in Madison New Jersey this past year. Drew ranked 13th in the nation last year. Brook continues to play soccer and plans to continue his college soccer career. 

Sean Hartnett has played soccer since he was 6 years old. He played three years of varsity soccer as a starting defensive wingman and was captain of the Pierson Varsity soccer team in 2011, his senior year. He was awarded all-conference for excellent performance. He continues to play soccer and plans to continue his soccer career at SUNY Geneseo. 

Brook and Sean are 2 fine young men and they are both equally talented in the game of soccer. Looking for somethings for your kids to do this summer, take advantage of the Children’s Soccer Academy . If you live in the Hamptons year-round or you are here only in the summer and your child likes to run, wants to improve on their soccer game or they are considering joining the team in the fall, get a head start now with these clinics. As always if you want to know what’s really happening in the Hamptons…read Hamptons Mouthpiece because we keep you in the know!!!!
Are you Part of the 99 percent? How will the Trillion dollar Cut affect you? Greetings Hamptons Mouthpiece readers…last week I watched a web program with Kurt on the state of the economy and I was instantly worried for my future, my children’s future , my family, my friends and most importantly for the 99% of Americans…Many people tend to focus on what is happening in the NOW and not care what is happening in the rest of the country or the world. They are only focused on how does this affect me now, I have a job, a place to live, food to eat, enough money to take a vacation and that is pretty much what they care about. Let me tell you, what happens in the rest of the world will eventually involve you and therefore it is important to know these things.  It’s interesting when I post things on Facebook or twitter like: Congress appointing a super committee to tackle the job of coming up with a plan to reduce the deficit and the due date is 11/23/2011 has  no response with any of my friends on Facebook, yet when I post more personal stories they have more traction.  This my friends is very serious, yesterday this super committee announced that they would not make the deadline to produce a plan to reduce the deficit by November 23rdand therefore according to US Law the $1.4 Trillion dollars must be cut from the budget. Two weeks ago 73.4% of the wall street big wigs predicted that the Super Committee would not make deadline and 83% predicted that even if  the Super Committee made deadline it would not pass in Congress…So what now…What does this mean to you?  To me it means a possible Economic Devastation, Social Tragedy and a possible Stock Market collapse…It means $492 Billion CUTS in Health, Education, Drug Enforcement, National Parks and Agriculture programs…It means a further devastation in the Housing market , higher Unemployment numbers, a possible dump of USA risky bonds and US stocks and worst possible scenario would be an Earth Shattering downgrade of the US credit rating. We saw what happened when the US credit rating was downgraded by S&P in August, the stock market went out of control….
I am worried…Could the housing market be worst than it is today? The Hamptons are often exempt from what happens because the 1% that have the disposable income tend to keep the Hampton afloat…but what about the 99% that live here full-time? Will people have the extra income to rent in the summer, many people rely heavily on those summer rentals to survive for the rest of the year.  It was announced  2 weeks ago that many on Wall Street would not be getting bonuses…How will this affect the summer rentals in the Hamptons? In my estimation I believe 1 in 4 people are either Real Estate Brokers, Builders, Plumbers, Electricians, Landscapers, Painters, Roofers, Home Furnishing store owners and Real Estate Lawyers…how will their business survive if Real Estate takes a bigger dive with the fallout of the Deficit not being passed…how will this affect the local Banks, the  people that work for these people and the list is endless…My objective is not to make anyone scared but to make you aware that these are the potential consequences that could occur and why it is important that we pay attention to what is happening in Washington and to put pressure on our Elected politicians…They need to be held accountable for their actions…
If they think Occupy Wall Street is dying down they are in for a rude awakening , it has only just begun….