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Hamptons Style: Hamptons Style: Get the Rihanna Gorgeous Look

Get The Look-Rihanna’s Gorgeous Makeup

Get The Look-Rihanna’s Gorgeous Makeup

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13 Ways to Feel Like Halle Berry in Your SwimsuitI annoyingly tell anyone who will listen that I grew up in Florida on the bath warm Gulf of Mexico. It was a very special childhood-the first thing you learn is how to run away from an alligator (zig zag and then up at tree as soon as you can). The next thing you learn is that things ripen faster in the heat. I’m talking about fruit and people.

At 14, my friends and I were regularly getting hit on by dudes with mustaches and real ID’s. This usually happened at the beach far away from our parents. We still laugh about the Wile E Coyote dust clouds that appeared when we finally revealed we were in the 9th grade. Aside from our very mature figures, part of the misconception was that our swimsuits were quite small. It’s a Florida thing. I had to constantly compromise with my mother in this department. Full coverage was the F word in swimwear but there was no way she was letting me go anywhere in anything smaller.

I went to St. Tropez as a recent college grad and reveled in the freedom of topless sunbathing. I also tried a thong for the first time. There was a lot of jiggling. And digging. When I came back to New York the law had just been passed that women could go topless since men could do it. Woohoo! For some reason I thought that New York women were just waiting for the moment they could rip off their tops and frolick in the ocean. Not so. I did it once on Long Beach and still bear the scars from everyone’s eye daggers.

A few years ago I went on a magical mermaid vacation to eastern Brazil with 2 of my best friends. There were a lot of butts. If your swimsuit wasn’t a thong you could jam the bottom up until both cheeks were on full display. We called it the ass crammer. I never saw one of those brasileiras dig it out. The suits were also kind of confusing-one of my friends realized a week in that she had been wearing the thing backwards the entire time. We were there for 2 weeks but I never worked up the nerve to go full ass crammer. I’m more a fan of top butt cleavage like the Coppertone girl. But in Brazil the locals thought is was too much. I received many friendly warnings that my boomboom was showing. Seriously?

When I visited the Hamptons for the first time I couldn’t believe how big and conservative the swim wear was. Brown? Paisley? One piece? Whaaatttt??? We are at the beach right? I had visions of another Miami, just further north. HUGE culture shock. I’m a believer in being appropriate to your surroundings but also not being afraid to express yourself; two piece swimsuits should pose no problem in helping you to fit in while still showing off the best of you. Finding that balance has been a fun challenge. These days there are a lot more Europeans on our beaches so my tiny bikinis don’t garner as much attention.

Because of these experiences I consider myself somewhat of an expert in swimwear. I know a lot of people, especially if you live outside of Florida, have anxiety when it comes to swim suits. I think it has to do with body image and also worrying about what other people think. Whatevs-someone is always going to think something you don’t want them to. Truly that is their problem. This is the perfect time to really celebrate your body. Whatever the shape. With that in mind, you might want to find yourself a thong bikini bottom if you’re hitting the beach this summer and you want to flaunt everything that you’ve got. As long as you’re comfortable, don’t pay any mind to what anybody says.

Finding the perfect swimsuit is like solving a physics equation-you have to take in to account mass, volume, velocity and gravity. The answer to this equation is not how your suit makes you look but how it makes you feel. I think it should be something link Divine GoddessMermaidHalle BerryBondGirl. Below are some of my guidelines to help you get that feeling when you are on the beach.


  1. Try on your swimsuit with high heels. No one ever said, wow, I look amazing standing mostly naked in flat bare feet in fluorescent light. When your foot is elevated your legs look longer and leaner, your chest and butt naturally stick out in a sexy way, and your stomach automatically sucks in. Ca-Ching!
  2. Pose like a Victoria’s Secret swimsuit model in the dressing room. This will instantly help you feel sexier. It works! See last week’s post on practicing.
  3. Keep in mind that it is not the size of your body but the shape that we are working with. If you are looking for your best shape bottom, start with your favorite underwear. Not the comfy period panties but the ones that you’d wear on a 3rd date.
  4. A halter style is universally flattering. Whether it is a triangle top, underwire bra style or retro, the around the neck design lifts the girls into place and draws them together. Yay. There is also a lot less worry with this type-no straps falling down and it’s completely adjustable.
  5. Polka dots, bright colors and black never fail.
  6. Make things look bigger with ruffles, fringe or gathering. That goes for boobs and butts.


  1. Strapless. There is already so much tugging going on. Why make more trouble? Also, there can be a really unattractive boob squeeze thing that happens with strapless. It can look like a tomato in a press-not cute.
  2. White. There is not enough lining in the world.
  3. Brown. Hmph.
  4. Monokinis. What is that even?
  5. The American Flag. No one wants to know about your stars and stripes


12. Retro Coney Island Beauty Queen or the Marilyn Monroe. I love a pin up girl but I’m on the fence for the beach. Think of the tan lines! If you don’t have enough curves to fill it out it just looks like a saggy diaper. It works spectacularly on plus size women, tattooed Betty’s, and ladies old enough to have worn it the first time around. If you are not one of those, skip it and go with something more modern

13. Tankinis.I get te idea of these but have yet to see one that that makes me think Goddess, mermaid or Halle. They can look sloppy real quick.

I hope this helps when you are out swimsuit shopping this season! Below are some of my favorite resources. Have a question or something to say? Put it in the comments below or post to our Facebook Page!

Check us out in the One Healthy Hamptons Summer Guide!

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Bridgehampton, NY: What is new on Main Street Bridgehampton in 2014…. New Businesses come to Main Street in Bridgehampton 2014…Last week I heard that 2 new businesses were opening on Main Street in Bridgehampton, so I drove by to check them out. I thought I had heard wrong on the name BLOW..and I had to see what this was all about. I was told that dry blow bars are trending in NYC and there was a demand for it in the Hamptons. I believe they will do well, the price point is sweet. Next door to Blow is Chase Edwards, a beautiful Fine Art Gallery  I stopped in to speak to Gallery owner Bonnie Edwards and her energy was exciting. She made me feel welcomed and I knew that if I felt this way others would feel her electrifying energy and tell their friends about her.DSC_5219 copy

Blow Dry Bar is trending around the country and now Dry Blow Bar comes to the Hamptons..Opening April 16th at 2462 Main Street, Bridgehampton is BLOW Hampton owner Lila Beudert says that this is trending in NYC and she wanted to bring it to the Hamptons at affordable rates most can afford. You do not need an appointment to come because you can be in and out in 30 minutes-1 hour tops. Lila says Hair is Hair and it does not matter what texture your hair is, Straight, Curly, Kinky…Stop by for the Perfect Blowout…

Most regular Blow-out are $40, kids 12 and under $25, The up Do $65+ …….The blow-outs are fashioned after Celebrity looks …

2462 Main Street, Bridgehampton, NY 631-537-8000

The Jen: the signature blowout..Volume, Classic Style
The Anna: straight edge with a little body
The Gwyneth: Polished, smooth and sleek
The Blake: Beach girl? 
The Kate: Volume with loose curls…

FREE Wifi, coffee, tea, champagne will be offered along with great conversation in an energetic atmosphere. Would you pay $40 for a Blowout? Other services are offered like flat-iron or curling iron to any blowout for an additional cost…Personal in-home visits and packages are available.. Pictures to follow this week…

Chase Edwards…F i n e  A r t

DSC_4978A prominent Long Island-raised gallery owner is returning to her roots in the Hamlet of Bridgehampton, New York,  under the name Chase Edwards Fine Art Galleries. Bonnie Elizabeth Edwards has returned to the area after a successful west coast career including galleries in Laguna Beach, CA, Palm Desert, CA, Maui HI, Nantucket MA., Sante Fe, NM., and Oyster Bay, NY.  Bonnie’s clients include luminaries in the art, entertainment and business world.  From paintings to sculptures to functional pieces, and photography, the gallery will present works of established and emerging new talents in the world of contemporary art. According to Bonnie, Bridgehampton is ideal for galleries. “The historic charm surrounded by the immense natural beauty of the ocean and the bay, easily accessible to a large advanced art community base, is an attractive environment for galleries.” The store hours will be 11am-7pm daily. Evening hours for strollers and events are in the works for the busy season.DSC_4980 (1)

 2463 Main Street, Bridgehampton, located next door to Blow Hamptons…I have been told that you will see some of Chase Edwards art pieces in Blow Hamptons as well.

Bonnie says “I am very excited about this new journey and committed to presenting pieces that are powerful, passionate and uplifting.  I am also determined to attract more galleries and artists to the area, making it a thriving destination for art in the community and the surrounding areas.” We wish you success in your new place Bonnie.

Hamptons Style: Innarah..Discover your beautiful skin..Innarah SkincareIf your skin is starting to age and reveal issues such as chin dimpling, there are plenty of professional treatments available, but others prefer to use less invasive products. These products are on the expensive side, but let me tell you it is worth every dime. My skin looks young and it radiates. I am 47 and I have no crows feet at the eyes, no blotchy skin and absolutely no wrinkles, and my skin is tight. I have been using these products now for the last 2 years.

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Treatment Solution Daily Solution

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There are other products in this line that I love, but these 4 are my favorites. They are currently offering some special here for more info.

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