Hamptons Wellness: Injury Prevention in Young Athletes..The core is the key

Young athletes are at great risk for injury. All parents, coaches and the young athletes themselves must become aware of these facts. Our children are very competitive. Some of them will become involved in team sports and excel. Kids that take part in one sport are more at risk for repetitive motion injuries as well as kids who engage in many sports who do not rest sufficiently between sporting events and training routines. Appropriate nutrition is a key to injury prevention too. Unfortunately, some will get injured early and never be able to participate in sports again. This is a missed opportunity that does not have to happen.

This discussion is not only about the best young athletes. The risk of injury is present in everyone who participates in sports no matter his or her age. However, it is important to recommend sports participation early in our lives because it sets us up to remain healthy throughout our lives. Improved cardiovascular and muscular-skeletal development and maintenance, leads to sustained cognitive function, as we get older. So participation in sports when we are young is a leading indicator of a healthy life.IET-indoor

This begs the question; how do we prevent injury? We are all familiar with the terms Rehab or rehabilitation. This is usually the course of action after an injury has occurred. I suggest that for our young athletes, we become familiar with PREHAB. Why not prepare the body for the rigors of exercise and sports by specifically targeting the training and exercise routines necessary to prevent injury?

Many of our young athletes train improperly. This is not an indictment of our team coaches or trainers but recognition of the limited time and resources they have to address the needs of all the athletes they have to manage, especially at the Middle and High School levels. It is well known in the area of sports medicine that the development of the core and core training, exercise and strengthening is very important to the prevention of injury in young athletes.

I have a daughter who is an athlete and has aspirations of becoming an elite athlete in track. She has been injured before with a strained Achilles tendon. This injury impaired her ability to run and she lost time on the field as a result. This year, we sought to help reduce her risk of injury by investigating where we could get her trained and strengthened and we discovered IET, Integrated Exercise Therapy in Bridgehampton. We learned that some of her field hockey teammates had been participating at this facility and were excelling in their sport and we figured, what the heck, lets give it a try.

When we got there, Andrew and Molly greeted us and then very quickly started an evaluation of Allura’s flexibility, strength and core weaknesses. The video that we are presenting shows one segment of that evaluation. We were amazed at how quickly IET identified risks for injury and developed a structured, progressive PREHAB routine for Allura to follow.

We can only suggest that any parent of a young athlete pay close attention to the risks of injury in their kids. It is amazing how frequently injury occurs with young athletes and the costs associated with health care and rehabilitation after the fact; not to mention problems that may arise as a result of growth plate abnormalities and subsequent life long impacts.IET_NHB_7592

Our kids are participating in organized sports teams; football, basketball, baseball, field hockey, track, soccer and volleyball as well as skateboarding. Injuries are going to happen. We have chosen to seek additional sports therapy outside of her normal work-out routine with her team to help Allura reduce her injury risks by improving her physical strength and flexibility. Whether you choose IET or another method for reducing the risk of injury in your young athlete, do not hesitate in getting started as soon as possible. Lost time in the athlete’s sporting life as a result of injury can be prevented. The Core is the Key!

For more on this topic:

photos and video by Kurt Leggard…

Hamptons Health: Be Proactive get a Mammogram….How many of you have never had a Mammogram because you are afraid? How many think you don’t need one? How many of you just don’t’ make the time to make this important? BE BRAVE, this is important and it is my hope that  I save one life today with this post.

Yesterday I was watching Good Morning America and when I heard  Amy Robach say she had Breast Cancer and been putting off a mammogram, and then a couple of weeks ago Robin and the GMA family encouraged her to have the test so she got talked into it. Everyone is so busy and stretched especially when you are a mother working in a rapidly advancing career. It’s hard to find the time to take care of yourself. Amy is choosing to have a double Mastectomy a very aggressive form of treatment, she and her doctors feel this is the best treatment for her. BTW, Amy is only 40…Read my article on Young Women get breast cancer.

You can read more about Amy’s story here:

I usually have a mammogram every year but I had put off the test this year simply because I was too busy to make the time to do something that could save my life. I immediately scheduled an appointment with my doctor for next week and I will be having my Mammogram with the next couple of weeks. My friends this test is not as scary as you think, it is uncomfortable but it is not  painful. I have had mammograms since I was 30 because my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was 40 and my doctor encouraged me to start 10 years early. As I approached closer to the age my mother was when she was diagnosed I began to get scared, but I faced my fear and continued to have this test every year. I am now 47, seven years past the age my mother was when she was diagnosed and each year I am a nervous wreck the night before the test and on pins and needles until I get the results, but this does not stop me from having the test. My friends this test could save your life, please make the time and urge your family members and your friends to do the same.SHH_BREAST_MstrSmall_72dpi

Friends who live in the Hamptons  The Ellen Hermanson Breast Center at the Southampton hospital offers a range of services, click on link for more information.

If you live in NYC check out the SCAN VAN…..A Mobile Mammography FREE Screening Mammograms for Eligible Women


 FREE for uninsured women 40 and older,    All insurance plans accepted.  Co-payments and deductibles are waived

Fran Van NY

Here is the schedule of where this Van will be in Manhattan for the Month of November and December.

Tuesday    November 12, 2013   Starting At 8:00am
Al Hirschfeld Free Health Clinic           
N.E.Corner W.57th &10 Ave  10019
Tuesday    November  12, 2013      Starting At 1:30pm
Callen – Lorde Health Center                    
356   West   18th Street   10011
Wednesday November 13,  2013  Starting At 8:30am
    Downtown Health Center       
150 Essex Street     10002
Friday     November 22, 2013   Starting At 8:00am
    Community League Of 159th Street Health Cen
1996 Amsterdam Avenue      10032
Monday   November 25, 2013    Starting At 1:30am
    New Providence Health Clinic             
225 East 45th Street            10017
Monday     December  2, 2013   Starting At 9:00am
    Helen B. Atkinson Health Center            
81 West 115th Street       10026
Tuesday    December 10, 2013   Starting At 9:00am
    Al Hirschfeld Free Health Clinic           
N.E.Corner W.57th &10 Ave  10019
Tuesday    December  10, 2013      Starting At 1:30pm
    Callen – Lorde Health Center                    
356   West   18th Street   10011
Monday   December 16, 2013    Starting At 1:30am
    New Providence Health Clinic             
225 East 45th Street            10017
Friday     December 20, 2013   Starting At 8:00am
    Community League Of 159th Street Health Cen
1996 Amsterdam Avenue      10032
Friday     December 20, 2013   Starting At 1:30pm
    Betances Health Center                            
280 Henry Street    10002
Hamptons Health: Be Proactive get a Mammogram, tell a friend, save a life…
DWTS Louis van Amstel brings LaBlast to the Hamptons…Are you a Dancing with Stars Fan? Do you wish you could dance like the pro’s or even be taught by one of these gifted dancers? Here is your chance….”Dancing with the Stars” acclaimed pro, Louis van Amstel, will be in Southampton to help raise funds and awareness for the newly formed Southampton Hamptons Dancers AARP Community Group. The 9 time Dance Champion will hold an exclusive VIP Meet & Greet with a mini Latin Dance Class at the centrally located Southampton Inn on Hill St. on Tuesday, November 12th from 6:30 pm to 8 pm. Louis_LaBlast_Ad_2-2 copy
My friends I tried this Youtube workout and WOW does it get your heart beating fast, I was amazed how quickly I picked up the steps, I think Louis is a great teacher and I am looking forward to meeting him in person.  I do think this is a workout that would work for me and I am anxious to take this class.

Wednesday, November 13th, the “Dancing with the Stars” delight will be introducing his new fitness Sensation “LaBlast”to the Twin Forks.  This exciting new fitness program is based on the hottest Latin American & Ballroom Dance moves, but takes the concepts of Zumba to the next phase!  The moves are quick & easy to learn and cam be adjusted by intensity to work for the new beginner or the voracious expert..  The new “LaBlast” as well as a Latin American Dance Class and several Private Lessons will be held at the Arthur Murray Dance Center at 425 County Rd. 39A in Southampton.

LaBlast is an exciting new dance fitness program created by World Dance Champion, coach, choreographer, Dancing with the Stars fan favorite and fitness expert, Louis van Amstel. LaBlast is a fun-filled, high energy dance fitness class that will both challenge and inspire people of all ages and fitness levels, while dancing to a wide variety of music. Types of dance include:

  • Cha Cha
  • Disco
  • Jive
  • Salsa
  • Lindy Hop
  • Merengue
  • Paso Doble
  • Quick Step
  • Samba
  • Hustle
  • Viennese Waltz
Finally, The Master instructor will be holding “LaBlast” Certification Class on Thursday, November 13th from 11am to 7 pm for the very first time on Long Island.   Any Dance, Health and/or Education Professional  in the Tristate area is invited  to join the class to become a “LaBlast” trainer.
Information about the VIP Meet & Greet, LaBlast, Latin  Class enrollment can be found at www.HamptonsAARP.otg
Any information about the Trainer Certification should connect with “laBlast” directly at

Hamptons Spotlight: They are Dead and I Choose to Mourn Publicly

They are often forgotten quickly by everyone except their families. Lost in the obscurity of our very busy schedules. We are often told that ‘life moves on’ and so it does but there is a sadness that the passing of 12 souls will only be briefly remembered by those not directly affected by their passing. I choose not to be brief in my acknowledgement of their lives and the mourning of their deaths. I choose to mourn publicly! I have tried to read about these twelve victims of the Washington Navy Yard shooting; to learn a little more about them. It is uncomforting to know that so many of these people had daughters. I have daughters. Many were sports fans as one might suspect. One, a volunteer to make sure that the nests of Bluebirds was prepared to receive their small hosts. They had hobbies; they were family people, all the stuff that makes life worth the living these people had in their lives. Gone in an instant.

I would write about my opposition to high capacity weapons without any opposition to the right of ownership of guns but that is a story for another day. Today I feel the need to focus on the plight of people and families suffering with mental illness in their midst. I have first hand knowledge about the silent suffering of those with mental illness because that sorrow has been visited on my family. It is extraordinarily difficult to manage because of the nature of some of those illnesses. Many times the illness is unrecognized or ignored. In some instances the onset is early in life and sometimes there is a late onset. Mental illness affects children, adults and the aged with varying degrees of affliction. Always there is pain and suffering with the individual and there is too often shame, hopelessness and helplessness experienced by the family. What to do? Where to seek help, a voice of support, respite from the endless hours of caring and concern with no escape. As you can see there is often no rhyme or reason to how mental illness will strike. This makes the care and treatment of this malady so difficult to manage. There are some studies that indicate that up to 20% of our population suffers with some form of mental illness. That’s a whole lot of people.

Those suffering with some forms of mental illness do not feel they need help, as this is a manifestation of their disease. This makes seeking help difficult for families and love ones trying to address the illness. Many times, without the acquiescence of the sick individual, everyone, including medical and primary care practitioners are unable to intervene without a court order. This can be daunting to family and significant others trying to get treatment for the ill.

Since the 1980’s, institutionalization of the mentally ill has been frowned upon but there was a concurrent reduction in both federal and state budgets in providing outpatient services for this population. This contributed to the explosion in homelessness, crime and subsequent incarceration. This has always been a shadow illness because of the shame, perceived or real, that was associated with those suffering. Families afraid of the whispers and innuendo tend to hide the afflicted. Drugs as well as biochemical imbalances or genetics induce some mental illness. I say… SO WHAT!!!! Whatever the cause, it is past time to look at mental illness squarely and to address the inequities of funding and services necessary to combat this epidemic.

The experience that I obtained dealing with mental illness in my family prepares me to explain some of what you may encounter as you deal with this trauma. You must persevere; it will be a long arduous journey that you embark. There is success and relapse, sorrow and jokes, laughter and heartache; all those things that are associated with mental illness. This is no soft sell. This is hard, very hard. Because the science is not absolute and treatment is as much an art as it is a science, the ill may have a varying degree of cure. And yet, sometimes a treatment fits like hand and glove. It almost seems like magic when you see the cloud that has settled between you and the ill part and reveal the person you have been searching for, for so very long. You will need to vigilant because that cloud can separate you again and again. Be prepared for the frustrations as well as the miracles.

There are support groups and associations that can be very helpful in assisting you to get the help you or your love one needs. Do not be afraid to confront the disease, denial is a recipe for disaster. Talk to your friends. TALK TO YOUR FRIENDS!!!! That is why they are friends, to help you when times are difficult not when times are good. Seek medical advice as well as the advice of mental illness specialists. I know this all sounds reasonable but I have learned that we tend to function at diminished efficiency when we are in the eye of the storm and this is indeed a very frightening storm. All Managed Care and Long Term Care agencies have provisions for mental health services. All HMO’s have provisions for clients with mental illness that can be accessed. There is a political element as well that must be addressed. When Congress or local and State government attempts to reduce the funding for mental illness related services you must be prepared to fight to retain those services. We owe it to memory of the twelve victims of this last shooting or the victims of Sandy Hook Elementary School or Aurora, Co, or Tucson, Arizona or…….They are Dead and I Choose to Mourn Publicly

For more information on Mental Illness and Support:
Mental Health Association of NYC
Office of Mental Health NYS
Mental Health Related Support Groups
The Mental Health Association of Suffolk
Suffolk County Division of Community Mental Hygiene Services
Open 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Friday 853-8500 

In the Know……Can a visit to the Dentist be relaxing?

tannersWhen you say dentist to some people they freak out and the anxiety starts to seep in but I think that Dr. Paul Tanners, a very prominent NYC Prosthodontist has found the solution to getting those anti-dentist people into his office. Welcome to the Dental Spa, a practice on Madison Avenue and 53rd Street. Dr. Tanners offers both dental and spa services in one convenient Manhattan location.  Dr. Tanners, his dental colleagues and staff, are dedicated to your dental health, your physical well-being and your emotional comfort.

Patients emerge from their dental appointments totally relaxed and more confident, with bright, healthy smiles. His office specializes in Cosmetic Dentistry, Restorative, Reconstructive Implants, Occlusal Disease, Advanced dental Technologies and Spa Services.

One patient on Yelp said this about Dr. Tanners.

At the conclusion of all of this work, I have to say that Doctor Tanner practices his art like a master craftsman, to a very high standard.  He is also a nice man with a friendly human touch, sense of humor, easy to talk to and to question.  And he is happy to explain treatment details for the curious patient. Finally, he has a highly competent hygienist whom it’s actually a pleasure to visit for routine care.”images-6

Dr. Tanners and his lovely wife, Phebe Berkowitz Tanners, former Executive Stage Director of the Metropolitan Opera, have vacationed in Southampton for the last 15 years and last weekend they celebrated their collective birthdays and wedding anniversary at Delmonico’s, Southampton.  Joining them to celebrate the trilogy of events was their son, Jonathan Tanners – co-founder of The Rap Insider, award-winning jam maker and restaurateur,  Sarabeth and Bill Levine along with many other friends.  A great time was had by all at the newly opened Delmonico’s and all touted the spectacular service and excellent food by executive chef, Billy Oliva.

Who knows, maybe Dr. Tanners will bring his successful Dental Spa to the Hamptons. I’ll ask you, my images-7readers, is this a service that you would consider using? Is it possible that we really do not have to associate pain with going to the dentist? Can dental care at the Dental Spa change the way we think and help us to stop fearing the dentist and subsequently start going for regular checkup’s. Contact Dr. Tanners at the Dental Spa ( ) when you’re in NYC and tell him, Hamptons Mouthpiece said hello!