Originally Published in 2012…PARENT PARANOIA (The Rules)
As your child leaves for college here are the rules to share with them. It is slanted more towards girls because it was written with our daughter in mind…

1.    Always carry your own money. If you can’t afford to go, stay home.
2.    Take more money than you think you need, there will ALWAYS be emergencies, be prepared!
3.    Never trust your friends more than your own instincts. If it doesn’t feel right, it is NOT right.
4.    Never be afraid to LEAD!
5.    Never let someone bring a drink to you without you seeing the bartender pour the drink. If you didn’t see it, assume the drink has been tainted. Take your drink to the bathroom with you. DANGER Will Robinson, 20,000 VOLTS!
6.    If you leave your drink, NEVER return to drink it. Buy a new one.
7.    You can accept a drink if someone offers to pay, BUT the purchase of a drink does not BUY your companionship FOREVER. Never feel compelled to stay in the company of a stranger or a friend because they brought you a drink!
8.    Offer to pay the bill and then PAY IT.
9.    Anyone who seeks to control your movement, choice of friends, contact with family or freedom of speech is NO GOOD for you and MUST be avoided.
10.You don’t have to wear LESS to be noticed. We tend to be more attracted to mystery, so cover it up!
11.Sex is NOT a bargaining tool.
12.Listen to your inner voice, it is your intuition and it will help guide you. TRUST yourself.
13.Admit when you are wrong then move on.
14.Speak up, tell YOUR truth and be prepared for people to NOT believe you. It’s OK. People lie. Truth is truth and facts are facts but sometimes they are not the same, know the difference.
15.Pay Your Own Bills. Pay your bills On Time. Never borrow money (except from Mom or Dad reluctantly). Money IS the root of all evil but boy can it be useful!
16.Always believe in the goodness of man but be prepared to deal with the Creeps, they are out there waiting to spoil your good time. Don’t let them.
17.Walk away from danger (see moths and fire!). Police sirens and flashing lights to the right, time to turn and exit stage left!
18.Life is good, enjoy it, but never at the expense of others.
19.Laugh a lot. Keep it simple. Is it really that serious? Think about the worse thing that happened to you five years ago, guess what, you’re still here. You WILL survive!
20.Have Faith and Believe in God as you perceive Him to be. He will never fail you. USA, LLC

capriBLT Steak coming to the Capri in Southampton NY this summer...Greetings Hamptons Mouthpiece readers…Watch out palm Restaurant there’s going to be a new steakhouse coming to the Hamptons. Get ready you steak loving fans NYC posh and upscale steakhouse is coming to the Hamptons this summer at taking over Nobu’s space at the Capri in Southampton, NY. Yelp gives this restaurant 4 stars and over 300 reviewers love it, but be ready to dish out some serious cash for what some say is fantastic. I do not eat red meat, but I am looking forward to trying some other delicious items on the menu. BLT Steak

Rumors have been swirling about who would take over the former Nobu space in Southampton.  Jimmy Haber is in final negotiations with Steve Kamali to take over the space, which has indoor and outdoor seating, and transform it into a BLT Steak.

blt-steak-pic1The 110 seat restaurant will have poolside service and hopes to be serving by Memorial Day at The Capri Hotel on 281 County Road in Southampton.

Dockers Waterside in Quogue Opens for the Season…Dockers will be serving a Grand Brunch Buffet for Easter Sunday with 3 seating’s at 11am, 1pm and 3pm. Please call for a reservation and large parties welcome. Go to our website for the buffet menu and additional details.

Hamptons Restaurant: Friday, April 5th Through Sunday, April 14th. 3 courses for $27.95 and 3-course menu is available on their website.

Season Launch Party is scheduled for Saturday, April 20th at 5pm hosted by Hamptons Magazine, Martin Codax Wine & LaMarca Prosecco. This is the biggest Spring Party and has been widely referred to as the “Opening of the Hamptons!” Music starts at 5pm with Paul Mahos with special guest Candice. Dress to impress – dance, drink and come out for this amazing annual event. Dinner reservations start at 7:30pm and sell out fast.

photo credit: Kurt Leggard
photo credit: Kurt Leggard

The weekend’s weather is looking great in the 50’s and sunny!

Greetings Hamptons Mouthpiece readers…Our popular book store BookHampton says goodbye to Sag Harbor for awhile…I saw a sign posted on the window and so I stopped in the store today March 10th to inquire what was going on. I was told that BookHampton was leaving its current space on Main Street because the space was too big. They are seeking another smaller space on Main Street in Sag Harbor but currently they have not found one and are left without a home. While they wait to find a home in Sag Harbor,  you can visit the other locations in East Hampton and Southampton. Online Book StoreIt really does not surprise me that they are seeking a smaller space and downsizing, the increase of  the E-book, Kindle and the iPad are dominating the market and possibly decreasing the book sales. Are more people reading on their electronic devices? The other obstacle that small local bookstores like BookHampton face are the online bookstores like Amazon, Barnes & Noble and a variety of other deep discounted online bookstores. It might be increasingly difficult for bookstores to be able to compete with online cost, at least that is what Julie Bosman from the New York Times says in an article she wrote titled “The Bookstore’s Last Stand”

Jeffrey A. Trachtenberg of the Wall Street journal reports that sales of print books  have declined 22% since 2008. Some suggest that sales of print in stores have fallen more than that. Where do customers go when their favorite local book store closes, they turn to online purchasing because it is the more convenient option left for these customers.

As for me personally I am torn, I  enjoy reading books on my ipad, and I also order books online at Amazon, however I do enjoy going to BookHampton because they are local and they display suggested books from local authors. I love the customer service that you can only get in a bookstore and I love when they have visiting authors. I am sad BookHampton is leaving the village right now and I look forward to their return to the village because they do complete Main Street in Sag Harbor.