Hamptons Recreation (East Hampton, NY) . Hello there…Did you know that both the town of East Hampton and Southampton have Junior lifeguard programs for kids ages 9-14. Did you also know that in the town of East Hampton you could become a lifeguard at the age of 15 and 16 in the town of Southampton? My oldest took this program and became a Lifeguard at age 15, worked at a camp that summer and the following year took her certification to become an instructor to teach swim classes. It has served her well and she has made a nice income from her certifications as a lifeguard.2013 Junior Lifeguard Program

dsc_8433 copyHere is the Information for the Town of East Hampton: The Pool Program is also FREE…but you will want to ask them about the Ocean program that starts at the end of June.

Training, Evaluating & Testing Program for 2013 Summer Junior Lifeguard Program

Age 9(7/1/13)-Age 14 @ the YMCA East Hamptons ReCenter Pool

Sundays-130-230pm   March 10th-June 16 (except 3/31 (Easter) & April 21st (pool closed)

Sign-up at ReCenter and Sunday at 115pm (parents must be present to sign-up their child)

For more information on 2013 Junior Lifeguard Program click on this link

Unfortunately I do not have any information for the Town of Southampton...please click on this link for contact information.

Stop back next week, I will add the information for the Red Cross Lifeguard programs and the Town of East Hampton and Southampton Programs…or speak to the same people about the lifeguard programs. Hamptons recreation

Popular Hamptons Plant will be limited this Season 2013....Greetings Hamptons Mouthpiece readers spring is buzzing in the Hamptons and the Daffodils, Cherry Blossoms  and Tulips will be blooming soon. The trees will be budding and those who suffer with allergies to pollen will be living in pure hell. I love this time of the year minus the swollen eyes, tearing, stuffy nose and headaches all due to the pollen from the trees . The Burst of color is so beautiful and I can’t wait to see the Acelas in bloom.


Check out this video I found on YouTube for a natural treatment to avoid the runny nose, puffy eyes and pollen allergy this season…I cannot wait to try it out…It’s just lemon and honey…2 of my favorite ingredients..

Double Impatien
Double Impatien

Popular Hamptons Plant will be limited this Season 2013…Earlier in March 2013 I had an opportunity to speak with Phil & Diane Bucking the owners at the Sag Harbor Garden center and we spoke about what was the big news about plants this year. Phil  told me that most green houses in Long Island will not be growing a Hamptons favorite plant the traditional Impatiens this year or for a couple of years, because the downy mildew disease a fungus-like algae has infected many of the greenhouses in Long Island. The downy mildew affecting Impatiens plants is called Plasmopara obducens. It spreads rapidly, under the right conditions, and once infected, there is no cure. The Downy mildew disease is caused by oomycetes or water molds.  It is a disease that can stay in the soil for 3 years, even if you plant fresh ones every year because the soil is infected. This however only affects the traditional Impatiens and the Double Impatiens. You may still be able to find some traditional Impatiens but they will be limited this year at least at NY Garden centers.


The New Guinea Impatiens and the SunPatiens are safe. The New Guinea Impatiens are a little more needy than the traditional Impatiens they need more water and less sun. Ahhhh I have a horrible green thumb and that is why I love the traditional Impatiens because they require no love, just some water periodically.

According to an e-Grow Alert by Nora Catlin, Floriculture Specialist, Cornell Cooperative Extension of Suffolk County, the following types of Impatiens are susceptible to downy mildew.

  • All Impatiens walleriana, including the double and mini types. These are the most common bedding Impatiens sold in garden centers. (I. walleriana hybrids, like the Fusion® series are less prone, but still susceptible)
  • Balsam Impatiens / Garden Balsam (I. balsamina) These are taller plants than common Impatiens, with elongated, pointed leaves.
  • Jewel Weed (I. capensis) and Yellow Jewel Weed (I. pallida). Generally considered weeds, but if they are in the area, they can spread the disease to your landscape Impatiens.
New Guinea Impatiens
New Guinea Impatiens

Impatiens Not Affected

  • Himalayan balsam  a wild and sometimes invasive species that can reach heights of 6 – 10 ft. (2 – 3 m), is tolerant of the disease, but can act as a host.
  • New Guinea Impatiens and its hybrids, like SunPatiens®, have so far shown resistance.

Hamptons Mouthpiece Readers there you have it…traditional Impatiens are very popular here in the Hamptons, but due to this nasty fungus you may have to seek other alternatives to replacing your favorite plant, the New Guinea Impatiens, SunPatiens, Pogonia’s are beautiful alternatives and will give you that shock of color to replace the traditional or double Impatiens plant this year.

edit3Greetings Hamptons Mouthpiece Readers...could “happy days are here again” be the slogan for both the home sellers and the realtors in the Hamptons? In a recent article “Leading Indicator: In the Hamptons, “Deals are Gone”posted on CNBC it indicates that the real-estate market has not only recovered. It’s soaring past its pre-crisis peaks. Sales on homes are up and the demand is scarce. What does this mean for the home owners and more so for the buyers? More than 90 homes sold for more than $2.5 million in the Hamptons East End in the quarter. Was this just for the year 2012? Many sellers took advantage of lowering their price as part of the mansion cliff. Sellers were willing to take discounts if they could close the deal before January 1st when the tax rate on capital gains was scheduled to increase.

Is this the beginning of a new day in the Hamptons? Will sales continue to increase or will be see a drop now that the incentives are not there?

Will the Hamptons once again be occupied by only the wealthy? Will the year-round residents be able to afford to live here and use the services here in the Hamptons during the peak season?  With the surge of the home sales, who are these new buyers? Will these new buyers be seasonal owners or year-round residents? These are important questions that will affect different businesses year-round here in the Hamptons. What are your thoughts?

pbk_3546Greetings Hamptons MouthPiece Readers…the biggest advantage parents can give their kids each day is making sure they stay active at least 60 minutes each day. Studies show that physical activity can not only help the kids stay healthy, it can enhance important skills like concentration and problem solving which can improve academic performance. This means physical activity can help your kids in the most important game of all…LIFE.

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