Hamptons: New Wellness Walking Groups…Greetings Hamptons MouthPiece really is never fun to walk alone…stay motivated and walk with a group. Join the East Hampton or Southampton walking group.

Walk into wellness with one of our new wellness walking groups!
East Hampton Winter Wellness Walkers will meet on Thursdays at 11 AM at the YMCA REC Center. Wellness Walkers are welcome to walk on the treadmills. You don’t need to be a member of the Y to walk, just let them know at the front desk that you are part of the Wellness Walkers group.

Southampton Walking Group at SYS will meet at the indoor track on Tuesdays at 10 AM beginning January 8th. Let them know at the front desk that you are a member of the Wellness Walkers group.

(special thanks to the Wellness foundation of East Hampton for content)

Wellness Foundation of East Hampton and Southampton
Wellness Foundation of East Hampton and Southampton

Greetings Hamptons Mouthpiece Readers..There is a trend that  is occurring among teenagers and drinking and drugs are on the rise. I am appalled that there are parents in our community that are hosting these parties at their home and turning a blind-side with the drinking that is taking place in their home. The legal drinking age is 21. The truth is unfortunately we cannot control what happens at college but we can control what happens in middle school and High School.

If you are a parent of a teenager you may want to make the time to attend this presentation. I know you may be saying not my child, but yes YOUR CHILD. The smart kids, the sporty kids, the musicians, the quiet kids and troubled kids are drinking & doing drugs, if not now they will before they graduate from High School. It saddens me when I hear stories of an 8th grader being caught for drinking in school, putting vodka in a water bottle. Parents if your child is drinking straight vodka out of a water bottle in school then they either have a drinking problem or they seeking attention. Lets rally together as Parents to save a young persons life.

Sag Harbor community Coalition Presents Drug & Alcohol Abuse January 24th @ 7pm Pierson Middle School Gym.sag harbor 2013

Greetings Hamptons MouthPiece readers….there are many people in the Hamptons who have no health insurance or have really high deductibles and thus tend to not go to the doctor unless it is an absolute emergency. If you are waiting until it is an emergency then it might be a problem.
Friday, January 4th 2013 @ Most Trinity Church, Montauk
Time: 11am-2pm
Address: Most Holy Trinity church- school bldg**44 Meadow way, Montauk

Services being offered on this day:
* Free Glucose and Cholesterol Screening
* visual oral (dental) exams and dental hygiene instruction
* Blood Pressure checks
* Mammography and PAP smear appointments
* Colon-Rectal screening and application
* Health Insurance representatives/information
* Nutrition Educator
* Food Stamp applications/ information
* HEAP and Project Warmth information
* Stress relief circle
* Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) testing
* RETREAT services information
These services are offered by:
  • South Fork Health Initiative
  • East Hampton Healthcare Foundation
  • Southampton Hospital
For more information contact: * 631-329-2425
Greetings Hamptons MouthPiece Readers…Eating Healthy is something I am always striving to do, I do fall off the wagon somedays, and that is ok because 85% of the time I do eat healthy. Tomorrow there will be an event in Sag Harbor hosted by Dodds & Eder and I wanted to inform you about it.

Masters of Health and Wellness :: Wednesday August 8th

Health-Packed Evening in Sag Harbor

Health practitioners from different fields of expertise gathering for an evening of stimulating ideas, there will be live music by none other than East Hampton’s Inda Eaton, food donated from Sag Harbor favorites Sen and Phao drink from Pure Cool and an atmosphere infused with gorgeous flowers donated by the Sag Harbor Flower Shop and Pierpont’s Blossom Farm – Dodds and Eder have generously opened their doors to events such as this that benefit the community.

Dodds & Eder

11 Bridge Street from

5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. on Wednesday, August 8.

Ticket Price: $25…This evening is open to the public through reservation, click here to make your reservation 

Mini massages *Music by Acoustic rock artist, Inda Eaton Performing original work, Eaton will debut music from her latest album, “Go West.”

A percentage of tickets sales will be donated to the Sag Harbor Windmill restoration fundraising efforts.

Keynote speaker Katherine C.H.E. will share her insights on the Power of Archetypes. 
Katherine C. H. E., has been called a “Miracle Worker” for the speed and power of the transformations she facilitates, she helps her clients improve ALL areas of their lives, including health, wealth, love, and joy using the unique system she created, the Flower Archetype Success Technique (F.A.S.T.).  Katherine is also the CEO of the Law of Attraction Association (iaLOAp LLC), and Life Blossoming Systems LLC.
There will be a cooking demonstration and tasting with Eco-chef and Health Educator Debra Secunda. Learn how to prepare a quick and delicious meal from her “Green Recipes for Health & Weight Loss.”

Also learn why a plant-based diet can alleviate ailments such as allergies, arthritis, diabetes and many degenerative diseases. Ms Secunda appears at Expos nationwide. She makes complete and healthy 5-minute meals in a blender!

See recipes and excerpts at

See her in action at:

This event is organized by Turtle Shell Health, a service that seeks to provide “health for the 21st century” through its website and many events.
Special thanks to Ana Nieto from Turtle Shell Health for providing me with this information.

Homecare is Expensive! Greeting’s Hamptons Mouthpiece Readers…Most of my Sag Harbor friends know me as a photographer but my profession, I am a Registered Nurse with a background in elder care. My responsibilities include running one of the larger Medicaid Homecare service agencies in NYC. So I thought that I would talk to you about…. Estate Planning.

While I am no expert in this field, I have first hand seen the devastation thatcan impact families that do not plan for the inevitable health declines in our parents and significant others as aging and subsequent health issues arise. It is imperative that well in advance of these calamities, you seek an Elder Lawyer who can help you prepare your family’s finances to protect your wealth.There are many legal vehicles that will allow you to shelter your loved ones assets such as Pooled Trusts, which will allow for you to provide the care and services that the sick and frail will need in their declining years while simultaneously protecting and allocating assets for this purpose.

elder2Homecare is EXPENSIVE and can quickly overtake any savings that have been accumulated. You should invest in a Long Term Health insurance policy that will provide some limited coverage for homecare if those services are required. Please conduct your due diligence in researching the insurance company that you chose to join. It is imperative that you investigate the financial health of the company you choose. The most unfortunate thing that could happen is that you contribute toan insurance company that goes belly up because THEIR financials were not in order. BEWARE!!! Carefully read your policy to understand what you are entitled to regarding homecare. Some simple math will illustrate what can happen to your finances if you will need homecare from an aide.  8 hours of service per day x 7 days weekly x 52 weeks at $15 per hour for a home health aide will cost $43,680 per year. Multiply this by 5 years and you get $218,400. What you should know is that the risk for health status to decline and the elderly needing more services than 8 hours daily…well, you get the picture. Please take my advice. Plan ahead.

Here’s to your good health!

Kurt H. Leggard, RN**Contributor

Program Director

Personal-Touch Home Health Services